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  1. Hi to all, I have the packedge router connected to the C4 EA5 and my main computer is an IMAC. What is the best way to keep your IP address private? Is there a third party software to install in the C4 system or just in the IMAC? Thanks Ian
  2. Thanks to all, It's working and it's the top. Ian
  3. Hi, Yesterday night, we've got a power surge and when the electricity comes back, my C4 lights switches are going crazy. Here's a video. I restarted the C4 system but didn't work. Any help please? Thanks! Ian IMG_5389.MOV
  4. Finally, we've found the problem the C4 amplifier is dead and it has to be changed... Thanks!
  5. It's been working fine and nobody has made any change stereo vs 5.1... I reset the system and one audio zone came back then I tried to reset again and I've lost the two zones again...
  6. When I unplugged the C4 main cable, everything including the cable boxes restarted. The strange thing is that the same cable boxes work fine in another room. It's just in the gym and the master bedroom that there's no sound.
  7. It's thru the C4 audio matrix. It happened in the past and I unplugged the C4 matrix cable and replugged it and everything is back to normal but not this morning...
  8. Hi Mitch, It's Videotron cable box (a cable TV distributor like Direct TV)... Thanks
  9. Hi, Since this morning, I don't have sound on my TV but image is OK in two zones. I restarted the C4 system a few times but no success. Is there anything else that I can do in HE composer to fix the problem before calling the dealer? Thanks in advance! Ian
  10. Hi, I got the same problem. Is there any fix for this yet? Thanks Ian
  11. Hi, I don't see "Advanced" tab under C4 4sight. Can you show where is it? Thanks! Ian
  12. Same problem here. I tried to reset the gateway and nothing works. I have updated to the 3.0 system and everything was working well and no change has been made to the system. Any solution yet? Thanks! Ian
  13. In June 2019, Ari helped me update my C4 OS to version 3.0. My C4 dealer was not comfortable with the last update. Obviously, Ari has managed to easily update our system and everything works well after his update. Ari responds quickly to his emails, courteous and reliable. His price is reasonable. I highly recommend you for all your C4 programming needs.He is really a C4 guru! Ian
  14. Hi, I've downloaded the composer HE 3.0 and I tried to connect to my system remotely and it said invalid account or controller not registered but my C4 account works fine. What to do? Thanks Ian
  15. Hi to all, My french C4 dealer name the rooms of our houses in french two years ago. Last year, we bought Alexa but Alexa's language was only in english at that time. The dealer added Alexa to our C4 system and he configured a few voice commands in english. Now Alexa is available in french, how can I change or translate the english voice commands in french in the C4 system for Alexa. Can I do it with Composer HE or the dealer has to do it? Also, I don't know if the OS 3.0 or Composer HE will allow me to create new voice commands for Alexa or create a scene in the house? Many thanks! Ian
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