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  1. Hey msgreenf, Have you tried the new driver? How is it? I can't tell through the pictures, does it allow you to control all RGB & W channels independently? Thanks, H
  2. Hey msgreenf Any progress on the Magic Home Driver? I've got 2x so would be happy to be a beta tester. Just let me know. Regards, Hizzle
  3. Hey mindetc1 are you using Home Magic modules or MiLight? I believe I had MiLight working like you describe, 4 color + white channels, but it would be great if it worked on Home Magic too.
  4. Hello jingcha, I haven't tried using Alexa but I got most everything working I wanted by using Vera and Control4. Since my lights are all z-wave, that is why I have Vera. I've tried the Control4 z-wave controller and it just doesn't support many devices. So, Vera has a plugin to manage Magic Home. It is written in Lua, so my thoughts are that it may be able to be reused for Control4 drivers. This is outside of my expertise. msgreenf mentioned he is working on a driver. I am able to manage everything through Vera including dimming, changing colors, setting modes, etc... First create a scene in Vera for colors and modes. Then from Control4 I created the led strip light as a dimmer. After that, create and map the Scenes in Control4 for the different colors and modes. I can now turn the light on, change the colors through the scenes, and also control dimming of the lights. So far it works how I want it to work. If I want to change to a different color, that isn't defined as a Scene, or turn on a different mode (rarely used) I'll just use the Magic Home app.
  5. Hey msgreenf, I'm also looking at a Magic Home setup for bar lights. I've been playing around with them. There is actually a full featured "driver" which can be controlled through Mi Casa Vera. Using that I can switch the light on, off and dim but not control the color through C4. Have you made any more progress on the Magic Home driver directly for C4? Thanks.
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