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  1. I fixed this in my homebridge. you can check it out on Homebridge-chamberlain - they changed to a newer api so you need to update to: User-Agent': 'myQ/14041 CFNetwork/1107.1 Darwin/19.0.0 also they use new device id’s now. The opener id is longer now and starts with a CG.
  2. I got it working. It has to be on live tv first. Then you do the procedure from there.
  3. I have 2 control4 thermostats for sale if anyone wants it
  4. For anybody else with issues with this, I got this working on my 77c9 using the magic remote: - click live tv - wait for static or whatever to show up - hold settings for 5 seconds until the channel banner appears - press 828 and then click the wheel and it should load the ip control screen. - turn everything on, go to composer and it will auto discover the tv. Add the tv to your home and it loads the driver. Set your connections, I added lg YouTube and lg Netflix. - go back to the tv and generate key - add key under the driver in composer - refresh navigators
  5. Having some trouble with cursor focus - I press settings on remote and hover over network and press the code and nothing happens.
  6. I can’t imagine using my c4 system without homekit. i use the homebridge driver and a raspberry pi. I have a bunch of drivers installed on it and control pretty much everything with it and have all my automations setup in my Apple home app.
  7. Well I couldn’t care less about the c4 integration. I do it but it’s not as important as homekit. Using Siri on my watch, phone, or homepods to control the house is a must have feature for all my stuff.
  8. Well I switched from ecobee to nest a few years ago. Since they dropped support and my homekit for nest broke, I now switched to the new ecobee5. Installed it yesterday and so far it works great and the c4 driver is great. Native homekit support too. Ecobee has come a long way since last go around and the all glass face is much nicer than the plastic they used to use.
  9. I’m using that. It doesn’t work. It creates a url that requires the snapshot and rtsp to be on the same IP.
  10. Is there any camera driver available that allows you to use a different snapshot URL? example: UniFi Protect has an rtsp stream from the NVR IP. the snapshot is from the specific camera IP which is different than the NVR.
  11. got it working. had the old apple tv driver instead of the 4/4k driver.
  12. I have everything up and running except for Apple Bridge. App won't connect to it and throws an error every time. I've tried deleting the bridge in composer and reinstalling it, makes no difference. app just doesn't allow it to turn on. anybody else have it working in the 3.0 ios app?
  13. Upgraded fine. Shades work
  14. my system just said to remove the 4store. shades didn't come up on the check but just trying to avoid any issues....
  15. this is the driver that i'm using for my blinds: http://drivers.control4.com/blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind-blind_serial_somfy_rts urtsi ii [16 channel].c4i any idea if it will work?
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