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  1. If you are running an OS compatible with Neeo (I think 3.1 or later, but not positive), it is very easy. You can set it up yourself - all you do is follow the onscreen prompts and connect it to the network and it self-configures. No dealer interaction is required to be honest.
  2. I know you solved this, but another option is to set a long timer (like 2 hours) - when wake up executes ? If daytime open blinds ? If nighttime start timer - at sunrise ? If timer is running - open blinds - stop timer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. So far i really like the sr260 onscreen volume indicator and the MUCH faster app loading, particularly when on WiFi (1-2 secs(. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. This is a configurable keypad. It can not directly connect to a load. It is used to wirelessly control other lighting devices and smart home functionality. So as a 'slave' in a 3 way or 4 way, it is a great upgrade from the KA since it can do way more than a KA. Be aware that it requires power, and many slave locations do not have a live power, although often the electrician can use the traveler wire to bring power to the box from the main load location.
  5. Looks like they have not put the air gap bar back in. That bar is used to cut power to the light fixture so you can safely change bulbs etc. they can be ordered from c4 by your dealer in 10 packs if you can’t find it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I've been using up an entire set of the custom buttons for AVR modes. The key ones we use are (Marantz): - Stereo - Multi-Channel Stereo - Dolby pro Logic - Dolby Surround (Iforget what the basic dolby setting is called)
  7. When door unlocks ? If user code is equal to (insert code) -> activate lighting scene. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Wish it was dirt cheap. I know I’d have a bit less lag and over better performance with a faster connection, but my ISP hasn’t been looking too cheap to upgrade. Although I probably haven’t looked in a year or so. Might be a good time to see what kind of deals are out there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Sounds like new router is the way to go. Others here have given great advice on product selection. Best of luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. We're (basically) on the same page. Yes, upgrading the router will help. But without doing the wi-fi, it won't help much (will only help wired devices). And yep, that was clearly a typo :). I usually take the approach that if real world performance is there (and I used streaming as an example, I also used downloading files as an example), why upgrade? Just so you have a BSD? OK, for some people that is a good reason. But to go spend money on a new router and pay someone to configure and install it, if he isn't experiencing any real-world issues, it may not be the best use of money.
  11. You've got to compare real-world usage. If you are regularly bogging down, streams are pausing, files are not downloading quickly (on wired connections - we've agreed your wifi needs work), then by all means upgrade your router. If wired performance is fine, why go through the hassle and expense of changing the router, other to say you did and to be able to say you have 1gig service? Let's do the math. A 4K stream from netflix uses 25-50gpbs. You can currently have 8-15 concurrent 4K streams. Better yet, let's take a real world example - you download 2gb files for work.
  12. Your network should be designed around 5ghz coverage. That means that the APs should be 35-40 feet apart (depends on home layout and obstructions -glass, water, pipes, metal, appliance, etc). 2.4ghz should only be used for devices that can't handle 5ghz. Your biggest issue is your APs. Your router is fine. You can replace it, but you will notice little, if any, improvement going from 500mbps to 1gbps. Nothing you are using can take advantage of those speeds. Setting up additional Araknis APs will take a lot of work and knowledge- setting channels to avoid conflict with each ot
  13. Several things going on here. At the time, the 300 series router was the best offered by araknis and it is limited to under 500mbps. That said, you likely don’t need gig speed and likely won’t for many years to come. You may want it because you can get it, but you’re going to spend money l, time and effort to do so. You’ll need a new router and it will need to be reconfigured. The new araknis gig routers are a different architecture and can not take a config from a 300 series. For the access points. You likely need more than 2 to cover a home of that size, let alone the outside.
  14. Mitch is right. Your new router has a different IP scheme (or the Denon was on a DHCP reservation that was in the old router. He can help you fix it. Lesson learned - never change anything in your network without your dealer being involved.
  15. Do you mean in the rack? So it is 12m away (almost 40ft). If it is in the rack, then it is in a faraday cage and needs to be relocated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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