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  1. I've never really looked at anything other than a video matrix. I will look into JAP and see if it is possible to switch to it from the matrix, considering the rough in was done for a matrix.
  2. Apple TV, fire HD, security cameras tied into c4, wanted to future proof if we ever add something else
  3. We are getting a 8x8 video matrix switch
  4. Initially we will have 4 TVs, and I wish to have the shields available for all 4. Most likely 2 streams simultaneously. So the shields will be in the rack. So the irusb should be at each TV?
  5. Just took a peek at Irusb, if I understand the instructions I need 1 of these per shield? Is the shield installed in the rack? Where is this device installed? At the TV?
  6. I dont want to use TV apps as they probably wont be supported after a couple of years. The house is wired for 8 TVs, but we dont plan on having 8 TVs.
  7. Hello, Just in the final stages of our build and thinking about how we want to do video/TV. Want to do IPTV, so have couple of questions: 1. If we want to watch IPTV on say 2 or 3 TVs at the same time, we need as many Nvidia Shields or similar, correct? 2. What IPTV box has the best integration with Control4? 3. What is the best way of doing the above?
  8. We are in the final planning phases of a 5500 sq. ft. Home in Langley BC. I don't have the final drawings yet but do have conceptual drawings. It will be a two-storey, slab-on-grade construction. I am looking to do the following: - Video distribution for 4 - 5 TVs - 3-5 audio zones - automated lights including exterior lights - shades for the South and West facing windows - garage - gate - HVAC and hydronic radiant floors - security I can post the conceptual drawings if it helps. Looking for suggestions on how to all of this cost-effectively and efficiently. Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
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