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  1. I've been playing around with this a bit this week (thanks for the post @msgreenf) and it is nice for lights, but am wondering if anyone has figured out a way to work in C4 speakers. The groups recognize my Heos and Sonos speakers as options for "preferred speaker" but my wired C4 zones don't show up. It also doesn't seem like I can either find them or change their state (like "switch" to "light" in the OP). Is this currently not possible like it seems to be after my efforts at attempting it?
  2. I would also say that if one of your primary drivers in this project is the interface of Control4, I would get something capable of running OS3 because it was a big upgrade in user interface and is most likely what you're looking at when you're doing your research being it's been out for greater than 6 months.
  3. I would say that with this logic, you would likely spend far, far more ripping out your current lighting system to negate the low likelihood that a very reliable controller, only controlling your lighting, would manage to fail. I've had C4 panelized lighting for 3+ years now, but the only time it's out is if the power is out (same with all the dumb lighting) or if you are messing with the network switch. I have Composer Home Edition and can basically change anything on my system (outside of adding devices) without a dealer. It makes SmartThings look like the dumbest thing on the planet. It may be worth it to try your C4 system for a few months before you take such drastic step. If you're only running lighting, you would probably forget you have a dealer in a few years because you would never need them. Also, not sure why you would ever entertain moving to a 3rd party "smart" system when you have a top of the line system in place already.
  4. They do work with IFTTT so you could do some very basic integration with that based off of motion triggers (obviously no video feed into C4 though).
  5. I don't think any of the buttons on the app/navigators recognize multiple taps so your best bet is probably moving the favorite button location so that you have to scroll to it and not through it.
  6. This. You'll have to click the "Commands" radio button to activate the drop-down menu to see Pause and Play. I have programming in my theater room set up just like this so if it's not there, it's likely something the dealer did that you can't see.
  7. I agree that it would nice if you could have 3 rows (or more) of icons on the "home screen" of the remote, particularly when a media scene is not active. At the least, they could add the custom backgrounds for the room that the navigators and apps now have as it's just a lot of empty screen space when nothing is active. It would certainly be nice to have as many of your favorites on that screen as possible when you pick up the remote to save from scrolling pages. I would also agree that after a few weeks of using mine that it would be nice to have transport buttons where the blank bottom front of the remote is. I've generally been a fan of the remote and think it looks and feels great, but there are a lot of times where it would nice to just reach down and hit a pause/play button without having to pickup the remote and click the screen icon (or scroll back to it if you've navigated away from the media control "page').
  8. Thanks, Alan! Tested tonight and power monitoring is working again with the HS110 (US version).
  9. I do this with the Chowmain IFTTT driver and our phones running the IFTTT app. There may be a workaround that I'm not aware of, but I have a separate instance of the IFTTT driver for me and my wife and then each user would need a separate IFTTT account.
  10. Looks like this happened today too: https://www.theverge.com/2019/12/19/21029661/zwave-open-standard-radios-smart-home-multiple-vendors-silicon-labs Would be nice if this meant C4 ended up with better Zwave support.
  11. @msgreenf have you checked to see if this update fixed your issues? I tested mine late last night after I noticed the update pushed. Voltage in C4 now seems to be dynamic (not that it really matters), but the wattage was stuck at 0 (on/off still seems to work fine). C4 also still isn't seeing proper state feedback of the HS220s on a consistent basis. It turns them on/off and dims them just fine, but C4 doesn't report on/off or light level status the overwhelming majority of the time for me. @alanchow is it possible the US versions of these are responding to the driver updates differently?
  12. Have we established if the loss of energy monitoring on the HS110 is an inherent issue in the driver update or only affecting a few systems? I keep forgetting to change over my laundry now without my helpful reminder
  13. Will add one more thing I've found: my HS110 is no longer doing energy monitoring in C4. I can turn the plug on/off and it recognizes on/off state, but is not picking up wattage. It looks like my HS300 power strip is monitoring energy still so just the HS110. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this either.
  14. @alanchow I played around with the lights and plugs a little more since I've been home this evening. My bulbs are working great now with full two communication. HS1xx plugs are all responding appropriately and my outdoor plug is working great. I am noticing that the HS220 dimmers are still having some issues. It seems to likely be a polling issue. The switches respond to C4 commands and C4 picks up changes from the Kasa app (some of the time) but it's routinely not recognizing that the light is either on or off. It's probably not something you would even notice unless you have the light tied to an advanced lighting scene (and are paying attention to light levels in the app) because the HS220s seem to respond to the commands. It kind of kills the ALS as C4 doesn't see the load as active. Bulbs and other plugs seem to be polling nearly instantaneously so it seems odd that my network would only be misbehaving with the HS220s. I just turned off tracking for the HS220s in my scene and that cured the issue with the ALS but figured I'd let you know to see if you could replicate.
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