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  1. Unfortunately, no luck. With the help of @jackstiffer, I flashed an HC-800 image to a new drive, put it in the HC-800, tried a factory reset, and nothing. The Link light blinks a few times, the Data light blinks once, and then nothing happens. I was certain that the new drive would fix it, especially since the old drive wasn't recognized when I connected it to my PC but the new drive came up as a new device with the same USB adapter. Any other thoughts before I throw in the towel? I'd really prefer to go the sub-$100 route instead of getting a new controller, especially since I'll need the EA-5. This HC-800 is only four years old. I'm really curious what went out on it.
  2. Thank you for your reply. It looks like mine is an 8GB drive. This is an mSATA drive, right? If so, I don't have a computer that takes this type of drive as my new one takes the M.2 type. Do you think I'm good to buy an mSATA USB adapter and then flash the image? Does the drive need to be the same size as the original to flash the image? Any recommendations for a drive? I'm fine to buy a bigger one though it isn't needed. I doubt that I'll be able to find a drive that small. I will gladly take the image if you're offering it. Thank you very much! I've only done a few clones in my past so I'm not sure how to flash the image. Any pointers and help are appreciated! I might be able to get a drive and adapter delivered tomorrow (Sunday) via Amazon Same-day Delivery. I'd love to get it up and running again. I came home to a dark house tonight without the front lights on. It's amazing how much stuff in the house doesn't work when the controller is down. I should add that it's just a guess that the drive is bad. The unit powers on, the LAN port shows a connection but the Link light on the front blinks after a reboot and then goes dark. I'm hoping that something else didn't go wrong with it. As much as I'd like to upgrade, my wallet is saying otherwise. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks again!
  3. I'm having a similar issue and would appreciate any help. I tried streaming audio to one of the Spotify Connects ran by my HC-800 last night and couldn't get it to work, but other audio sources worked fine. I restarted the HC-800 using the System Manager in Composer and I haven't been able to get it to come back since. I've connected the controller to a TV but nothing shows, even after trying a factory reset. The Link light blinks for a bit and then stops, and I can't see the controller on the network or in Composer. I've built a few desktops, but I'm a little confused with the drive in the HC-800. Where is it, and what type of drive is it? Please see the attached picture of my controller. I'm assuming it's the device on the bottom left but I want to be sure. I've read a few posts saying people plugged them into their computers like it was an easy swap. I have access to another HC-800 and will hopefully be able to clone its drive, but I need to make sure I have a computer that can connect to both drives first. Also, am I correct that I'll need a drive the exact same size as the drive I'm cloning? If so, what are the specs of the original drive? I'm hoping that I can find a replacement drive locally. Going even a day without music isn't fun. Any help is appreciated!
  4. I guess I don't follow. Is the Cloud Key not a controller?
  5. Thank you very much for the information! I'll do some research and see if I can make a plan for my house. Any recommendations for a security system that works well with Control4? Is it worth paying a third party to install and monitor it, or can I get better get with a DIY model?
  6. Forgive me for what I don't know. What do you mean by "NVR is fed through my distribution" and "I wouldn't worry TOO much about the NVR being available in C4"? Is NVR the live feed? Sorry...I'm a rookie. I'll have to look into the Pakedge cameras. I don't want the C4 integration to determine what hardware I go with, but if I can get awesome cameras and have them work in Control4, that sounds like a winner to me. Other than PoE requirements, should I worry about having the cameras on their own switch? Any pointers from camera specs to rack setup to everything in between is appreciated.
