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  1. I'm still testing the device but I'm only a tester so I don't have any inside information. I was told it was supposed to be released a few months ago but I'll see what the current status is and I'll also see if I can confirm the price.
  2. It's the same with the app so I'm almost positive it's working correctly but it seems odd to have such a low framerate. I should have performed more research before purchasing but I was mostly concerned with Control4/ONVIF/RTSP support and assumed it would have a higher framerate (ie. at least 30 fps) similar to Ring, etc/
  3. I've just purchased a DoorBird D101S and I've have it temporarily connected to my network (using LAN/POE) but the framerate is pretty terrible. The stream is 1280x720@30 but it appears to be only be 5 or 10 fps max. Is this normal?
  4. That's definitely a good reason if you have an older TV then! I wonder if the annex4 driver monitors the power state of the TV. For example, I've noticed that if my TV turns off due to inactivity (ie. son plays xbox and then turns off xbox manually but doesn't use the remote) then Control4 will think the TV is still on so I need a full off/on cycle on the remote to get everything back on again.
  5. Just wondering, but are there any other advantages to using the annex4 driver except for the toast messages? (instead of using the Control4 provided driver)
  6. There will be announcement coming very soon. I'm not sure how much I can say but this is definitely something to look forward to!
  7. Hmmm, the driver is working good so far but the numbers don't work. (I've used this with the Videostorm driver for selecting channels with Live Channels or Channels DVR).
  8. I just saw this update on my Nvidia Shield too. I'm really glad to see it even though I'm a big fan of the irusb as well (and it's been working flawlessly).
  9. I think the new video game consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series) might be a reason to use (e)ARC. They are both capable of 32 - 40 Gb/s bandwidth so unless you have a brand new HDMI 2.1 receiver, these consoles must be plugged directly into the TV. However, you then need to route the audio to your AVR so your options are (e)ARC or SPDIF/TOSLINK. eARC supports lossless audio so that's obviously the best choice. (and the only choice if you want to use your PS5/Xbox as a UHD player) Anyways... this is the situation I'm currently in so I'm going to try and configure my home system using ARC.
  10. @Dueport I'm still talking to the distributor to find out more information but I'll let you know when I find out. I'm a member of the Control4 Partner Program (ie. driver developer) and it sounds like the distributor wants to work with an authorized dealer. If anybody is interested in working with me and the distributor please let me know. Regardless, when I find out how other dealers can purchase the units I will definitely post the information.
  11. OK - I've received a response from the US distributor:
  12. I've just called the Brasil office and spoke to them about this. They seemed very friendly and told me this product is shipping and available. I'm located in the United States and was told their distributor is located in Chicago and should have stock available. Once I receive further information I'll let everybody else know who is interested. @Amr I see you are located in Egypt, but perhaps the US distributor can also help you out or provide different contact information? Thanks, John
  13. I have Composer Pro and I'm using the Chowmain driver. I've just downloaded the VideoStorm driver. It looks like it has a lot more programming features...
  14. For example, the irUSB driver for the Nvidia Shield sends simple "up" and "down" for Ch+ and Ch- buttons on the remote control. Is it possible to override this in Composer? I'd like to remove it's default behavior and then use Composer to perform another action when those buttons are pressed.
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