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  1. Recently swapped all my araknis gear for ubiqiuti. Looking to get rid of: AN-110-SW-R-24 x2 AN-110-SW-R-16- POE AN-110-SW-R-8- POE AN-310-RT-4l2W 3 Access Points HiKivision NVR 15-Lumin and Hikvison Dome Cameras Everything works perfectly EXCEPT one camera the nightvision is finnicky and another one the wire needs to be rewired as it was cut. Everything else is good to go. I do not want to mess around with this stuff and just want to get rid of it otherwise it will set. Would like $1,000 plus shipping. I know that is cheap but again i just want it g
  2. yes. We have that already and it works for the HAIKU fan but not working for the I6 fans. I am curious if there is anyway to integrate those ones.
  3. Looking to integrate 3 big ass fans model i6. We are using a driver foR our haiku app but it doesn’t work for these.
  4. Hey Guys, Having an issue with Apple TV control Currently we can control apple tv's via wif no problem but as soon as i plug ethernet and its hardwired into swtich we lose remote control. Any ideas?
  5. I am looking for a dealer fluent in ubiquity for any issues during a swap out of equipment and future support. I currently am running Araknis router with 3 access points, 4 switches, full panelized lighting, touch screens, audio zone control ETC, 16 hikivision cameras. I am replacing everything with ubiqutiy equipment. UDM pro, 2 48 pro poe switches and 15 g4 pro cameras and 3 access points. Please send reccomendations! Thank you.
  6. I had another networking guy look at it and he said this router is the biggest piece of crap ever. My cpu on it runs at 80 pct.
  7. fiber with POE bridged. Idk what the issue is but has been going on for 4 years.
  8. 3 access points, router, nvr, 2 48 poe switches, 16 cameras to start. I that covers most of it.
  9. Recommendations for a C4 dealer that is fluent in ubiquity? Any recco's?
  10. The issues is also i can not see anything. My dealer has control of everything. I have 96 ports and they are not managed. Can't tell what is what, speeds where. My internet goes slow and we can never detect what is killing it. It has been going on for four flipping years. My goal is to get internet that is stable and not having tremendous issues and pulling my flipping hair out.
  11. wow this post blew up hahah. I have nothing but issues with my araknis setup. Constant internet failing off the face of the earth, devices loosing connectivity etc. Dealer says it is internet company, internet company said its the router. Slow speeds. My 1980 linksys blue router with 2 antennas provided better internet coverage than this. 16 hikivision camera setup as well with this that im going to tear out and replace with ubiquity. Camera after camera failing etc. Seems like with over a 100k in gear and setup i should not have this. Full lighting control etc.
  12. Hey guys, I have a very complex control 4 setup. Entire house is panelized ligthing, 16 hikvision cameras, 2= 24 port switches, one 24 poe switch, touch screens etc Looking at ripping araknis routers, hubs and switches out out and putting in ubiquiti. Before i take the 10k plunge i want to make sure everything is compatible. I read it is not recommended by control 4. Thank you.
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