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  1. I've got hunter hydrawise. There is a C4 integration, but I didn't integrate it, it's pretty much set and forget - like the Rachio, it adjusts watering based on rain, heat, etc. What am I gonna do with it? Lawn guy has a cloud app he uses.
  2. Yep, but the trade off is it’s a diy project that you’ll have to dick around with, instead of just paying the fee. For me, if it’s not a critical need, sounds like fun
  3. Nah. It isn’t cloud based. It reads all the data right from the unit and acts as a webserver to publish the data to whatever - a webpage you could view, as shown on the GitHub site, or do something else with, like push out on mqtt.
  4. If it were me, I’d try the raspberry pi route as a fun nerd project.. an rpi 3 is like 40 bucks....
  5. The paid cloud service has not been integrated anywhere, but people have done cool things with a python utility called genmon. Basically a raspberry pi gets installed alongside and provides all kinds of useful data https://github.com/jgyates/genmon that output has been integrated with Home Assistant. neat but juice might not be worth the squeeze.
  6. Ds2 camera image quality is junk in all but perfect lighting conditions. Unit looks great but man it’s bad.
  7. Funny how everyone is different. Wife and teenagers find using voice command totally embarrassing for any purpose, on any platform. Teenagers also totally ignore the whole house audio we had put in their rooms in favor of AirPods. Whole house in their rooms is used exclusively for me to send TTS messages to them like “get up”. Point is that no one should assume that their use case is one that so obviously should be implemented, that it’s criminal for C4 or anyone else not to have done it.
  8. Yeah was just gonna say Sonos. That would not require C4 at all though.
  9. This plan would earn approximately 0/10 points with my wife, but who am I to judge another man’s dream house. To address the cost, obsolescence, and power budget issues, have you considered just running microphones from all the spots back to a single source?that way you would not be installing the 2021 equivalent of a CD player at multiple parts of your ceiling.
  10. One or more elements of this seem off - coated in BS. Have fun y’all
  11. My family has shunned this device for the reasons stated above and just uses the 260s. The NEEO now just sits around in its base, lonely.
  12. Seems like a great way to pour more money down the c4 money-hole. Does anyone genuinely believe this will still be a company in three years?
  13. Lots of diy verbiage here, I support. But to return to what others have said: where is the dealer (or any dealer) in all of this? You need to engage someone with experience to diagnose what’s going on, rather than running mad science experiments (what happens when I enable X?) on your own or based on Internet suggestions.
  14. I kind of enjoy HA. At my house, it's now basically an overlay on top of C4 that everyone likes to use better than the C4 interface. But yes there are some real DIY elements to it.
  15. I paid extra for the luma software? Now it's even more infuriating. The software is a joke. Crude, barely functional, not intuitive, and ugly as all get out.
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