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  1. Hey msgreenf, You're always on top of things. Have you heard any further progress from Control4 on updating this driver? Most appreciated.
  2. I'm having the same issue. I even deleted and readded the driver. Latest is 11/24/20. Still doesn't work. It says that it's connected and "online" through C4 but when you try and change a setting, it isn't actually changed on the pool. The iJandy App works fine but not the C4 driver. It broke about 2 weeks ago, I believe.
  3. If you had a Dune media player then you are a real video person. Zappiti is pretty good but if you want another media player with very good quality video playback, look at the new Dunes or the Zidoo media player line. The C4 driver works pretty well too. I just transitioned off of Dune and Popcorn Hour to Zidoo. I've also had Oppo, WD media players etc. (Sigma Designs and RealTech Real HW decoders with accurate frame rate and color. Zidoo also supports Plex, which is where I store my movie catalog. Zidoo has a pretty good (evolving) Home Theater setup with movie wall etc... like Kalidasc
  4. We are able to control the firebowls, colored lights, heater etc... with the iAquaLink. So no problem. The app is horrible but the basics work with the Control4 driver.
  5. Nuheat and Warmup for flooring. We installed Warmup and are very happy. For towel racks just remote light/relay switches on schedules. We did those as well.
  6. I just built our house and made sure to include a 2 wire lead to the media closet so that I could use the contact closure on the EA5 to switch the fireplace on and off. Since most gas log sets are microvolt controllers all you need is the ability to control the contact closure on-off switch.
  7. I hate to ask this somewhat basic question but I'm having an issue with my programming. I have a well pump which should only run for 6 hrs then shut off for 2 hrs, to refill, and keep repeating. I set up the pump on a Relay (light) but can also set it up as a motor relay. The issue I'm having is that the conditional programming doesn't seem to work. I want to activate a "light scene" and then have the pump work until I shut it off. I also want it to push me a notification every time it comes on, so that I know when it is working. I tried the below. It turns the pump on but it doesn'
  8. Thanks, I was messing around with this for the last 3 days. I deleted the driver, rebooted and readded. Then I autoconfiged and looked at the communicator and it is back in the "Idle" state. That worked! I really appreciate it.
  9. The camera and everything else works but I'm getting a 403 Forbidden for the SIP Registration when looking at the door station web configuration
  10. Ok, so my Door Station is not connecting to the SIP Registrar (no Intercom Anyware) any longer, again. Tried the reboot, autoconfig and Refresh Navigators. It says the Door Station is online in Composer. It says that the gateway is registered but it says that the state is Not Ready under Communication Local Devices. So, it doesn't connect on the iOS app either. Any ideas? I've let this one sit overnight, which magically corrected itself last time, but no luck this time.
  11. Thanks for the offer. I had rebooted my door station 3 times as well and run the autoconfig. Nothing. Went to sleep last night and work up and it seems to now be registered and working. Strange. Also, Apple rolled out an iOS update which includes History but don't see Intercom Anywhere yet. Don't know if I need to set anything up or if it will come out in another update. I'll have to look.
  12. I just upgraded to 3.2 and now my door station 2 isn't connecting to Intercom Anywhere. Is anyone else having the same issue? It shows that the SIP account isn't Registering.
  13. Rav and Cyknight, Thanks for the responses. The Audio Matrix just provides switching and the Amp is controlling volume. The sub is a standard powered sub (SVS with built in amplifier) and is in a recess on the patio. It doesn't have a line-in input but does have a crossover. I can use the option of the Y jack to split the source out of the Audio Matrix but then I will need to change this one "room" patio to have volume controlled by the Audio Matrix instead of the Audio Amp. I'm not sure if I'll run into any issues like this because I thought the Audio Matrix already outputs at 100%,
  14. Thanks for the guidance. I've got a C4-16ZAMS-V3-B - Switch C4-16AMP3-B - Amp So the audio endppoint volume is on the C-4-16AMP3-B and not the switch. I was thinking that the switch would be audio endpoint for the sub but then the Amp would be audio endpoint for the speakers/room.
  15. I appreciate the help on this one. I scoured the forums but didn't see anything on this topic. I have a C4 Audio Switch connected to a C4 Amp, which produces stereo (of course), and I also ran an independent powered sub (RCA) line. How can I use the audio switch to coordinate the stereo pair of speakers and the sub volume level? I assume I need to create a separate room with the sub (patio sub) and then sync the volume controls to the original room? Does that sound right? Direction is most appreciated.
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