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  1. An update. While @Cyknight advised against zwave locks, I was already committed with owning two of the them (Obsidian) and the C4 zwave module. I was able to add in an Aeotec Range Extender 6 (the Range Extender 7 did not work for me) to the zwave mesh, greatly improving the reach and making reliable connections to my farthest lock. Currently working great. One note on adding the Range Extender 6: it requires a two press button action to add it with the right security protocol. We'll see how it goes in the long run.
  2. Cyknight, as always we appreciate your candor and insight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. ... loud and clear. Better yet anyway to obtain the zigbee module insert for a Kwikset Obsidian lock?
  4. ok, beside the dealer do you know where to get some zigbee C4 locks?
  5. I have zwave module / EA3 but I am having range issues to Kwikset lock. Does anyone know if there are compatible zwave range extenders that will work?
  6. Likewise. Anywhere this can be purchased (besides dealer)?
  7. Trying to access my EA-3 controller via browser and IP address. Cannot determine the password. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. It's rich indeed. Shouldn't be charged. They are going to install an 18Gbps Up/Down Scaler, EDID Manager, Audio De-Embedder & Image Enhancer from AV Pro Edge as recommend by Control4. Seems to be just a more expensive version of what I already installed.
  9. Interestingly, after letting my dealer know that I added the splitter, they just informed me that "the spiltter you added could mess up the Leaf switch. We will get someone out there with an EDID reader" More to come...
  10. Based on the advice from this post I purchased a SIIG CE-H23K11-S1 on Amazon. Installed for three days now with no snow issues. Knocking on wood, but so far so good.
  11. Ok thanks. Will either the sync device or the splitter work equally well?
  12. To be clear the 100 ft run is the cat6 cable (matrix >> balun). The HDMI cable running from the balun to the TV input is only 1ft. See picture of setup coming from the 4K matrix. Could that still represent a HDMI syncing issue?
  13. System: EA3 with 4K 8-channel Matrix (C4-LU862D) with baluns (C4-LU1E). I have a TV that is 75 - 100ft from matrix. Over the past year I have had issues with getting "snow" when turning on a source (no other issues with four other TVs). The failure does not happen consistently. It can be "corrected" by power cycling the matrix (takes about 1 minute to resolve) -- powering down the balun has no effect (fully disconnecting POE and HDMI). Dealer has been troubleshooting for nearly a year -- replacing balun, re-terminating RJ45 connections, trying different zones and HDMI ports, and most recently pulling CAT6 cable from matrix to balun (it had previously been daisy-chained with two separate CAT5e segments. No joy. Because it is not consistent it is difficult for dealer to troubleshoot. The balun is attached to back of TV and the CAT6 cable does run close to the TV power cable which leads me to think it could be a high voltage / EMI interference issue. Besides the CAT6 running close to the power cable are there other considerations I should be addressing? Based on limited options for running cables, I was going to try to shield the CAT6 cable further. Picture of snow attached. Thanks for any help.
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