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    If you're using IFTTT for geofencing, as long as everyone has their own IFTTT account and a separate instance of the driver in C4 (would need dealer to add them if not already in), using variables in C4 should allow you bypass using secondary triggers like TP-Link switches or Homekit. The IFTTT trigger flips the virtual variable "switch" for each person and then you can program anything you want off of that or the status of how many variables you would like. I've had a very good experience with this, but still probably wouldn't want to use it for things where you need quick feedback like gates
  2. I'm pretty sure I'm using the same driver as you (Automate iOS app for Rollease motors) with a different brand of shades that uses the same motor. Is the state of your shade off the same all the time? Does it always show closed at 0%? Possibly show 40% at 60%? There's a chance if 50% is right for you and you're getting solid control that the state is inversed in the driver. This is listed as "reverse operation" in the driver if you have Composer HE.
  3. I was out of town over the weekend, but tried it last night when I got back to the house and it does look like the playlists are working again for me too in C4. Really nice to see Deezer get that fixed so quickly.
  4. Same here. It sounds like we are having the same issue. It does seem like the songs will populate for some of my playlists, but only ones with 1 or very few tracks. Any playlist with many songs just don't come up at all....very strange. And like you said, I've been using some of these playlists for years without a problem. Fitting this would happen a couple of weeks after paying for my annual Deezer subscription, haha.
  5. So I've been using Deezer with C4 for almost 4 years now and have been very happy with the integration. We have 2 primary playlists we use with C4 for which I have several keypad buttons programmed to trigger the playlist. Out of the blue this week, I get no response from my keypad buttons and when I go into the C4 app, the playlists are there but when I click on them, I get a "no results found" instead of the songs. The playlists with only a few songs still seem to show up, but any of the ones with numerous tracks give the same "no results found" when trying to play through C4. All play
  6. I have a similar situation...my Doorbird really struggles with the covered porch and just has poor resolution overall. Meanwhile the $100 Eufy doorbell I got for a side door looks amazing. Any one have experience with the newer versions of the Doorbirds with relation to picture quality? Love the flush mount look but would be nice to have a better camera as well.
  7. Thanks to @dcf_atl for having the same Dish issue I had and posting about how Kyle and Andrzej were able to help. I reached out to them here on the forum and they responded quickly, were easy to work with and got my Dish issue taken care of very quickly--and very fairly priced. Thanks again @AK1 and appreciate the work you did!
  8. Yes, you can change what rooms are included in each instance of the driver with Composer HE. You can also change the "broadcast name" in HE which is the name of that driver instance your iOS devices will see. So if you don't like the name your dealer gives the driver (or you decide to change the rooms it controls) you can at least modify what shows up on iOS devices for AirPlay. Like was said, if you want to change them in C4, will need dealer or Renamer driver. It also doesn't hurt to add an extra instance (or a few) of the driver in case you want to group rooms. This way you don't have
  9. Does this work for the newer Sony TVs? I have a 950G and the documentation for my installed driver shows it using the universal mini-apps. Luckily all of my Roku HBO Now apps seem to function just like they did before the Max transition, but without the new app logo. My Sony is pretty new and has always had HBO Max. My dealer just put in a generic HBO universal driver that turns on the TV and has control, but doesn't direct it to open the HBO Max app.
  10. Are you aware of which new driver they added? My Dish seems to be doing the same thing this week!
  11. I'm almost positive they didn't as I have some other DriverCentral drivers in my project and still wanted to use those. So if the TP-Link driver was the culprit, I'd have to remove the Authorization cloud driver and re-add afterwards, I assume?
  12. Thanks for the reply. My situation sounds a little different in that there is no "prelude" to it crashing. Everything seems to be working great without a slow down and then it just crashes. Not sure if they'd even be able to remote in when mine is down, but this is certainly helpful.
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