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  1. From what I can see, the only option would be to plug the provided power adapter into a wall socket.
  2. I'm not sure if anyone on here has actually attempted the TP-Link Kasa light strip integration...they are very new. I'm planning on grabbing one (hoping for Black Friday special) and will attempt then if @alanchow hasn't made it official by then. I think there's a Chowmain driver for one of the other light strip brands and Hue has them as well. I like the Kasa stuff and they seem to keep expanding so I've been trying to use their stuff. I'm willing to wait and try to keep things somewhat standardized.
  3. I saw it pop up on my Amazon page in the past couple of weeks that it was available so it can't have been out for long. And sounds great...I'll be eager to hear if it works. If I get one beforehand, I will report if it works with the current bulb driver.
  4. @alanchow any plans to add support for the new Kasa light strip for the driver (or any idea if it works using one of the color bulbs)?
  5. Would add Alan's TP-Link Kasa driver to the list of great drivers already mentioned above.
  6. Everything @South Africa C4 user is right. The Amazon Music driver has zero programming abilities in C4. I have no idea if that limitation is on the Amazon or C4 end, but would be nice to see that driver become a little more full-featured with the new AmazonHD service at such a good price.
  7. There is no real difference in the underlying programming between Composer HE and When>>Then, just that Composer allows you to do much, much more with your system. Also, when you're in Composer HE, you can right-click on your programming and click "change to customer." This will allow you to edit in When>>Then (won't work for more complex programming). As far as the light bindings/connections, that's done at the dealer level so you can't remove that in HE or When>>Then. Once a dealer removes the bindings, then you can setup that light to come on with a single tap instead of a press so that your double taps won't trigger them--note, you'll now have a slight delay in the light coming on when you tap it once after this. Surprised you're having issues with HE on Parallels--it's always seemed to work really well for me.
  8. I would second many of the comments above that Tidal and Deezer integrate really well--the in-app experience and programming possibilities are hard to beat in C4. My biggest hang-up with Amazon Music on C4 is that you can't really do any keypad button programming with it. I use this a lot in my house so it's essentially a deal-breaker. The Amazon HD service is excellent (doing the free trial right now) and if you're OK just using the app in C4, it's still a strong option.
  9. If you load the Google Play store on your FireHD you can get around this by downloading it from there and not the Amazon app store. I'm running OS3 on one now and ran OS2 on it before the update...both work(ed) great.
  10. Same. Haven't noticed anything with iOS 13 since updating and OS 3(.1) is great across all my platforms.
  11. If you're willing to use an iPad instead of a T3, iPort makes this: https://iportproducts.com/luxeport#luxeportintro I've got one and it's very nice...certainly not cheap though.
  12. Thanks for the heads-up on this! Also, I was giving this a try and for the first time looked at doing some programming with Amazon Music in Composer HE. When I click on Amazon Music in the Actions pane, there are no options for anything. Is there no programming you can do with Amazon Music?
  13. I agree...this would definitely be good to know.
  14. Yeah. I've got an iPad mounted with one of the LuxePort wall mounts (which I really like) and have noticed some very minor swelling in it recently. Mine is on AC so I have it running through a TP-Link plug with scheduled off times now. Hoping that stops the progression. If not, I'll know to do it from the start when I throw a replacement iPad in there.
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