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  1. Is the ruckus gear used? Every bit of used Wi-Fi kit I have ever purchased has turned out to be a POS. I have eeros in a small non-C4 rental house. They are not very performant, but never go down.
  2. I’d check that out too if I were you. Is iPhone on mobile or WiFi? Is there a difference in quality there?
  3. Without weighing in on whether some may take it too far, your analogy to EDM is a dud. Nobody spent 50k+ on EDM they find out has real limitations and flaws.
  4. Also as others have noted on other threads, none of the standalones do as good a job at AV distribution, video in particular, as C4.
  5. ha, well i told myself i would avoid more posting on such topics here. But i didn't start it, so... I went through the same process as you on my upcoming house. Couple of thoughts: - "single app" vs. multiple is a false choice between C4 and something else. For me at least, C4 is currently at least a 3 app solution: C4 app (1), Intercom app(1), Security camera app (1). Sometimes 4, as I still prefer the native Sonos app. - the answer depends a lot on whether you like to tinker. If you don't, C4 is a pretty darn good solution, even with the drawbacks. I do like to dick arou
  6. That sounds right to me. You can ask, but the answer is always “why would you switch”? 😂
  7. Won't save you a dealer fee, but there is a device renaming driver that your dealer can install. after that, name away.
  8. It's a big bummer that owner left you without passwords for the C4 (and for the WAP i presume). I expect there's a way to deal with that, the dealers here will know. If you want to not be on C4, the thermostat is no big deal. You could swap in any number of "smart" thermostats. How many light switches are we talking about here? Quality zwave switches (wouldn't do wifi ones) will run you $30-45, so it could be a substantial expense to swap the C4 out (though you could resell the c4 on the used market. New house is all inovelli red zwave switches.
  9. If it’s just lights, as long as c4 is still working you would be able to use Home Assistant. There is an integration but it’s limited to lights and thermostat. You would just need to keep the c4 controller in, and HA talks to that.
  10. seems like you might not have the definition of "not universal" fully grokked.
  11. Seems like there's not universal agreement amongst dealers about how reasonable it is. I'm sure they appreciate your snark.
  12. I shouldn't have to contact my dealer to get tech support for a remote control. But more importantly, yes, it's very wrong to criticize anything about C4. Everything about it is great.
  13. The biggest problem IMO, in a nutshell.
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