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  1. Thanks for helping me out, @thegreatheed. Again, sorry for all of the questions. It sounds like I'm not using a mesh network at all as my access points are hardwired with a controller that manages them. I'm not sure if my setup still isn't supported by Control4 since it is Ubiquiti, but hopefully this improves the ability to troubleshoot the issue with the Android app not connecting to my controller. I'd love to hear from anyone that is experiencing the same issue. So far, it sounds like Apple devices aren't experiencing this issue.
  2. Forgive me. Maybe I'm not clear on what a mesh network is versus a network with multiple access points. For something like my Ubiquiti setup, I have two access points that are hardwired with a controller that manages both. Is this not a mesh network? If not, is mesh something like Orbi where the data gets relayed from a standalone device back to another that is connected to the network? Sorry for so many questions.
  3. Interesting. If a customer has a large home, they want Control4, and they want every room in their house to glow with solid Wi-Fi signal, how is that being addressed?
  4. I'm not questioning it. I get it that not everything can be supported. It's just strange that everything worked fine with 2.10 and then no luck after upgrading to OS 3. Out of curiosity, how is the mesh network issue being addressed? Is all Control4 hardware required, or is there hardware made by other manufacturers that dealers have had good luck with for Control4-compatibility? With so many different solutions that are fairly-affordable now and available at local stores, I'm curious if customers have been hesitant to replace their network equipment for Control4-only stuff.
  5. As an update, I reached out to Support yesterday regarding this issue. They had me do a few things, including disabling one particular service on the HC-800, a couple of power cycles, unregistering and registering the controller, removing the devices from the Control4 account, etc. The change that made some progress was having the controller use Google's DNS servers rather than those being issued by the router. After the reboot, both of the Android devices were able to connect to the controller very quickly and all was working well. Of course, right after I finished with Support, I tried using the app again and received the error message all over again. When speaking with the technician, they asked if I was using a mesh network, which in this case, I am. It's a Ubiquiti network with a couple of access points and everything works well, including Control4 when it was on 2.10. The technician pointed me to a KB article and stated that mesh networks aren't supported in any way. I understand that they can't support everything, but considering that 2.10 worked fine and the upgrade to OS 3 is the only thing that changed, I'm scratching my head a bit.
  6. Done. I'm not a dealer but have access to Composer Pro. The check-in is for Support's use, right? Should I just open a ticket? I don't see anything jumping out at me to troubleshoot this particular issue.
  7. To elaborate on the issue I'm having, the app doesn't connect to the controller at all in most cases. I haven't found any patterns that make it work other than retrying to connect multiple times. I'm able to access the device with Composer Pro just fine with a laptop using the same Wi-Fi network that the Android devices are using. Is there any way to troubleshoot this? Is rolling back an option at this point?
  8. Thank you for your reply. Is there any way to troubleshoot the issue? I've been able to replicate it on two Android phones now. The same Wi-Fi network was used prior to the upgrade and everything worked fine. I'm curious if something didn't complete successfully during the upgrade.
  9. I took the plunge yesterday and upgraded to OS 3. I initially couldn't get the Android app to connect to the controller until I did a reboot. Unfortunately, the connections are still intermittent and the app seems to lose its connection quite a bit. As of right now, I have to use a remote to control anything with a first attempt. Has anybody else had these issues?
  10. I was able to get everything wired and programmed last weekend. Though it isn't anything crazy, being able to open/close the garage door and see the door's status through Control4 is exactly what I was after. Thank you to everyone for the help that was provided! Now I'm curious if I can do a bit more now that I have the garage doors connected to the Control4 system. I have a two-car garage and a third-car garage, and each side has its own bank of lights that are controlled by a Control4 dimmer. One of the things that I don't like about my garage is there isn't much light that comes from the garage door openers when we pull our vehicles in at night. My initial thought was to program the lights to come on if it's night and if one of the garage doors opens. This would be useful for the following scenarios: Coming home from being out and having plenty of light when we pull the vehicles in. Coming home from a walk at night and entering through the garage. However, now that I've had this functionality in place for a few days, it isn't ideal in the following scenarios: Leaving the house through the garage. Generally, opening the garage door is one of the first things we do when we go in the garage. If the lights automatically turn on, we need to turn them off either by the switch or through the Control4 app after we have left the garage. My thought is that if I have to go to the light switch anyway, I'd might as well not have anything programmed to automatically turn on. Trying to quickly leave the house - the throw your shoes on, pop the door and go scenario. Control4 is doing exactly what I have programmed it to do, but I'm trying to figure out how to address the different scenarios the best I can. I'm not sure exactly what I'm after, but I'm curious if anybody else has played with this type of thing. Any help and ideas are appreciated!
  11. Thank you very much! Sorry for having to point out something that's in the manual. I'll have to see if I can find a copy, but I'd still need help with the translation since I don't know much of anything about relays. I'll give it a go tonight or tomorrow. Thanks again!
  12. Thank you for your input. Am I correct that I don't need any other hardware? If not, any tips on how to actually wire this into the HC-800? I haven't looked at the connectors that came with the HC-800 so please bear with me. Would I wire one of the wires for the garage door opener to the COM and the other to the NO? For the contact, one wire to the +12V and the other to the SIG?
  13. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "motor", because I really meant to refer to my garage door opener. The opener is only a few years old. Are the terminals on the back of the opener a relay of some type? That's where the current wiring goes for the garage door button and I believe there are some extra terminals available. Please forgive me if I'm not using the right terminology; I'm clueless with this stuff. I don't have anything connected to the HC-800 right now, but the wiring is there and waiting. I haven't used the green connectors that came with my HC-800 for anything and was hoping that's where these would come into play. Thanks again!
  14. @msgreenf, as always, thank you for your help. No, I don't have any relays installed. I had to do some splicing, but I have separate pairs going to each garage door motor. I wasn't sure how it would work in the end, but I was hoping it'd be similar to wiring an additional garage door opener. Do I need some additional hardware?
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