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  1. This is great feedback and appreciated and sounds like the direction I will go. Now just need to find a tech that I can trust to implement. Can run additional CAT5/6 to Theater Room and 2 TV's upstairs as they have attic access, but no go for Family Room. Thanks again, this was great.
  2. It is a small world.....Thank you for the feedback and description, as I now have hope of avoiding the Matrix. To confirm, you only have one EA3 right?
  3. Yes, they have already terminated them. Thank you for the advice, I truly appreciate the support. Do you have a specific recommendation on the brand/type of HDBase T? Thanks again.
  4. Have Cat5 and Coax at each location. Does that help if I am willing to buy Baluns and Zigby to IR for each TV?
  5. All data and Coax into same closet. Theater Room Speakers all dmarked in closet in theater room and Family room speakers and patio speakers dmarked into family room closet. Would like to 4 of the 6 TV's to be on Control 4. Three cable boxes will be the Xfinity receivers. Custom home, but low voltage guy never discussed control 4 or matrix when doing our pre cover up meeting and I was none the wiser about the technology.
  6. Would I be able to connect TV’s back to EA3 with a Vanco 280723 HDMI Cat5 Balun/Extender Kit with IR and a Also should be able to connect the Theater room receiver directly into EA3. ZigBee-to-IR Module CODE: Z2IR10A-ZP?Wireless Frustrated why one installer would say 4x4 matrix and the other two say I don’t need one.
  7. Would appreciate advice on the install of my home system, as 3 different specialists have given three very different ideas/proposals for home setup: Want to connect the following for new house: Theater room has 7.2 setup with a Denon AVR-X3300W receiver with Epson Projector Family Room has 5.1 setup with a Sony STRDN 1060 Receiver with a Sony TV Patio has two speakers connected back to Sony Receiver in family room 4 other TV's in the house Security Camera system (is C4 compatible) 6 light switches 3 Xfinity Receivers to distribute to 6 total TV's 3 Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostats 2 Wi-Fi Garage Door openers Amazon Alexa Wink Hub Question: Will a C4 EA3 accommodate this? One consultant proposed a EA1 and EA3 and another proposed just an EA3 with a 4x4 matrix. Do I need a Matrix to connect the TV’s, or could I use HDMI Cat5 Balun/Extender Kit and Zigby to IR modules to connect/distribute audio/video from the 3 Xfinity receivers to the 6 TV’s? Does the 4x4 matrix eliminate the need for Baluns? Would like to avoid the cost of the 4x4 matrix if possible, but not sure what I am giving up by not having it. Thank you in advance for your help with this.
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