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  1. We have a bathroom with 2 TV's , each has a Just Add Power receiver. I want to tell Jap Switch Output 13 to do whatever Jap Switch Output 17 does. I have gone to Programming -> Master Bathroom -> Events "When video selection changes" and tried conditionals but they do not seem to play well with the JAP Switch driver. Does anyone have any experience programming conditionals with the JAP switch in Composer that could shed some light on how they got it to work? I was able to setup a macro and use loops to at least get it to work for the first two sources but there are 10 total sou
  2. This is how it is now wired This is how it is now programmed. Still no joy. Oh well, I will let you know what I finally figure out incase anyone else needs a pictorial for dummies like I do. Thanks for the help.
  3. I added a phantom Control4 108 amp and bound it to the room and the relay and contacts
  4. Thank you. I updated my post since you replied. This is what I am using now with the two wire. Still just getting constant 12V. know it must be a simple solution, im just not finding the correct combination I guess.
  5. I tried using the diagram below and put a jumper cable from GND to COM and then put the TIP on 12V and the other end to NC. When testing the plug I am getting 12V for all conditions. Am I not reading this diagram correctly? I have added the correct CONTACT and RELAY to the correct AMP and room assignment but curious as to why I am getting the constant 12V vs when only the room is selected on or off. Thanks for the clarifications.
  6. Wow, just as I thought I had found a DIY line, I come to find that video-storm will not sell me the VRX040 directly. Does anyone know where to get them on-line? Everything else is available or third party but the 1 important part is the VRX040. I guess I could use another option such as Nvidia Shield but was hoping to keep it simple
  7. We have 3 audio amplifiers and wanted to use the 12v trigger to turn them on and off when one of the 6 zones are used in each amp. # 1 - Is it best to use Relay or Contact? # 2 - The amps are not added to the rack. Would 3 fake amps need to be added # 3 - If we used 3 relays or contacts, will they each only turn when a room assigned to that amp is used?
  8. I would like to purchase 2 C4-Z2IO or another model that will handle sending the IR codes to a TV in a kitchen that is non-wired. Please contact me if you have 2 available for quick delivery.
  9. Pricing is elusive. How does the Video Storm compare to JAP pricing?
  10. We are looking at converting our control4 system from mainly component to HDMI. We have a Control4 Audio Matrix that handles the sound in all rooms but the movie theater so each input has a component splitter that send audio to both the Audio Matrix and the Movie Theater amplifier. If we were to go to a JAP type system, what HDMI Audio Extractor do you recommend? Also, in our current setup, we have no sound going to any TV as all sound is going through the in wall speakers in every room. Will this extractor allow both pass-through to the TV and also extracted to the audio matrix or is it
  11. I currently have an Audio Authority AVX-562 with qty of 3 Model 1176 that expanded the system to 16 video locations in our home. This system is still operating fine but I want to get ahead of it going out so now is the time to look into new technology. I was looking at the JAP technology to give me the flexibility I need to add more than the 5 sources we have now (5 sources + Navigator). We currently have 16 TV locations but may add 1 or 2 more so the expandability of this system seems ideal. Is the JAP system the best option at this point? I know that I will have a few interest
  12. Thanks - I am about to travel for the weekend so will reach out next week. I have 2.9.0 loaded and cant get it patched to work. I can get 2.9.1 or higher to work but of course is out of sync from what is loaded in the system. Looks like you will be able to take care of it. Will be in touch soon. Thanks!!
  13. I had to update my Composer HE so that I can resolve the certificate issue. As a result, I know get this error. The support person that used to remote into my system notified me that they no longer support remote clients. Any ideas on how I can resolve this issue? 1. Intercom - End of Support The Control4 Intercom Agent cannot be included in systems running OS 2.10.0 or later. You will need to connect with a ComposerPro version that matches the version of the operating system and remove the End of Support Agent. 2. Keeping->In-Wall 7" Touch Screen V2 - Incompatible Dri
  14. The home we purchased currently has 16 audio and video zones. We are able to select 6 different video sources and a number of additional audio sources. The problem I am having is my equipment is constantly failing and needing to be replaced and I am finding it harder and harder to get replacement equipment we currently have a control4 16channel audio matrix and I am about the have to order my 3rd as some zones have a constant buzz and I am not able to get those zones to stop buzzing and when you play audio on them, it comes through garbled when this happened last time we r
  15. Thanks for the documentation. I was able to use it to reset all of the blinds and program them all correctly on the remote and with the urtsii. Wife is happy ?
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