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  1. Cynight, One comment about Aprilaire. Our HVAC guy recommended Aprilaire and when we got the thermostat it was huge and the screen was just not as crisp (low resolution) as the Honeywell or Nest or Eccobee. They also required another bulky module to go along with it. I can't remember what it was for but the size and chunkiness of it was a deal breaker. I was excited to try something new, but went back to the Honeywells.
  2. That is the driver I'm using for Honeywell too. A few years ago the only Honeywell Home driver was provided through Blackwire(?). It wasn't great. It's much more compatible now. I love the thermostat. It is responsive, looks good, and has the "smart thermostat" features (like learning how long it takes to cool a room and starts cooling early so that the final temp is reached when you have it scheduled). Works quite well. I don't like managing the thermostats schedules in C4. Honestly once they are built, I never touch them. I just use the manual setting if I need to adjust temperature, which is what C4 does in the driver. So it does exactly what I want. I don't know how difficult it is to build the schedule in the current driver. It was a big pain in the Blackwire one. The Honeywell Home app makes it easy to build and copy the schedule days and times and also allows grouping of days (weekday and weekend), so that's fine with me. As far as cloud control, I've never had an issue with the cloud system being down and not adjusting my thermostat via C4. So again, not an issue. It manages 4 thermostats in the house and everything has been working great.
  3. Any update on the Media Wall function? Definitely waiting on this one. Thanks for the info.
  4. I have had Honeywell Home (Total Connect) in my last two houses and love them. https://www.amazon.com/Honeywell-RTH9585WF1004-Programmable-Thermostat-Required/dp/B075BF6V58?th=1 C4 Driver already exists
  5. Wow. You guys are making this is overly complicated. Just create multiple rooms (stereo pair per room) and use a Media Scene to have them all synced. No real programing required. I have a patio with 6 speaker and a sub. It also has 3 tvs. I created multiple rooms Patio (stereo pair), Patio Bar (Stereo Pair), Pool (Stereo Pair), Patio Sub (Sub). I hid everything except Patio and build a Media Scene to manage all 4 "zones" of volume. I had originally thought I would want different channels on the different speakers but it's a cacophony of sound and isn't usable. This works and if I want to change sound inputs from one TV to another, I can do that as well. Oh and since they aren't all wired together, I don't have to worry about speaker impedance etc... If I really want to, I can shut off the different zones, unlike if they were all wired together.
  6. So did the video wall agent make it out today or is it delayed?
  7. I've re-setup a schedule within Control4 to turn the pool lights on after sunset and then turn them off at midnight. They seem to turn on just fine but never turn off. Anyone else having an issue with lights not turning off using a schedule? They work fine on a schedule within the Jandy App but I would prefer to use Control4 for all scheduling.
  8. Hey msgreenf, You're always on top of things. Have you heard any further progress from Control4 on updating this driver? Most appreciated.
  9. I'm having the same issue. I even deleted and readded the driver. Latest is 11/24/20. Still doesn't work. It says that it's connected and "online" through C4 but when you try and change a setting, it isn't actually changed on the pool. The iJandy App works fine but not the C4 driver. It broke about 2 weeks ago, I believe.
  10. If you had a Dune media player then you are a real video person. Zappiti is pretty good but if you want another media player with very good quality video playback, look at the new Dunes or the Zidoo media player line. The C4 driver works pretty well too. I just transitioned off of Dune and Popcorn Hour to Zidoo. I've also had Oppo, WD media players etc. (Sigma Designs and RealTech Real HW decoders with accurate frame rate and color. Zidoo also supports Plex, which is where I store my movie catalog. Zidoo has a pretty good (evolving) Home Theater setup with movie wall etc... like Kalidascape. I wouldn't trust Kalidascape as they went bankrupt and I don't know where their products are, or development is, now. Plex works with Roku and Apple TV. I've got both of those but for True video and surround audio you can't beat a HW decoder. I believe both Roku and Apple need to transcode audio if it's in Dolby TrueHD or higher than 5.1.
  11. We are able to control the firebowls, colored lights, heater etc... with the iAquaLink. So no problem. The app is horrible but the basics work with the Control4 driver.
  12. Nuheat and Warmup for flooring. We installed Warmup and are very happy. For towel racks just remote light/relay switches on schedules. We did those as well.
  13. I just built our house and made sure to include a 2 wire lead to the media closet so that I could use the contact closure on the EA5 to switch the fireplace on and off. Since most gas log sets are microvolt controllers all you need is the ability to control the contact closure on-off switch.
  14. I hate to ask this somewhat basic question but I'm having an issue with my programming. I have a well pump which should only run for 6 hrs then shut off for 2 hrs, to refill, and keep repeating. I set up the pump on a Relay (light) but can also set it up as a motor relay. The issue I'm having is that the conditional programming doesn't seem to work. I want to activate a "light scene" and then have the pump work until I shut it off. I also want it to push me a notification every time it comes on, so that I know when it is working. I tried the below. It turns the pump on but it doesn't seem to follow the programing. Can you give me some thoughts on the best way to program this? Most appreciated.
  15. Thanks, I was messing around with this for the last 3 days. I deleted the driver, rebooted and readded. Then I autoconfiged and looked at the communicator and it is back in the "Idle" state. That worked! I really appreciate it.
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