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  1. Awesome, thank you. Yes I'm a dealer. So I'm looking to do it from Composer.
  2. Has anyone unlocked the access for customer-programming using "when>>then" via 4sight? The documentation says that it needs to be unlocked by their dealer... But I"m not sure how to unlock it for them.
  3. Ok, I'll try remove IP drivers as step 1, thanks so much :-)
  4. Greetings all Has anyone had an issue with 2.10? I updated a clients system remotely, using the Express iOS app, enroute to the client. And now their whole system is not working. It's as if the network is flooded with commands. C4 send sends repeat commands to devices, it seems like it' gets stuck in loops. None of the rooms stick to their sources, it keeps jumping to the C4 OSD. The reason I went there is because Tune-in was jumpy, audio is consistently jolty. But I have created a much bigger problem. I've tried factory resetting the EA3 (director) and reloading. I cleared the project and created a mini project, and that was stable. But when I reload my project, same issue. My plan is to clear the project, and rebuild the whole system room by room. Or try to roll back to 2.9.1 and load the project again (it would be the project from post-firmware update, can't find previous versions) Does anyone have any other ideas? Or similar experiences? Thanks
  5. Thanks so much for the input, I'll go to site and give it a go tomorrow.
  6. Thanks. It's already set to programmed. The feedback works for about a second, then reverts. What would the best practice be for tracking a room's audio state? Room Variables, POWER_STATE?
  7. Hi I am using a zigbee keypad, and trying to get an LED on a button to indicate a room's audio state - on/off. I've tried using POWER_STATE in room variables and change the LED when the room powers down. But I can't get the LED to hold the status of the room. It changes when the room changes, but then goes to "off colour". Is there a method that I am missing?
  8. Hi Jerry Did you ever come right with this? I am trying to have an LED indicate whether a room's audio is on/off, and am really battling. It should be simple, but for some reason I can't get it to work.
  9. I'll check it out Thanks
  10. Hi Has anyone had luck purchasing a piece of hardware that connects C4 and Dali lighting control?
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