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  1. I have many Ecosmart brand LED can lights (BR30) in my house and they've worked quite well. Like with most LEDs, you're not going to probably see a lot of difference in the lower end like you would with incandescent, but no flickering issues. Can find them at Amazon and Home Depot.
  2. Fully supported by the Drivercentral driver? Have a SmartLock Pro and been thinking about adding one of the new ones.
  3. You certainly will be in good hands with @chopedogg88 if you let him take care of you. Reasonable rates, fast service, excellent work, and a great guy!
  4. Really enjoy my Triad One. No issues in 2 years and flawless integration with C4.
  5. I tried removing and re-adding the C4 skill in Alexa and it's not responding right now so seems like there are still issues right now.
  6. Question: Is yours actually cracked? I used the quotes on mine because they seem to only look like cracks but are just fine lines where the black coloration has been lost for some reason. Definitely much worse if the actual button cracked!
  7. I've started to have a few of my keypad buttons start doing this, too. Had mine for about 3 years...how long did yours take before this occurred? It does appear that the little "cracks" are harder to see on my black buttons but still leak backlight through when you're up close.
  8. Ari, my announcements load up just fine in Parellels with Windows 10 on my iMac so I don't think that's the issue. I was having issues with them showing up on my Windows 10 PC, but changed the network to private and that fixed the issue so thanks to the OP for mentioning that!
  9. Amazon Music is also there (and free to try if you have Prime). Works well through the app, but has no ability to do any programming with it in Composer.
  10. I've been playing around with this a bit this week (thanks for the post @msgreenf) and it is nice for lights, but am wondering if anyone has figured out a way to work in C4 speakers. The groups recognize my Heos and Sonos speakers as options for "preferred speaker" but my wired C4 zones don't show up. It also doesn't seem like I can either find them or change their state (like "switch" to "light" in the OP). Is this currently not possible like it seems to be after my efforts at attempting it?
  11. I would also say that if one of your primary drivers in this project is the interface of Control4, I would get something capable of running OS3 because it was a big upgrade in user interface and is most likely what you're looking at when you're doing your research being it's been out for greater than 6 months.
  12. I would say that with this logic, you would likely spend far, far more ripping out your current lighting system to negate the low likelihood that a very reliable controller, only controlling your lighting, would manage to fail. I've had C4 panelized lighting for 3+ years now, but the only time it's out is if the power is out (same with all the dumb lighting) or if you are messing with the network switch. I have Composer Home Edition and can basically change anything on my system (outside of adding devices) without a dealer. It makes SmartThings look like the dumbest thing on the planet. It may be worth it to try your C4 system for a few months before you take such drastic step. If you're only running lighting, you would probably forget you have a dealer in a few years because you would never need them. Also, not sure why you would ever entertain moving to a 3rd party "smart" system when you have a top of the line system in place already.
  13. They do work with IFTTT so you could do some very basic integration with that based off of motion triggers (obviously no video feed into C4 though).
  14. I don't think any of the buttons on the app/navigators recognize multiple taps so your best bet is probably moving the favorite button location so that you have to scroll to it and not through it.
  15. This. You'll have to click the "Commands" radio button to activate the drop-down menu to see Pause and Play. I have programming in my theater room set up just like this so if it's not there, it's likely something the dealer did that you can't see.
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