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  1. Uh, that's not skeuomorphic. There are pictures of light bulbs, but that's because the real world thing it controls is a light bulb. There's not a digital representation of an on/off switch you flick on or off, or a rotary knob to dim, or a thermostat dial to turn. That would be skeuomorphic, the limited screenshot that may be 3.0 is not. Now whether it's good looking or not admits of differences of opinion, i like it but could see how other reasonable people might not.
  2. If that's real, it looks pretty good to me. The current interface is quite dated-looking.
  3. Uh, road maps are typically shared in industries with complicated supply chains so that customers can plan their own purchasing and manufacturing accordingly. that really doesn't exist here. That said, the armchair lawyer opinions being shared here about trade secrets and insider trading can safely be ignored - none are even close. Sincerely, an IP lawyer.
  4. Yes, sorry to say the DS2 camera is crap with bright light behind the subject. I hate it. It sounds like you've figured out a way to use a different camera for Intercom anywhere? I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I can get a different camera to display on the touchscreens in the house, but not in the actual Intercom Anywhere app. Care to share how you did it? thx
  5. Ditto, good advice. this is what we did.
  6. The Yale locks have been the most bulletproof piece of my C4 installation. Never had an issue, everyone "gets" it.
  7. We've got a DSC Neo alarm and sensors integrated with C4, but never had it hooked up to an actual alarm service. Now I think it's time. Any recommendations on a C4-savvy alarm service provider in the bay area of california (specifically, the peninsula/south bay)? Thanks, Will
  8. Would like to lock/unlock if possible. definitely close enough to the house for a wireless sensor. In terms of dimensions, etc., it's just your basic gate latch per the picture. Thanks so much for any thoughts.
  9. We have a traditional latched gate entry to the backyard on our redwood fencing (ie., a latch that drops down onto a catch). The latch accepts a combination or key lock, and I'd like to get a lock on their, preferably something that can be integrated. Is there any such thing, or would I need to redo the gate/latch? thanks, Will
  10. I have this issue too. What sensor would indicate "door open"? AFAICT, the lock itself has no idea whether door is open or closed.
  11. following up on my own issue - the 2N site says that an "Advanced Video" license is needed to set up an external camera. The DS2 web configuration page the doorstation serves up has a spot for entering a license key, but it's unclear how to get one. The 2N support person says "contact your distributor" but has no answers when i point out it's Control4. Anyone managed to talk to a 2N distributor before? -will
  12. As anyone who has one will tell you, the DS2 camera is pretty crap, especially in low light and mixed light/shade. I've got another (higher quality) external camera set up as the "alternate camera" for the doorstation intercom, and that works on the T3s in the house when the doorbell rings, but the Intercom App doesn't seem to respect the setting and will only show the atrocious DS2 camera. Would very much like to be able to use an alternate camera in the app - the built in camera looks nothing like the image they show in the app marketing materials The setup page for the DS2 you can access by browsing to the IP address of the DS2 in your system also has a way to specify an "external camera", but it's greyed out; i wonder if it's only for the 2N devices. Does anyone have any idea on how to get the app to display an alternate camera? thanks, Will
  13. You'll want to have a remote around because there is some one-time programming you do with it (setting upper and lower limits for the blind, for instance). Mine are just sitting in a drawer somewhere in case they're needed again.
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