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  1. I'm not sure how big of a project you're looking at, but the TP-Link Kasa ones are nice--might get a little pricey if you're planning to use a lot of them. They integrate with the excellent Kasa driver from @alanchow that you can then use for any number of their other products, too.
  2. I have an iPad mounted with one of the iPort LuxePort mounts, which is really nice since you can pull the iPad off to do "tablet things" if you want as well. I had no idea about the charge management feature in iOS now...will have to turn that on for my iPad for sure! My first iPad definitely had the battery swell issue. I hooked my new one up to a TP-Link Wifi switch that I keep on a schedule so that the battery discharges a fair amount each day. This seems to have a helped a lot--no swell in 2 years.
  3. Completely agree. I have a few of these that I got in 2017 and all have the screen issue. I've replaced a couple with Neeos and like those, but didn't find out about this replacement program until I saw it on here...the day after it ended. My dealer who installed my system and sold me the SR260s never once mentioned this to me.
  4. Anything that you're aware of that doesn't require a 120V standard switch to already be in place? Like I mentioned, most of my keypads are part of a panelized system so are all low voltage.
  5. I really wish C4 would make something like this...particularly for those of us with panelized lighting where most of our keypads are low voltage runs and wouldn't support a third-party product like this. Something like this would be nice in a couple areas where you don't have room or don't want a touchscreen for some extra A/V and scene controls.
  6. Mine was rock solid for almost 4 1/2 years until the last week. I have the PoE version as well so it's definitely not a Wifi issue. And I guess I wouldn't call the camera terrible, just not great. I know it doesn't help that mine is looking out through a covered porch and the Doorbird really struggles with the lighting. My $100 Eufy doorbell cam I have on a side door has a far superior camera so that may be why the Doorbird is a little disappointing. This all did happen after a big storm and multi-hour power outage so I am at least going to see if the PoE injector is the problem before I go through too much trouble replacing. The unit does beep when I press the physical button and the button still lights up so it still seems to be drawing power so guessing that's not my issue.
  7. So I had a flush-mount Doorbird installed at my house when it was built. It looked great and C4 integration was always great, but was always disappointed with the very lackluster video quality. In the last week, it seems my Doorbird won't reconnect to the network with multiple reboots of device and my network. My local dealer who installed the Doorbird, said they stopped carrying Doorbird because they had so many issues with them and this network drop-off was one of the most common things they would see. Based on this, it looks like I'm going to have to replace my current door station. 1) My current model is the D202. Has anyone had experience with the upgraded model (D1101)? It looks like they've upgraded the camera (I would hope!) and would fit right into my current back box. This would be the easiest option as I could just swap it out and would just have to re-program into C4. I just don't trust the durability of their products right now and was never impressed with the video quality in my current model. 2) Anyone swap out to another flush mount option that they like? The DS2 looks nice, but video quality also seems to be poor on it...especially for the price. 3) Anyone fill in their backbox space without masonry work and install a Chime and it look acceptable?
  8. Wouldn't be cheap, but an OLED "keypad" would be pretty cool to have as an option. It would be nice to program/change the "button" names as you wish and have more dynamic A/V controls. Could see it being a more keypad-oriented version of the Neeo interface--very similar size too--which would be good for areas with heavy A/V use.
  9. For most people it was a very poor experience when it was officially supported in the OS 2.X days. It would be nice to see WatchOS support return, but only if it actually worked consistently.
  10. On a quick search, it looks like Govee is at least on IFTTT. So if you have your LG C1 on IP control so that C4 knows power state, you could use the IFTTT driver and have C4 send on/off commands via IFTTT to your light strip based on the power state of the TV.
  11. rea


    If you're using IFTTT for geofencing, as long as everyone has their own IFTTT account and a separate instance of the driver in C4 (would need dealer to add them if not already in), using variables in C4 should allow you bypass using secondary triggers like TP-Link switches or Homekit. The IFTTT trigger flips the virtual variable "switch" for each person and then you can program anything you want off of that or the status of how many variables you would like. I've had a very good experience with this, but still probably wouldn't want to use it for things where you need quick feedback like gates that have been mentioned in the thread.
  12. I'm pretty sure I'm using the same driver as you (Automate iOS app for Rollease motors) with a different brand of shades that uses the same motor. Is the state of your shade off the same all the time? Does it always show closed at 0%? Possibly show 40% at 60%? There's a chance if 50% is right for you and you're getting solid control that the state is inversed in the driver. This is listed as "reverse operation" in the driver if you have Composer HE.
  13. I was out of town over the weekend, but tried it last night when I got back to the house and it does look like the playlists are working again for me too in C4. Really nice to see Deezer get that fixed so quickly.
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