  7. I'll give this is a shot. I've seen the setting before but haven't ever enabled it. Wouldn't any device with the Control4 app want to always stay connected? I haven't played with the Ubiquiti settings too much to prevent overlap. I don't have any doubt that I have some overlapping going on, but Control4 is the only app that I use that gives me problems on the network. Any suggestions for tools to fine-tune the network? I'm using the Cloud Key. From what I can tell in the UniFi settings, UniFi has aided Fast Roaming by default. There's a setting to enable it but it says to enable it with caution as it will only affect certain devices. I haven't played with this setting at all. Should I enable it? My wife and I both have the Note 8 and we both experience the issue when using the Control4 app. I have two Ubiquiti AP-AC-Pros with the Cloud Key to manage it all. It looks like the DHCP server is enabled in the settings but I believe a different Ubiquiti device is needed for that. I use a basic Asus router with the wireless radios turned off since Wi-Fi is provided by the Ubiquiti network. Does anything else look out of place? I'm happy to fine-tune it more but I'll need my hand held. Thank you!
  8. I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but it's along the lines of what I'm curious about. Any help is appreciated. For a few reasons, I'm looking at adding some exterior cameras to my house and potentially an alarm system. I've never looked into this stuff much but I think it'll give my wife and I some peace of mind when we're away from home. I have a Control4 system at my house with an HC-800 as the controller. I'd love to have everything integrate together, but I guess I don't know the pros and cons of doing that. I'd love to have Control4 in the middle of it all, and checking a camera through Control4 on a TV would be nice, but it isn't required. At the end of the day, I'd love to install some really nice cameras that are worth something when an event actually happens, and I don't know what my expectations should be for an alarm system. I'm hesitant to call any of the companies that do this stuff because I'd like to do everything myself and avoid paying for some very overpriced hardware. Does anyone have any recommendations for exterior cameras and an alarm system? How are you using them today with Control4? Do I need to worry about an integration? Thank you for your help!
  9. As an update, I rolled back to 2.10.6 and everything is working great again. I never did try using OS 3 with an Apple device, but it sounds like the issue I was having is only affecting Android devices. Hopefully they fix it sooner than later so I can give it a try again. Thank you for all of your help!
  10. Thanks for helping me out, @thegreatheed. Again, sorry for all of the questions. It sounds like I'm not using a mesh network at all as my access points are hardwired with a controller that manages them. I'm not sure if my setup still isn't supported by Control4 since it is Ubiquiti, but hopefully this improves the ability to troubleshoot the issue with the Android app not connecting to my controller. I'd love to hear from anyone that is experiencing the same issue. So far, it sounds like Apple devices aren't experiencing this issue.
  11. Forgive me. Maybe I'm not clear on what a mesh network is versus a network with multiple access points. For something like my Ubiquiti setup, I have two access points that are hardwired with a controller that manages both. Is this not a mesh network? If not, is mesh something like Orbi where the data gets relayed from a standalone device back to another that is connected to the network? Sorry for so many questions.
  12. Interesting. If a customer has a large home, they want Control4, and they want every room in their house to glow with solid Wi-Fi signal, how is that being addressed?
  13. I'm not questioning it. I get it that not everything can be supported. It's just strange that everything worked fine with 2.10 and then no luck after upgrading to OS 3. Out of curiosity, how is the mesh network issue being addressed? Is all Control4 hardware required, or is there hardware made by other manufacturers that dealers have had good luck with for Control4-compatibility? With so many different solutions that are fairly-affordable now and available at local stores, I'm curious if customers have been hesitant to replace their network equipment for Control4-only stuff.
  14. As an update, I reached out to Support yesterday regarding this issue. They had me do a few things, including disabling one particular service on the HC-800, a couple of power cycles, unregistering and registering the controller, removing the devices from the Control4 account, etc. The change that made some progress was having the controller use Google's DNS servers rather than those being issued by the router. After the reboot, both of the Android devices were able to connect to the controller very quickly and all was working well. Of course, right after I finished with Support, I tried using the app again and received the error message all over again. When speaking with the technician, they asked if I was using a mesh network, which in this case, I am. It's a Ubiquiti network with a couple of access points and everything works well, including Control4 when it was on 2.10. The technician pointed me to a KB article and stated that mesh networks aren't supported in any way. I understand that they can't support everything, but considering that 2.10 worked fine and the upgrade to OS 3 is the only thing that changed, I'm scratching my head a bit.
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