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  1. I don't think there is a dedicated mode for FireHD. I get around this by using an app that forces the screen to stay on and keeps the FireHD from going to sleep. Not sure how something like that would work in a theater room though where you probably don't want a bright screen on all the time.
  2. Yes, you can still get to the cameras just like you do on your mobile app. I use a Fire HD8 in one of my bathrooms with the Show Dock and it works great (though you still currently have to take the Google Play side-load route to get OS3 on there). I didn't need the intercom or navigation agent features in that area so it serves my purposes really well and have near-zero connectivity issues. And being Prime Day is next week, you can probably grab one at a ridiculously cheap price to give it a try and just send it back if you don't like it.
  3. I had the same thing happen when I tried to add the agent in Composer HE.
  4. May not be the best for a very exposed front door, but doesn't look bad at all for garage entry/side doors. Functionality is excellent.
  5. Have you looked at the August locks? Would preserve the outdoor appearance of your current lock with no need to change the handle (assuming your handle and deadbolt are separate) and there's a C4 driver for them.
  6. Ari, looks like max load on the HS110 is 15A (https://www.kasasmart.com/us/products/smart-plugs/kasa-smart-plug-energy-monitoring-hs110). I'm not sure any of the WiFi controlled plugs (from any any brand) will handle anything over 15A. I have seen this Aeotec Zwave switch (https://aeotec.com/outdoor-z-wave-switch/) designed for appliances that will handle up to 40A. Looks much more involved than the simple WiFi plugs, but you could at least pair with a Zwave hub and control/monitor remotely still.
  7. Oh yeah, definitely agree and I do the same. @LollerAgent, I just setup a timer for this that starts with the HS110 event (minimum power reached) and sends the notification when the timer expires.
  8. Ari, sorry for for the lack of clarity there. I can confirm with you that I have HS105s and HS110s and only the HS110s do the energy monitoring.
  9. Thanks, Ari! Definitely need energy monitoring for this. This was why I had you switch that plug to my laundry room!
  10. Awesome...glad to hear you liked the idea!
  11. I recently added one of the TP-Link energy monitoring plugs (HS110) to my washing machine. When the cycle finishes, I programmed an announcement telling us the load needs changed and, because we are really good at ignoring things, I have a C4 push notification sent to our phones 15 minutes later to remind us (probably need to send notifications about 3 more times though). I use the Chowmain TP-Link and Advanced Announcements drivers for this.
  12. I have several TP-Link plugs and bulbs in my project and have been very happy with them. The Chowmain driver is great and I have most of my TP-Link products integrated into C4. TP-Link also now has an in-wall WiFi outlet that is supported by the C4 driver if they would like to keep the installation as clean as possible.
  13. Just added some of these to my house too (Draper Brand shades with Rollease motors). Mine are the wireless battery powered version and they work great. I've had them for 6 months and have yet to have to charge the batteries. Annex4 driver works very well too. I have some of the Bali shades in my project and the Rollease are certainly very quiet when compared with those...never heard the Lutron ones to compare. And as far as the Bali shades, I've been pretty happy with them too. They are much louder than the Rollease ones, have to replace batteries more often, more steps to integrate...but are definitely cheaper and can do essentially all of the integration on your own. I use them mostly in spots where I operate them on a timer 90% of the time so I don't care about the noise issues you'll see brought up in other posts.
  14. I have an Araknis router and two of their switches in my project and they've been rock-solid. It'll be interesting to see whether SnapAV keeps Pakedge or Araknis around (or both?) if the acquisition goes through.
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