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  1. Does this driver support press-and-hold buttons? For example, a bunch of Apple TV applications (i.e. Philo TV) require press-and-hold for certain things. Also, whats the other differences between this and the Control4 Apple TV IP driver?
  2. Does Control4 OS 3 support SNMP? From what I'm reading it has been dropped/removed?
  3. Hmmm, I can't find the source for it and the driver is encrypted. I've gone ahead and e-mailed the developer (Harper Reed). If he provides the code and I can update it then I'll also provide the updated driver free to everybody else who might be interested.
  4. @ILoveControl Thanks, I did see that driver. However, it isn't able to capture CPU or memory statistics. It's used to monitor devices connected to Control4.
  5. Does anybody know if it's possible to export the controller statistics to an external database? For example, Grafana is really popular and it would be great to use telegraf (or whatever else) to grab the system metrics, store them into an InfluxDB and then view them using Grafana...
  6. One more question... I have a four channel relay device (Sonoff 4ch Pro R2) which is connected to four devices including an arcade power supply unit. (not important) I've installed Berto's Sonoff 4ch Relay driver which provides 4x RELAY (OUTPUT). I also have a generic UI Button ("Arcade Cabinet"). I want to add programming so that when the UI Button is selected it activates the relay but this doesn't seem possible. Do I need to add a Generic Relay and connect it to the Sonoff 4ch Relay driver? ...then my programming will trigger the "Generic Relay" which will send the command to the Sonoff driver? This seems like an extra unnecessary step? Can I have my UI Button directly trigger the Sonoff relay output to turn on?
  7. @zaphod, if this were for a client I would install something cleaner. I'm a new Control4 Partner (writing drivers, etc) and learning about how everything works.
  8. @thegreatheed Sorry, my question about SIG and GND is not related at all to my initial question about the relay. I was wondering, for a different situation, how the contact sensor works. For example, can I connect an AVR +12v trigger OUTPUT to the SIG/GND ports to detect if the AVR is turned on? If so, can I connect a +5V or even a +3.3V to SIG? (sorry, does that make sense?)
  9. Sorry, but one more (unrelated) question... The contact ports are usually used to detect is a contact is closed, right? Does it just detect if SIG and GND are connected? (i.e. if I place a wire between SIG and GND then it will be considered 'closed' and no wire means 'open') If so, what is the maximum voltage I can send through it? Can this be connected to an external trigger (+12V, etc) to determine if that device/trigger is on?
  10. Thanks. Are you saying that my description (+12V from Contact into Relay COM) is the correct approach?
  11. I'd like a Control4 I/O Extender to be able to trigger an external relay. Can I make this work using the built-in relay/contact ports? More specifically, I want a trigger a relay (Digital Loggers IoT Relay) that controls a 120 VAC device and has a 3-48V control voltage input. Therefore, I just need the Control4 IOX to send 12v to trigger this external relay. One idea was to connect the +12V from one of the Contact ports into a Relay port (COM) but I don't know enough to know if it's safe, etc.
  12. Are there any NVR drivers (for any camera system) that let you browse recorded clips with Control4? For example, when you are looking at the live video feed it would be great to quickly rewind a few seconds/minutes to see what just happened. (i.e. if you hear a noise outside and the camera looks OK, you might want to rewind and see if anything recently happened)
  13. OK, so those are the settings on the camera (Dahua?) itself, right? I'm using the Blue Iris driver so I think Control4 connects to Blue Iris which provides the video stream so I don't think those camera streams would matter? I did try changing the Control4 driver settings to 1 second (and 5 seconds) but it didn't seem to affect anything... Hmm...
  14. @ecschnei: Oh, I'm sorry! For some reason I assumed you meant you would be home later than night. That's completely my fault and I absolutely apologize. Thank you so much for the help with the settings!
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