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  1. So I have looked at infuse briefly and we tried it on a trail basis The concerns I have with it is that it does not play "entire disc" as if it were playing of a disc player We want the menus and all that so we can choose our audio tracks, we don't want to go straight into a movie Any thoughts on if we did this wrong??
  2. Is it me or does the apple watch app not work I have tried many different things but cannot get it work It just sits in a loop
  3. Great does infuse integrate into c4 like my movies or you just using ATV to browse
  4. On our side we have my movies 5.24 and all works well, just finished loading a whole bunch of kids movies on the server and all went well I will gladly pop round and have a look for you if you like
  5. PLEX don't play ISO, as far as I am aware
  6. ah yes of course, thank you Cyknight much appreciated
  7. Araknis do a similar router with wifi like pakedge WR-1 if I am not mistaken its the AN-110-RT-2L1W-WIFI
  8. I know this may have been answered but for the life of me I can't find but is It possible to use the ea5 analogue audio volume controls if one connected a passive amp to them
  9. Hello Because Multichoice don't allow IP control of their boxes, and they don't allow 3rd party access to their boxes Elan South Africa have been trying for years
  10. Please could you give some examples Pounce Would rather not invent the wheel if we the experienced people on this forum
  11. IO extenders and controllers Switches motion detectors sensors
  12. Thanks MSGreenF I should of elaborated a little more apologies for that
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