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  1. I noticed 2n IP Base has an HD Camera and the IP Verso has a fingerprint reader or touchscreen option. Can you use Intercom Anywhere with this or does it require a DS2? Looking into buying a new house and doing control4 in it.
  2. don't worry about that. Also - I've now tested the driver. It's not worth the money and isn't substantially better than the Camera Test driver that everyone is currently using. Reason being is that the MAJORITY of people with these cameras are running Unifi Protect. The Standalone is fairly useless but that's the only one that supports snapshots. We need a driver that allows us to input the snapshot URL. In Protect, you can manually log in to your camera and turn on the snapshot ability. I use this in homebridge and my snapshot URL looks like this for one camera: I need that ability in this driver to make me consider buying it. If I can manually input my snapshot URL in the Protect driver, we're onto something. If not, there's no point.
  3. Needs to be easier to purchase a license. Not everyone uses a dealer.
  4. Or just use the official unifi protect app on Apple TV. there’s also the UniFi protect viewport that connects the feed to to an hdmi source for viewing on a screen.
  5. USG is old and damn near dead. That’s a bad red. UDM or UDM-Pro are the correct answers.
  6. For setting EDID on a directv 4K box - what should the setting be? Content switches between 720, 1080, and 4K based on the channel. Channel 104 and 105 is typically 4K HDR HLG for sports.
  7. Closing in on a new home purchase - here’s some things it has: 2-3 Ethernet at every tv stop. All Ethernet and audio runs into an AV closet. 2 rooms are already 5.1 and few others are pre-wired for it. Audio in patio, kitchen, bathroom, etc. would it be better to install my denon AV receivers in the AV closet and use baluns for video? Or should I get c4 video matrix setup? I’d like to use the audio to easily switch audio from different sources to different speakers - would I need an audio matrix too? Another c4 amp? or would it be better to use receivers? I don’t suppose you can send Dolby Vision 4K over a video matrix right? I’d also like to be able to airplay music in any room. I don’t really understand how the video and audio matrix work or what I’d need in my AV closet so any help would be appreciated.
  8. I do all my programming in composer pro. It’s possible for any user to do it. im interested in finding out if savant has anything like composer pro that an end user can figure out.
  9. I may be getting a new home soon. I currently use Control4 and would have ditched it if not for learning how to program it myself. The house that I’m closing in on was designed to be used with either so I’m curious about how Savant might be better and if it requires a dealer to do everything or if the user can use their software to make changes as well. I really like how their stuff is very Apple. The house is designed for all the tvs to use a balun going to one central closet that houses all the networking, audio, video, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. I fixed this in my homebridge. you can check it out on Homebridge-chamberlain - they changed to a newer api so you need to update to: User-Agent': 'myQ/14041 CFNetwork/1107.1 Darwin/19.0.0 also they use new device id’s now. The opener id is longer now and starts with a CG.
  11. I got it working. It has to be on live tv first. Then you do the procedure from there.
  12. I have 2 control4 thermostats for sale if anyone wants it
  13. For anybody else with issues with this, I got this working on my 77c9 using the magic remote: - click live tv - wait for static or whatever to show up - hold settings for 5 seconds until the channel banner appears - press 828 and then click the wheel and it should load the ip control screen. - turn everything on, go to composer and it will auto discover the tv. Add the tv to your home and it loads the driver. Set your connections, I added lg YouTube and lg Netflix. - go back to the tv and generate key - add key under the driver in composer - refresh navigators
  14. Having some trouble with cursor focus - I press settings on remote and hover over network and press the code and nothing happens.
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