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  1. I'm looking for a (cheap) HDMI matrix for my home system that supports HDMI 2.0 (18 Gbps) and has a lot of inputs and a few outputs. Something around 8 inputs and 3-4 outputs would be perfect but the standard size seems to be 8x8 for matrices. The "big name" HDMI matrices are extremely expensive starting at around $1000 for a Gefen 4X4 HDMI matrix. However, there are cheap generic switches on eBay/Aliexpress/Alibaba for as low as $499 for a Foxun/generic 8x8 HDMI 2.0 (18 Gbps) matrix. Does anybody have any experience with any of them?
  2. Thanks for the replies ... That's very interesting about using an HDMI splitter. So you guys just connect the AVR output to the splitter input, and then one splitter output to the TV? (and the other splitter output is not connected) HDMI/HDCP is so terrible 😕
  3. I've posted this question over the AVS Forum and they seem to agree it's a common issue but I thought I'd post here as well to get your opinion and any possible solutions. Basically, both my Denon AVR-X4300H and Marantz NR-1608 have a problem where it will not display a signal after being turned on. You can turn them off and on again but it doesn't help. The only solution is to switch the AVR input to something different and then back again to the original input. That seems to always solve the problem. I'd say the problem was specific to HDMI cabling and/or specific sources/sinks but it happens in different locations with completely different equipment. Some folks at AVS Forum agree that they have had this problem too. Has anybody here seen this? Would it be possible to program Control4 that when the AVR is turned on that it saves the current input to a variable, switches the input to something different (i.e. AUX2 or whatever) and then back to the original input?
  4. Is it possible to setup a room with an AVR to switch audio between the TV speakers and AVR speakers? For example, sometimes I just want quiet audio from the TV but other times it's nice to have the full AVR speakers playing. I've searched the forums and I've seen a few threads about this but it doesn't look like anybody has a clear solution. My specific AVR (Marantz NR-1608) has a setting called "HDMI Audio Out" which can either decode the HDMI audio and send it to the TV, or play through the speakers. However, this requires Control4 being able to toggle this setting and then assign the Vol+ and Vol- buttons to either the TV or AVR depending on the setting. Anybody else have any ideas?
  5. Sorry to bring up this topic again, but are there any Blue Iris drivers that let you view recordings? (yes, there are better interfaces for this, but it’s a nice feature to have on the C4 interfaces as well) Also, Gary seemed to hint at a possible update to the Blue Iris driver ...?
  6. Are you talking about the menus such as Comfort, Lights, Watch, etc? Can they be placed anywhere else?
  7. Are you talking about the 'UIButton' drivers? These appear under 'Watch' or 'Listen' ?
  8. Thanks for the link. I’m a Control4 development partner (not a regular dealer) so hopefully BlackWireDesigns allows me to register on their site. Thanks again everybody
  9. Great, thanks again for the information. I just sent payment to andy for 2x Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE and 1x IPC-HDW4231F-ASE. @msgreenf can I get a copy of the Dahua driver to see if it works better than the Blue Iris driver?
  10. Andy from ipcamtalk? Yeah I’ve been talking with him too. He gave me few recommendations and I’m pretty sure I’m going to go that route.
  11. What’s the currently go-to/recommended home security system that integrates with Control4? I’m not even completely sure what I’m looking for, but I’m planning to use Blue Iris with OVNIF/RTSP cameras but I’d like to sensors for the windows, etc.
  12. Has anybody used Dahua cameras? They are highly recommended over at ipcamtalk.com and apparently Dahua manufactures cameras for a lot of the big names as well (i.e. Lorex by FLIR, etc). Also, is the Blue Iris driver free? The Control4 database shows Blue Iris drivers but haven’t been updated since 2016.
  13. I'm a new developer with the Control4 partner program (driver creation) and I've completed the tutorials and have created a nice HTPC (Steam/EventGhost) driver, but I'm still not completely sure what's available on the Control4 platform. For example, how does a user with an SR-260 remote switch between different modes on an AVR or something requiring custom buttons? I've seen the "Custom Buttons" agent in Control4 but you can only have a handful of them and they are room-wide and not device specific. It would be great if you could select a device and then available options at the top of the navigator (SR-260). The three "dot" buttons require memorization of the associated commands. I'm thinking about an interface where the options are the top of the screen and you could arrow up/down through them, etc. I think this requires a new type of proxy driver? Can anybody give me any advice or information or if this is even possible?
  14. Thank you so much for the help everybody. I really learned a lot.
  15. The application is that I’m trying to control power to a PC. (there are other ways of controlling a PC, but I’m interested in completely removing power, etc) Would something like this work? http://www.powerswitchtail.com/new-powerswitch-tail-3 It’s described as a DC-actuated power cord with built-in 5vdc power supply. I’m wondering if I can connect the +5v from the power cord to the Control4 relay, and then back into the power cord control signal. When Control4 activates the relay, the +5v will turn on the power cord. Does that make sense? Thanks again for all of your help!
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