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  1. There was a nice interview with Martin Plaehn (C4 CEO) on a recent Hometech.fm podcast where he commented on 2018 being a quiet year for C4 and that they had bigger things in store for 2019. He also made some comments with regards to a renewed focus on enhancing their industrial design (which basically echos their statements around the Neeo acquisition). Obviously this was vague CEO speak, but I certainly expect some bigger advances on the software/hardware front at CEDIA 2019 than we saw in 2018--which is a very low bar to overcome. Until then, we will just have to guess, hope, wish, etc.----as long as that doesn't include losing the ability to use HE. Let's not even think about that
  2. I also think you may benefit from deleting the double nested commands. If your target room is on, you probably don't need another conditional for it being in a session--it's either in a digital media session or playing some other media--either way, it's on. That way all of your commands are nested under the same conditional and you only have your volume command in there once...and only one "stop" command. Agree with @South Africa C4 user, you could set a default value for your Ensuite and eliminate that coding script as well.
  3. https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?&fq=certified%3A"true"&fq=manufacturer%3A"LG"&fq=primaryProxy%3A"tv"&fq=controlMethod%3A"ip"&q=&start=0
  4. I live in the mountains and have horrible Internet speeds (~8 mbps). It sounds like I have a similar setup to you: 2 people, all streaming devices hardwired, don't often have two separate streams going and have many IP connected devices in the house that are always up. We really never have an issue (1080p streams)--even when we do have two streams going--so I'm sure you'll be more than fine with 100. We routinely stream music with Deezer through C4 too and that works great as well. And consider me VERY envious of your position of even having to worry about upgrading to 300
  5. I had an issue with this in the last week or two and it ended up being the VoiceRSS API key expired/no longer was working. I just went to their site, re-signed up and put in the new key they gave me in the driver properties and my announcements were back. Given the timing, you may have had the same issue.
  6. Yeah, it probably would be if you only wanted the music in one room. The OP seemed to want the music in multiple rooms though. From my experience, if that's the case, just start the music in another room and add the video room to the audio scene--video stays on the TV and you have all your rooms playing music with no additional steps (have to add the rooms anyway after all). He's already planning on using two iPhones for this so I decoupled the audio and video tasks in my mind anyway. I may have misunderstood his question though. If one room at a time, your method would likely be the way to go.
  7. I have a room in my house where the TV audio is fed back to my C4 audio matrix. My video is all local, but I think I've accomplished what you're going for here before. Start the video you want on your TV (Apple TV as the source in this case). Then use your other phone to start an audio scene in another room with Apple music via Shairbridge/Airplay (I use my kitchen because it's part of the same big open space). Once you've done that, you'll have two active AV scenes in C4. In the app, just add your TV room to your audio room/scene in the C4 app. That should leave the video selection unchanged, but now your Apple Music will be playing through the speakers from the other room's scene. I've done this before when we are hosting people and want music playing but may also want a sports game on the TV and still want the music to be the audio in that room. Figured this may help if the method @sonic30101 supplied didn't work or may give you another option to try and see which is easier.
  8. I have been very happy with my 5040ub. And for what it's worth, I've had mine for over 1 1/2 years now without issue so hopefully yours works out just as well--and hopefully you don't have to run more cable!
  9. This is what I do and it works really well. Would definitely recommend getting HE with the things you're looking at doing in your comment--and you'll be able to do much, much more. Also, not sure how long ago you activated your 4Sight subscription, but the purchase of HE comes with a free year of 4Sight so you may see if you can get a credit for that from your dealer if you just purchased your license.
  10. This. Anything you have programmed off of a "press" in C4 will activate anytime you press the button. If you move your singular light programming to "single tap," you will notice a short delay in the lights coming on as C4 is waiting to see if you hit the button one or two more times before executing the programming. This will eliminate you activating both actions with your double taps.
  11. If you go into your customer.control4.com account and click on the Amazon Alexa link, you can bring up a printable list of all of your native voice commands. This will include the commands to dim the lights.
  12. I have and was referring to the 5040ub in my prior post. The 4010 is also similar in features and price point.
  13. Have you looked at any of the Epson projectors? Seem to have better lag time than the Optoma PJs and also have IP control. There do seem to be some complaints about a power control issue on the 5040ub on Amazon (not present on other sites), but I've had that unit for 15 months and the picture is amazing. I see it's going for $1999 right now, which is a deal.
  14. Got your Roku driver to integrate a Roku TV at the beginning of last month and still very appreciative for all the customer support and feedback you provided to make that work as well as it has. Just a little curious if there's any significant value in me adding (replacing) this new driver to my project when the "old" driver seems to be working quite well?
  15. Biggest piece of info for choosing your AVR would be how many zones of audio you have/plan to have. Anymore, the features between receivers is pretty similar (obviously with a few more bells and whistles at the high and, of course, more power), but you can't run 11 channels of audio off of a 7 channel receiver. Number of inputs required is also something to look at. Most will have plenty, but if you plan on hooking more than 6 devices in, some may not have the number of HDMI inputs you need. With that, I'll add another vote for Denon...been very happy with mine and integrates very well. That said, I think many of the brands work and integrate well so you have plenty of options.
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