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  1. Right?? It's a 24-port GbE switch with non-blocking fabric... unless Control4 is asking for more than a gigabit, it's not getting bottlenecked Anyway I've disabled all the management stuff, and the auditor was out there last night and said basically the problems are in how the first two integrators set up the system. So it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe the third integrator is the charm? I sure hope so. Thanks again for the help!
  2. Hey I totally understand. I don't just assume that my stuff is good, and I've stated here several times that I know very little about this system, and I appreciate the learning! The managed switch was installed by the first integrator at the insistence that my unmanaged switch was the problem. That was all them, and I just picked it up after they were fired for not being able to make the system work (a decision I had no part in). I haven't changed any of the switch settings since I inherited it (and luckily the first integrator didn't change the default login on the switch). There is noth
  3. It could very well be that the speakers themselves are not Sonos speakers, I just need to find out. Yep, broadcast storms are definitely a bad thing, but STP are enabled on the switch and the Sonos ZPs, and indeed the wireless on one of the Sonos ZPs that is on the network is in a blocking state, so there is definitely not a loop. Just relaying what the owner said, which of course may have been paraphrased or not entirely accurate, or maybe I heard wrong. I'm sure there's an "approved list" that they've tested on, but I would really hope a pretty high zoot managed Cisc
  4. Yeah I am not that brave with doing things remotely that can't be undone remotely My mission right now is just to understand how the system works and uses the network. I am not sure the Sonos ZPs even talk directly to the speakers? There are all kinds of C4 equipment there, including a 16 channel amplifier and all sorts of other things - I have about a dozen IP addresses for C4 stuff. In any case, I think the speakers may actually be driven from this 16 channel rackmount amp that is there, but I'm not certain as I've never actually seen it in person. There is an auditor from a third A/V
  5. Stupid question (remember I know almost nothing about this system)... Is there a difference between a Zone Controller and a Zone Player? I only see ZP devices on the network (did I mention that I'm looking at this from 800 miles away and have no physical access? haha) Are these settings in the PC software or is there a magic URL? (or both?)
  6. Okay this is crazy. I can't wrap my head around this. So I checked the other two ZonePlayers. They both come into the same port on the cisco switch, and I've been able to map them out as follows: Cisco GE Port ----> .212 ZP ----> .213 ZP So I looked in the mac tables for Cisco Port GE 5 and there's a third device on that port, and there is traffic on .213's eth1 port, indicating this mysterious third device is getting on the network through .213's bridged Ethernet connector. I looked up the MAC address in the DHCP lease file on the server, and... Drum Roll Plea
  7. Thank you! All of this is helpful for sure. While the issues don't seem to be with the Sonos part of the system, it's something I can check on nevertheless. The devices are indeed Zone Players. After talking to the owner, there are in fact four zones, two in each separate system. All four ZonePlayers are hardwired to the LAN, and the speakers are connected to the Zone Players by the Sonos mesh network. So, here's the ifconfig from one of the ZonePlayers .210 and .211, which are out in the gym, I believe. And from the .211 ZP, it looks like the .210 ZP is creating an internal Ethernet swi
  8. Correct. There are no Control4 wall panels in the Gym - she uses the native Sonos App on her iPads and phone to control the Gym devices (the Gym is a separate "system" from the House, and the phone app can apparently only be linked to one of them). The bridge devices are Ubiquiti Nanobridge 5G22s.
  9. I will certainly ask them about the driver version. This was a new installation last year and it has sometimes worked but not always. It's hard to say really since I've never actually laid hands on it myself, but I hear of issues frequently and have worked with them making various network changes along the way to try and help. This is actually the second A/V company to be on this job. I will try the experiment with her to see if Pause/Play will work once the song is started from the Sonos Controller on the PC. Is there a way to check driver revision from the panel? I may be able to get th
  10. Thank you all for your responses. Keep in mind that I'm not the guy actually configuring the Sonos and Control4 systems themselves. I only own the network (and to make things more fun, I manage everything remotely and only visit the site a couple of times every year). But, for information's sake and to give more details about the network: Everything is hard wired (almost - buildings on the property are linked with 5GHz bridges, but everything within a building is wired). There are four Sonos devices I can see on the LAN - not sure what they are, but they are small white boxes with a
  11. Hey everyone, I am the "computer guy" for a friend who has a Control4/Sonos installation. Their A/V company is suggesting that the network setup is the source of some of the problems they're having with the system. I'd like to know if there is a thorough network best practices document that describes in detail the router facilities required by Control4, so that I can make sure the router can meet the requirements. The router is a Linux-based appliance so it is very versatile and can do whatever, but I just need to know what exactly needs to happen for Control4 to be happy. If this is docu
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