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  1. Well i had to pick one of the serial posts you made, I could've picked another. Your compulsion to defend the system from all attacks is one of the funniest things about this forum, demonstrated again and again in the even further posts just above. As I said in my original post: people can disagree with you, and it is possible to just carry on with your own views without feeling compelled to rebut them. Watch how it works: you'll post something disagreeing with this, the C4 employee charged with affirming everything is great will like it or post his own rejoinder, and I will post nothing.
  2. Or an end user’s. Here’s another one: the iPad would be an even better alternative if you could manage to improve the app after years of trying (?)
  3. Once again, C4’s white knight rides in. People can disagree with you, yknow.
  4. you should expect to need some maintenance a 2-3 times a year. You won't just be getting Control4 - you'll be getting a switch or two, possibly some cameras and NVR, maybe some HDMI extenders, etc. Stuff is gonna break/need an update/need rebooting. Just part of the cost you need to figure in.
  5. This is just FUD. A current generation 10.2" iPad with a nice wall mount and POE converter would be less than half the list price of a 10" T3, let alone a T4. And the T3s, especially the smaller ones, don't look particularly great on wall in any event.
  6. So I've got a bunch of Coway Mighty's (https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/coway-ap-1512hh-mighty-air-purifier-review/ ) connected to cheap zwave on/off plugs. The Coway remembers its last settings on power on, so i have an automation that turns the zwave plugs on when exterior AQI exceeds 100, off when it drops below that threshold.
  7. Sad trombone, I guess. But not having or wanting a video wall, I wish they would focus their scarce dev resources on things that feel more at the core - like improving the performance of the iOS app and the intercom. Maybe they are, so no video wall for now.
  8. Yep. There are things to fault SnapOne for, but this ain't one of them. Chamberlain has gone out of its way to make its customers miserable/has no discernible plan other than chaos.
  9. Wonder if you could use fully kiosk with a fire tablet to keep the app focus on that app. I have one in a vacation house for a different system, and fully kiosk is a good solution for Android. It has a screen on function when it detects a user in front of it….
  10. I have done it in the past, there are some considerations. First, as you'll see from some of the other threads, the ios versions of the C4 app are currently not exactly "instant-on". There is a fair amount of delay when you start the app, so it's not a real replacement for what the dedicated screens do. Second, it didn't happen to me, but i've seen at least anecdotal reports of batteries swelling because of oversupply of current and being plugged in 24/7.
  11. I'm sorry to say this, but based on my own experience: disconnect all cables and mounting hardware, proceed directly to trash heap. Get anything else.
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