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  1. I have the same setup - Let me be sure what you want. In mine, "current level" reflects the percentage closed, from 1-100. Did your dealer set it up in the app too, so that you can access individual and group sliders? See photo below - it provides the ability to set the shade height to any position, either via manual slider input, or programming in Composer HE.
  2. Graber “virtual cord” blinds are the same as Bali. Identical zwave radio in the blind. Sounds like you ordered something different.
  3. Graber is Bali. Both lines ship with a Zwave radio "autoview" inside the automated blind. Then a zwave hub like Wink, Vera, or SmartThings is used as an intermediary between the blind and C4.
  4. Jet airplane, huh? guess we are flying different planes. Having actually compared them - the "cheap" blinds are not particularly loud, in either absolute or relative terms. Louder than Lutron? Sure, but unless you have some special needs, you're going to be using them about three times/day, roughly 30 seconds of the 86,400 in a day. I enjoyed spending the ~13K I saved on something other than my C4 dealer and a Lutron shop. Maybe it's just me
  5. you can skimp. Bali + Vera was about 1/6th the cost i was quoted for Lutron Serena.
  6. Yep, i have this. do you have Composer HE? You can set it up. In the properties for DS2 Intercom, enable a custom button "Front Door" or whatever. Then in programming, for "Control4 DS2 Door Station", set up an event for "[Front Door] UI button pressed" which toggles the Yale lock.
  7. As the owner of blind groups that don’t move in unison - this is the biggest nonevent ever, and I’m very picky. Nor does my toughest customer (Mrs. N) care. It’s not like you are constantly moving shade groups up and down, it happens twice a day or so? Anyways I suppose that misses the point because it’s a client requirement. But maybe you could assure him his wife or girlfriends won’t be that impressed by his smart home in the first place, and out of sync blinds won’t be what seals the deal anyways 😊
  8. several folks on the board including myself have had good luck with bali blinds, they have a built in zwave radio, you integrate them as follows: C4-Vera-Bali. if you search for bali on the board there's many descriptions.
  9. I assume this is a wappinghigh burner account. Imagine this being your life. SMH
  10. Then i did what i wanted to do in HE, and restarted windows. It's worked fine since.
  11. i got that issue the first time. I then started another instance of HE, that one worked with the hung instance just hanging in the background.
  12. Want to know the weird thing? Today, after my 3.0 upgrade, is the first time the Apple Watch app has functioned in a stable manner. No weird jumping around or erratic refreshing. It just works now. I guess i'll leave the 2.0 app on my iPhone so i can keep using it...
  13. Uh, that's not skeuomorphic. There are pictures of light bulbs, but that's because the real world thing it controls is a light bulb. There's not a digital representation of an on/off switch you flick on or off, or a rotary knob to dim, or a thermostat dial to turn. That would be skeuomorphic, the limited screenshot that may be 3.0 is not. Now whether it's good looking or not admits of differences of opinion, i like it but could see how other reasonable people might not.
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