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  1. @DanITman, thanks for the suggestion, works like a charm! @chopedogg88, I tested the above via a group call to touchscreens when motion is detected, it makes the doorbell noise. If door chime is disabled then you get a ring tone like a normal intercom call.
  2. Has anyone attempted to send a Chime snapshot to a touchscreen via announcement? I was thinking that it might be nice when a motion event occurs without a button press, and in addition to the push notification with snapshot. I was able generate a link for the camera via HE. It does require authentication which I embedded in the URL for basic auth but I still get 401 (unauthenticated). The URL works with creds working in browsers just not in the announcement agent. http://admin:<pass>@<ip_address>:80/cgi-bin/viewer/video.jpg?channel=0&resolution=capability_videoin_c0_resolution&quality=10&streamid=1
  3. FWIW, I am signed up for status updates and received two emails today about the planned maintenance and ongoing issue investigation.
  4. @danlevine, It looks like Tapatalk finally released a version compatible with IPB 4.6+ on 6/18/21. Any chance we could get it installed? Pretty please. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tapatalksupport/tapatalk-for-ipboard-plugin-release-announcement-a-t4031-s140.html#p250628
  5. Curious low light sensing is accomplished, especially when upgrading existing switches as the top and bottom bar are no longer present.
  6. I’ve been seeing the same thing for the past couple months. Like you I haven’t migrated since there isn’t an updated protect driver.
  7. Has anyone attempted to run the iOS app natively on Macs with the M1 chip?
  8. I’m waiting for them here in the US too. I’ve gotten same answer that they are unavailable. I wonder if a swappable color panel, a la Ring Pro would have been a good move?
  9. A tip for those enabling 2FA. Make sure you generate and store some recovery tokens, they can be used to regain access and activate Google Authenticator after switching phones etc. They now outline this in their documentation but didn’t when I set it up after Krebs broke the initial news a couple months ago. I ran into an issue where I wiped my old phone before using the Google Authenticator app to export the key and transfer it to my new phone. Fortunately I was able to restore my old phone and access it again so it could be transferred, otherwise I would have been up a creek. The only recovery method at that point is a factory reset and a new UI account, key, etc.
  10. Have you tried the DLNA driver as opposed to the iTunes driver? I’ve had much better luck with most things that way. If you configure Twonky’s discovery setting to an interval of “-1” it will discover new music and playlists immediately. The only downside is that it won’t read playlists straight out of iTunes. To get around this I crated a folder and and export the playlist metadata (*.m3u files) to it, Twonky will pick those up and they work great. Downside is that you have to manually export your playlist every time you update it.
  11. My network is all UniFi as well, switches, router, WAPs etc. all without issue thus far.
  12. I’ve done what you described successfully with a 100ft. plenum RCA cable from Custom Cable Connection since I didn’t have any spare outs on my matrix.
  13. That’s why I specified even if only to integrators/dealers. That way they could field questions from their customers. I know they are largely in the dark too, but one could hope for transparency. 🙂
  14. After letting the cat out of the bag twice now only to take it away deserves some official communication, even if only to integrators. FWIW it worked great when I tested it before it was removed again.
  15. ...And it’s gone! https://youtu.be/-DT7bX-B1Mg
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