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  1. I think the new video game consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series) might be a reason to use (e)ARC. They are both capable of 32 - 40 Gb/s bandwidth so unless you have a brand new HDMI 2.1 receiver, these consoles must be plugged directly into the TV. However, you then need to route the audio to your AVR so your options are (e)ARC or SPDIF/TOSLINK. eARC supports lossless audio so that's obviously the best choice. (and the only choice if you want to use your PS5/Xbox as a UHD player) Anyways... this is the situation I'm currently in so I'm going to try and configure my home system using ARC.
  2. @Dueport I'm still talking to the distributor to find out more information but I'll let you know when I find out. I'm a member of the Control4 Partner Program (ie. driver developer) and it sounds like the distributor wants to work with an authorized dealer. If anybody is interested in working with me and the distributor please let me know. Regardless, when I find out how other dealers can purchase the units I will definitely post the information.
  3. OK - I've received a response from the US distributor:
  4. I've just called the Brasil office and spoke to them about this. They seemed very friendly and told me this product is shipping and available. I'm located in the United States and was told their distributor is located in Chicago and should have stock available. Once I receive further information I'll let everybody else know who is interested. @Amr I see you are located in Egypt, but perhaps the US distributor can also help you out or provide different contact information? Thanks, John
  5. I have Composer Pro and I'm using the Chowmain driver. I've just downloaded the VideoStorm driver. It looks like it has a lot more programming features...
  6. For example, the irUSB driver for the Nvidia Shield sends simple "up" and "down" for Ch+ and Ch- buttons on the remote control. Is it possible to override this in Composer? I'd like to remove it's default behavior and then use Composer to perform another action when those buttons are pressed.
  7. Does anybody know of any drivers using IP (not infrared) for the new Xbox Series X or Playstation 5 consoles? I've read that Savant has an IP driver for the Xbox so I'm sure that Control4 could do something similar. The PS5 might be different though because I don't think the PS4 supported IP controls either.
  8. Huge thank you to @david@berto.co.uk for the help today!
  9. It's a Sonoff 4CH Pro. It was running Tasmota 8.1.0 but I've upgraded to the latest 8.3.1 to see if that helped. DEVICES.json I've tried to manually [Push Devices] but the drop-down in the Berto IOT Device is still empty. If you would prefer to continue via e-mail, feel free to e-mail me at jklimek@devsrc.net. Thanks, John
  10. OK - I'll look into what is the best approach. Where is the best place to submit bug reports or other questions? 1) When I add a new/additional Custom Topic to the Berto IOT Gateway driver, the CUSTOM_MESSAGE_RECEIVED event doesn't fire. If I use [Berto IOT Gateway] -> [Start Discovery], it then begins to work correctly. I think maybe your driver doesn't automatically subscribe to these new MQTT topics until Start Discovery or another event causes it to refresh the subscriptions? 2) I've reset my Tasmota devices back to default and am using the default MQTT topic. (%pr
  11. OK - Thanks for everything. Perhaps I need to re-think how to organize my MQTT hierachy. Tasmota doesn't recommend multiple words for a topic:
  12. Thanks for the reply. What do you mean by, as long as the same prefix is used for all devices? Let's say I have two Tasmota devices: Topic = retroconsoles Full Topic = basement/%topic%/%prefix%/ Topic = patio_lights Full Topic = outdoors/%topic%/%prefix%/ I'm guessing this would not work?
  13. I was looking for a solution to override an HDMI switch. Regardless, I have another quick question ... Does the IOT Gateway support Tasmota's with multi-level topics? (MQTT hierachy such as: room/device/command) One of my Tasmota is configured with: Topic = retroconsoles Full Topic = basement/%topic%/%prefix%/ I'm able to use HTTP with your IOT Gateway driver, but is it possible to use MQTT with this hierachy? Also, is that MQTT Bridge driver still required with the IOT Gateway? It looks like both of them connect separately to the MQTT Broker. (I think your docum
  14. @david@berto.co.uk David, one more question ... Could your drivers expose something like an HDMI Switch to Home Assistant? (i.e. allow the user to select an input on an HDMI Switch via the Home Assistant interface)
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