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  1. I do have them reserved on my MAC table on my router and can confirm the fire tv is on the correct IP. Even C4 under network tools says its online. But i'm getting a weird LUA output. It says online then offline then no response. I can confirm that is the only device on my network with that IP. Also the to make the irUSB work I would have to purchase another OTG usb cable to use this. If Im not mistaken.
  2. Yes I've tried all that and right now I'm even having issues with just controlling them now.
  3. Maybe it's something I'm missing. I can take some screen shots at the office tomorrow.
  4. I word my triggers a little differently than you do. I say "Alexa turn music on in the kitchen". Or with a Fire TV and a Mini Driver for Netflix installed. I can also say Alexa turn on "Netflix in the master bedroom" To get music playing I just route the echo dots audio back to the rack. Using a control4 Audio Matrix I can program the room turn on using audio sensing. This gives you the ability to turn on the room and play music without having to give two separate commands. And you will hear Alexa through your whole home audio. Which sound way better than even the regular sized Echo. There is even a kit on Amazon to Retro the echo dot into the ceiling. Making it easy to retrofit 2 cat 6 wires to the dot. One for USB power via p o e. Or a USB balun. The other for an analog audio balun routed back to the headend. But that's just my 2 cents.
  5. Usually there's a quality of service setting in your router that can prioritize that type of call I believe.
  6. First of all, I'm proud to be part of such a cool group but people can get to install some of the most awesome automation system there is. I've been programing control 4 for about 6 years now and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on basically every trade that it has to do with. Whether it goes from wiring air conditioning units to controlling a thousand-watt chandelier to automating a 36 television with Alexa voice control. There are not many things that I can't figure out especially with the help from this forum. But for the life of me this third generation Fire TV is kicking my ass. Unfortunately these fire TVs no longer have a ethernet port forcing us to purchase a $12 directly from Amazon ethernet adapter for it. Which is fine I understand It comes with the cost the customers understand wired is always better. But for the life of me I cannot keep a consistent IP connection with this device. Now there have been other posts on this forum that explain how to keep it alive using me an ADB command. Even in the latest driver there is a disable sleep timer action now. But neither of these seem to actually do what they say. Has the operating system updated to a point where this code no longer works? I'm turning to The Experts here because this is honestly like my most difficult thing to deal with it. It causes constant truck rolls for no reason I would love to be able to find a way to nip this problem in the bud.
  7. Don't those devices use a sip like phone call? Like when you dial the extension at my office to the next office over.
  8. First time starting a thread here. Excuse the grammar. I currently have 4 echo dots ceiling mounted with 2 cat 6 ran to each. One for a usb balun for power. The other for an analog audio balun back to my rack. I currently use an audio sensing relay to trigger a sensor on my controller to turn on my amplifier is the room I'm currently in. Unfortunately the company I use to get the relay from is closing and I can't find a cheap alternative. So I'm going to test out the matrix with internal audio sensing. My question is, can it be adjusted to pick up things at lower volume (change sensativity) and how accurate is it at sensing audio in the first place. It'll make for a much neater installation. Just realized I posted in the wrong section. Wow. What a noob. Can a moderator help me out.
  9. Hey this is the first time I'm posting in a while. I'm in the Tarpon Springs area. I'm a programmer for a sound decision. And I had a question I can't seem to figure out. The 4k TV is pretty great for a budget 4k quad core smart TV. But I'm finding that selecting the inputs are a bit of a pita. I'm stuck making a macro which launches the home launcher app via the custom_app driver then executing a series of button presses through the menu to then select the input. This seems very tedious and not always guaranteed to work. Since the command is going over the network. Unfortunately this TV does not treat the inputs as applications. So selecting the input on the TV is not as simple as asking the Fire TV to open an app. Also the remote on that TV only admits and I are code when pressing the power button. Making it a strictly toggle power via IR. You can wake it/turn on the tv via advanced programming by launching the app drawer using the Custom_app driver. But I'm stuck turning it off using an ir. I tried using the "sleep when off" property but it puts the TV in more of a stanby mode. Has anyone seen or even heard of a way to use these type of TVs yet in a not so complicated fashion. I've been a programmer for 7 years and this is the first time I've ever had to post about anything.
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