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  1. I initially bought my pi from josh but then broke it and ruined the software trying to upgrade from Jesse to Stretch. once I learned how to set it up myself, I really learned how to program my own stuff into it. All my Ubiquiti cameras show up in my home app now too. There are plugins for pretty much everything internet connected and so many customizable options through the eve app.
  2. At this point I never use the control4 app. It’s too slow to load and doesn’t get me where I want to go quick enough. I have automations controlled by HomeKit and all my favorites organized on my main screen along with zones set for easy voice control of areas. we use our HomePods all the time for Siri control of the house since it’s a ay faster than Alexa. I have favorites if channels and it’s great to use voice to say things like “hey Siri set NFL Network.”
  3. Yes I’m talking about veritas - it’s still needed. I built my own pi 3b+ with poe hat and have control4, sony HomeKit plugin for TVs, nest plugin, MyQ, and directv.... runs fantastic - just thought it would be neat if the EA series natively supports HomeKit and all the devices in it show up. Seems that may be coming since the EA5 is now a bridge showing up in my home app.
  4. Installed it. My EA5 is now in my Apple home app. Doesn’t show any of my devices so you still need the homebridge plugin.....
  5. I think the draytek is junk. Don’t listen to them. Get Ubiquiti UniFi. At the minimum, get the USG Pro (XG is my choice but overkill), a UniFi poe switch, the new cloud key gen 2 plus (runs controller and nvr software called protect), and UniFi waps- Nano HD is superb and for tighter spaces IW-HD. All the waps are poe and really fast. Updating them is simple.
  6. Lol! Yes I’m DIY for my c4 and none of it is for sale. I have a dealer but don’t rely on them for any programming because I can do it myself. You really are a troll dude grow up. Sold my switch because I upgraded to the new 48 Pro. Selling my camera because I bought more than I needed. You’re the poor guy on this forum begging for a discount on a switch you can’t afford.
  7. Cool. Yea I’m not nice to broke forum troll assholes. Glad you enjoy your work.
  8. Someone is salty because he is mad he didn’t get my item. Story here: He lowballed me and then tried to talk shit when I called him out. Fuck that guy. He clearly doesn’t know shit and absolutely should go fuck himself. Lol
  9. This is a new out of box camera. I bought more than I needed. Never installed and still has all stickers on it. $250 shipped.
  10. Well I don’t think you can use atmos and some of the newer stuff without hdmi.
  11. It’s still available. Looking to ship ASAP
  12. I haven’t centralized my receivers. Each are in the room with the tv and all my TVs use the ARC connection.
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