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  1. They've now removed the passwords in OS 3.1 and it's only accessible with verified dealer accounts.
  2. Hello all, I usually get cost through a local dealer in Ontario, Canada, but they've had to shut their doors due to COVID-19. Hoping to help dealer increase sales and we've budgeted for a little kickback too! Anybody willing to help an Installer in-a-pinch out before rough-in is completed? Thank you everyone!
  3. Javier, which NetZoom did you use. I have rack designs that include C4 and Pakedge, but many other brands which I use in Visio. As well, the auto-map feature has been missing on BakPak and Control4 says 'they're aware and working on it'. That was a while back now.
  4. What model for the 2 TS? Looking for white.
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