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  1. Hi - I'm looking for a remote programmer to add an August locks driver for Control4. Hopefully simple exercise but I've only used our high priced in person dealer so far so looking to explore remote options. Thanks!
  2. Is this just due to not enough demand to justify your time?
  3. Thanks, I'll look into it. Does this replace my NVR or work with it? And it integrates with C4?
  4. Hello - I recently had Control4 (EA3) setup at my house. We also had the company install an NVR and IP cameras for the house. I purchased them from LaView (https://www.laviewsecurity.com/hd-ip-security-ip-camera-lv-ptm2240-s.html). They are fully functioning but my dealer is not able to get them to work. They tried the Hikvision driver as that is who makes the cameras, but it would not work. They suggested returning the system and installing one from them which I don't want to do due to restocking fees, labor cost to remove and replace and higher price for similar equipment. I'd like to e
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