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  1. Not sure what you mean. There is a third party Protect driver, and the thing emits RTSP streams anyways. The NVR interface is a lot better than Dahua.
  2. The real enemy here is HBO Max. None of my transport controls manages to work with it, on any platform
  3. This would be good, the surveillance stuff is quite poor currently....
  4. Just curious - what's the distance to that TV from the spa?
  5. No, i just don’t fawn over corporations as if I were DPRK News to the Dear Leader. Also: if you think it is normal for a C-level exec to bail on a tech co after a bit more than a year, you lack relevant experience that I have directly.
  6. Yes, nothing was wrong! Foolish of anyone to think otherwise.
  7. You would think so...but you’re wrong. About 3/4 of visitors can’t figure it out. It’s not the worst thing about this POS, but it’s real.
  8. Yes, that idea is terrible. But it works! See attached.
  9. Been over the top only for about three years. No regrets. No monthly rental fee for some cable box, I don't miss the hundreds of crap home shopping and home improvement channels on the cable box. House flippers Flip this house International flip this house Sell this house Million dollar listing Vanilla Ice Project....
  10. If you don't want the dealer model, switch platforms. Don't steal software.
  11. I don't remember perfectly, but he did have a lot of views also about opening up the platform. But yes it was all wrapped up in stuff like the hdmi cartel. cheers
  12. The sickness again - "no one sane could possibly have complaints. The guy who used to come on to the site complained, he was crazy! So these other people with complaints must be him too." It's the same disease that prevents others from accepting the election results here in the U.S.
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