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  1. Is it possible to change the schedule of lighting, curtain control, etc in the App? Or do i need to do this on a PC?
  2. What’s the max range of zigbee indoors?
  3. Will 4sight work with ISP implementing Carrier Grade NAT? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrier-grade_NAT
  4. If my ISP uses Carrier Grade NAT will i be able to do remote access with App?
  5. Basically the client wants to see all AC controls and temperature in the whole house in one page without flipping to room page -> comfort every time.
  6. Is there a way to have interface where you get a list of the type of device (ex. AC / Shades etc) in the house with controls for each in Single page? client wants to see all AC controls and ambient temp in all rooms in one page.
  7. 3 stories. Size of ground floor and second floor is around 9,000 sqft. Walls are made of 8-10” concrete partitions.
  8. What about for multi storey houses if floors are all concrete with metal rebars?
  9. does the controllers need to be located in a central location of the house or is it ok to locate them inside a cabinet? how many signal hops can the dimmers/ switches have?
  10. what's the range of zigbee? how do you extend range when there are 10" concrete walls with metal rebars and multiple concrete slab floors?
  11. Is it possible to control Aircon with IR? How will the interface look like? Can I control temp, fan speed etc?
  12. Can this scheduler be accessed in the app or touchscreen?
  13. Is it possible to schedule motorized shades when it’s integrated to system with dry contact interface?
  14. Is it possible to create, edit and delete scenes in ipad app? what about changing time of schedule in app?
  15. is it possible for alexa to control multi-room music? Alexa turn on living room speakers Alexa play classical music in living room...
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