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  1. I've just got my sliding gate connected to C4-Z2IO, set it in director to Option 3: 1 relay (SPST), 2 contacts. Wired the relay to the toggle or push (open/stop/close), wired the limit sensors to each contact and walla! C4 integrated. Plus I get to use it's build in sensors for outdoor temperature and humidity.
  2. I've got the same issue as well. It did try to wake up but because I just sits there on tunein without buffering going, the zone stays muted. Had to launch it manually. Still no solution. I might just have to use the scheduler.
  3. Which happens that it's a 10' T3 screen on 2.9 I'm working on. Which i've discovered don't do ffmpeg as well. I'll have to feed this back to the os team as ffmpeg is more efficient in delivering better quality in smaller data packages. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi guys, I have a similar problem. My zmodo camera only does H.264 Interlace. Can't get it to display on my touch screen or My Home PC or IOS devices. see my driver details here: Any ideas?
  5. Another interesting thing is that I can get vlc to stream with the same rtsp string.
  6. Here's my driver project if you want to have a look at it. It's based on the camera proxy template. The only thing I've changed is modes and the proxy_command function GET_RTSP_H264_QUERY_STRING by adding the rtsp string. Manufacturer's recommendation for rtsp is as below: The RTSP address of the main stream (720p) is: rtsp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:10554/tcp/av0_0 The RTSP address of the sub stream (VGA) is: rtsp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:10554/tcp/av0_1 zmodo_ipcom_v2.rar
  7. no, the zmodo camera only does max 720p. I've tried with lower res as well. VGA via different rtsp string, still the same result. Just wondering if the IOS app and the touchscreen app does only mjpeg by default?
  8. I think it's buffering. This is on the IOS control4 app. When I hit the security tab, the thumbnails goes into the IOS wait icon on each camera. It shows the same wait icon if I hit any of the camera. The app would freeze at times. Left it for a couple of minutes but still no image. If I test it on the composer via double clicking on the camera. There are a few seconds lag as it builds up more frames and then displays camera stream. works on any default resolution. Highest from the template driver is 640x320. Thanks
  9. I use driver editor. <modes>H264l<modes> camera dont do snapshots, mjpeg and h264 so I removed them
  10. I'm running EA-5. The camera stream seems to be buffering on the touch screen and IOS.
  11. H264 don't work, only H264l. only change i made other than the modes in driver.xml is the proxy_command.lua function GET_RTSP_H264_QUERY_STRING(size_x, size_y, delay) -- TODO: Add in the URL between the quotes. Remember there should be no leading / -- If the camera has the ability to provide an H264 stream of a particular size then use the size_x and size_y variables in the query. local rtspH264QueryString = "tcp/av0_0" return rtspH264QueryString
  12. Hi everyone, I'm developing a IP camera driver via camera_proxy_template. It's passed the camera test as below: "Verifying URL ... URL verified. Calculating framerate ... Framerate = 17.4/second Test passed." Stream shows on composer but does not show on navigator. I've tried it on IOS and Touch screen. Any ideas? Thanks.
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