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  1. I am able to connect to my EA-1 without issue. I did notice that the “Tools” menu no longer populates in HE for OS3.
  2. I was able to delete devices yesterday afternoon from the customer portal. I was using Safari as my browser.
  3. I reached out to Control 4 and inquired about the "station selector" drop-down menu item in their updated driver. Sounds like WU will eventually be phased out. Hopefully someone will write a new driver (WU or PWS) to fill this void. I rather enjoyed the programming I was able to achieve by integrating my weather station, I would love to have that functionality back.
  4. Odd, when I was on v1.0.4 version I used to have a "Get Stations" button. Here is what my "Actions" tab looks like.
  5. I am able to pick "WU" as a service, the "Station Selector" just doesn't seem to populate. I don't suspect any issues with my API key as it can still pull info from Weather Underground, just pulling info for a random station nearby. I did reboot the controller, as well as flip back-and-forth between services and play with Lot/Lon coordinates, none of it appeared to have an impact on the "Station Selector." Maybe I need a fresh install of the driver?
  6. I wanted to close this one out, my issue ended up being resolved by a minor release to Kodi 18.0 released on 2/11. Unfortunately I was unable to find any additional information for the release on their GitHub repo or on their support forum.
  7. How does one point back to their weather station with the new driver? My "Station Selector" dropdown is empty even though I have a WU API key, previously there was a "Get Station" button under the "Actions" tab if memory serves. The "PWS ID" field does have my station though it was selected previously before the WU and driver changes, but with the Lua debug logs I can see its pulling from a neighboring station. Almost like it's doing a city lookup instead.
  8. A quick question for the dealers out there. Does the Wireless Contact Relay come with a 9v power adapter, or would that need to be purchased separately? I can't really tell based on the following data sheet. https://www.control4.com/docs/product/wireless-contact-relay/data-sheet/english/latest/wireless-contact-relay-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf
  9. Oh man, that could be problematic. There are a dearth of dealers in my area so my dealer was remote. Then about a year ago he stopped performing remote work and I had to find a new remote dealer. Any thoughts on how I should proceed?
  10. Does anyone know how I can retrieve the license for my Kodi driver through Composer HE? It was purchased from House Logic but migrated to Drivercentral. I’d like to open a support case but Drivercentral requires a key to file it.
  11. Hello All, Has anyone experienced issues with the recently released Leia update to Kodi, when attempting to play media through the Kodi Full driver? If I play media through Kodi's UI (using C4), or through the Kodi Remote iOS app, or their web based remote everything appears to work fine. If I start media through the "Movies" or "TV Shows" menu in C4 leveraging the Kodi driver Kodi it crashes immediately. I've tried all the usual, reboots etc. and the issue persists. Just curious if I'm the only one who's noticed this behavior? System Info: Controller: EA-1 Director version: Oct 12 2018 12:11:15 Driver: Kodi Full v20181225 Hardware: Nvidia Shield Gen2 w/ IRUSB
  12. I do use IRUSB on a 2nd gen Nvidia Shield. Sounds like I had just the right set of circumstances on this one. For anyone with a similar setup, the aforementioned add-on change does address this edge case.
  13. After much troubleshooting I was finally able to narrow down the cause of this issue. It ended up being a combination of the configuration for the Kodi Full driver by @alanchow and the "Backup" add-on for Kodi. The issue was that the Backup add-on was configured to show a progress bar during the backup (scheduled at midnight). This caused Kodi to update its video stream showing said progress. This change in video was picked up by the Kodi driver's "Kodi Virtual Switcher" that had been set to "start when sensing video" (e.g. - when starting a Movie or TV Show from C4). Specific to the Backup add-on, you can configure it for silent, like the screenshot below. This will prevent Kodi from showing a progress bar when a backup is kicked off. I suspect the same would result for any Kodi add-on that updates the display or has a progress bar etc., a good data point if nothing else. *Note - The Kodi driver was functioning properly and reacting appropriately based on its configuration.
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