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  1. I would hope that prior to you purchasing your Control4 system, it was explained to you that Composer software is not available to end-users. It is a "closed" system and only serviceable by certified programmers. It is a violation of a Dealer's agreement with Control4 to provide that to consumers or the public in general. While it's common for people to think its all about "$$$", I can tell you it's not. It's about trying to maintain quality and control of their product and its implementation. In other words, it's to prevent an untrained, self-proclaimed "programmer-gurus" from screwing up peoples systems and then blaming Control4 as a company. That is why all the other major control companies (ie...Crestron, Savant, Elan, etc.) do the exact same thing. Secondly, depending on the "service agreement" you have with your specific dealer, if you have one. Most dealer's/programmers, do not have an obligation to update every system to the "current" OS at no charge. While it may not take a lot of time to update most systems, it is still billable labor. A company could spend 100's of man hours, depending on the number of installs they have done, rolling a truck to each system. And please, I know we can remotely access and start updates. But those of us that have done this long enough, know what can happen when you do that and it;s NOT a "best practice". The other thing to keep in mind is, you may have a device or driver that is not compatible with the next level of OS. Lastly, Control4 with the last few versions of it's OS, have brought the consumer a lot of consumer level customizable options. Scene creation, event- based triggers, even some basic programming control. It is far better that the "old day's" and they continue to grow that area. I started in 2006, version 1.2.5 so I know what I am talking about. They'll get you going, like CY said "its not a major update"...it's not hard, just may be new to them. -- Jay "JustJay"
  2. Yeah, that didn't work either. RMA replacement was required. So did any of you guys notice that ZigBee response was "sluggish" prior to failure?
  3. Looking for help from anyone that has run into this EA-5 error light! System locked up last night, I have a red triangle with an exclamation point on the the front panel. I power cycled with no change, did a factory reset and now instead of a solid light, it is flashing. I have never seen this before and there is nothing found in the knowledge base. I am dead in the water at this point, any help would be appreciated. - Jay
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