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  1. Just looking for a working one. Connect is fine. Hit me up. Thanks!
  2. No it’s not. It will support atmos only.
  3. No, no it's not. I get full uncompressed 4k HDR video and HD sound through my system. NAS--Nvidia Shield--Plex
  4. Matt: The issue with roku/plex is the lack of HD-format in the audio (no atmos, trueHD, DTS-MA, DTS-X) and the fact that it has a brutal time with HDCP 2.2 handoffs and switching on the network when playing 4k HDR content.
  5. You guys are forgetting there is a 2017 Nvidia Shield Pro, with a rock solid reliable IR on it..... Drivers that were previously posted are spot on.
  6. And the worst, most unreliable hardware, codecs, and processing. All due respect (and I have a lot of it for you, as you know) the Shield is a MUCH better device.
  7. @wappinghigh the Shield is the best 4k HDR server there is. Stable HDCP 2.2 (I know that's important to you, haha) full 4k (not faux K) and HD audio (only streamer with full codecs for Dolby and DTS). The Pro version has IR built in, and works flawlessly over IR, but is 300 bucks. For $200 out the door, you get IP control with just the regular 2017 shield and the IRUSB. Strangely enough the video processing for streaming actually even LOOKS better than the roku. My second room is getting one of these..and roku's are going out. Too sketchy. @Matt Lowe will be the integrator with this unit.
  8. And I don't have to hack the android file system, correct? This is plug and play?
  9. So I connect the C4's IR flasher to the IRUSB. The Pro would not work then.
  10. Just bought an IR USB. Might want to update options with shipping to NOT cost 13+ bucks....I know UPS can be expensive. So correct me if I'm wrong, I'll put this one into a Shield's (non-pro version) USB, then hook up an IR blaster to the IR USB? Also, will your driver work with the "pro" version of the Shield (built in IR) without the IRUSB?
  11. @sonic30101 there it is, right there. Nvidia Shield is INCREDIBLY SOLID hardware. I have zero issues with my shield either. Directv genie and roku are a bag of hurt. I'm going to try AppleTV 4k....
  12. Monoprice Slimrun 4k 60hz. And re: the Denon, I've run the marantz (yes, same guts) and replaced a NAD. What AVR would you recommend?
  13. @rea Sorry I didn't see this. The shield is the best possible device that you can use for plex, lossless, full 4k @ 60hz, etc. FANTASTIC. You don't need the full plex driver...and use the IR on the nvidia shield pro.
  14. @sonic30101 I have a 100' HDMI fiber cable between the Denon 4300 and the Sony 940E Television. Can't get much more "proper" than those two. The interconnects between the sources and the denon receiver are Extron certified 1m cables that pass 4k @60hz. I can assure you that the HDCP/HDMI issues have NOTHING to do with what's "proper" and what's not.
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