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  1. I can’t imagine using my c4 system without homekit. i use the homebridge driver and a raspberry pi. I have a bunch of drivers installed on it and control pretty much everything with it and have all my automations setup in my Apple home app.
  2. Well I couldn’t care less about the c4 integration. I do it but it’s not as important as homekit. Using Siri on my watch, phone, or homepods to control the house is a must have feature for all my stuff.
  3. Well I switched from ecobee to nest a few years ago. Since they dropped support and my homekit for nest broke, I now switched to the new ecobee5. Installed it yesterday and so far it works great and the c4 driver is great. Native homekit support too. Ecobee has come a long way since last go around and the all glass face is much nicer than the plastic they used to use.
  4. I’m using that. It doesn’t work. It creates a url that requires the snapshot and rtsp to be on the same IP.
  5. Is there any camera driver available that allows you to use a different snapshot URL? example: UniFi Protect has an rtsp stream from the NVR IP. the snapshot is from the specific camera IP which is different than the NVR.
  6. got it working. had the old apple tv driver instead of the 4/4k driver.
  7. I have everything up and running except for Apple Bridge. App won't connect to it and throws an error every time. I've tried deleting the bridge in composer and reinstalling it, makes no difference. app just doesn't allow it to turn on. anybody else have it working in the 3.0 ios app?
  8. Upgraded fine. Shades work
  9. my system just said to remove the 4store. shades didn't come up on the check but just trying to avoid any issues....
  10. this is the driver that i'm using for my blinds: http://drivers.control4.com/blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind_serial_somfy_rts urtsi ii [16 channel].c4i any idea if it will work?
  11. I control my somfy shades using an urtsi- don’t remember the driver - will this work on 3.0?
  12. I initially bought my pi from josh but then broke it and ruined the software trying to upgrade from Jesse to Stretch. once I learned how to set it up myself, I really learned how to program my own stuff into it. All my Ubiquiti cameras show up in my home app now too. There are plugins for pretty much everything internet connected and so many customizable options through the eve app.
  13. At this point I never use the control4 app. It’s too slow to load and doesn’t get me where I want to go quick enough. I have automations controlled by HomeKit and all my favorites organized on my main screen along with zones set for easy voice control of areas. we use our HomePods all the time for Siri control of the house since it’s a ay faster than Alexa. I have favorites if channels and it’s great to use voice to say things like “hey Siri set NFL Network.”
  14. Yes I’m talking about veritas - it’s still needed. I built my own pi 3b+ with poe hat and have control4, sony HomeKit plugin for TVs, nest plugin, MyQ, and directv.... runs fantastic - just thought it would be neat if the EA series natively supports HomeKit and all the devices in it show up. Seems that may be coming since the EA5 is now a bridge showing up in my home app.
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