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  1. I don’t have a Sonos but have 7 different Alexa devices in 7 different rooms, along with another handful of rooms without an Alexa device. I have been trying to find someone who could set this up for me so when someone tells Alexa, “Play **********” it will play through the speakers in the ceiling instead of the crappy Echo speakers..I asked my dealer about setting this up for me years ago, he had no clue how to do it,was fired a year ago, the guy who took his place said he could do it,, but here it is another year later and nothing is done. If someone can set this up for me, I will pay you handsomely
  2. I have a C4 matrix and amp, I just need someone to do the programming. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  3. I can do the same, regarding lights, HVAC, pool control, scenes, shades, locks, etc, but I want my daughters to be able to say Alexa, play so and so in any room they want instead of having to listen to everything from the Echo Show in the kitchen. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. I've seen multiple posts regarding setting up C4 and Alexa so someone can say, "Alexa, play _______ in the kitchen, BR, LR, etc" and it seems like the only way this can be setup is to install a dedicated Echo Dot in the rack with the C4 equipment. Is this correct? If anyone is familiar with setting this up, can I pay someone to do this? I already have a spare Echo Dot. I'm not sure if the Epic Alexa driver is necessary too, but it seems like it may have some other features that I might want too. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  5. I also have a Ubiquiti network. I only have 5 APs along with a bunch of switches/USG/etc, and OS3 has been working pretty fast since the day after OS3 was released. I have noticed that if I set detailed wallpapers for each room, the UI slows down significantly. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  6. Haven’t heard of this specific case, but I am aware of a new OS3 release rolling out this Tuesday to fix all the bugs that have been noticed in OS3. Maybe this will be fixed then.
  7. I have an EA-5 and EA-1 and haven’t really noticed it being faster or slower, but I was only able to play with it for a day before leaving town. From what I understand, an OS3 update will be rolling out on Tuesday.
  8. I’m running the latest software on my C4 Director so is there a way I can enable Spotify Connect to my system or does my dealer need to enable it?
  9. Whenever I’m outside in my outdoor kitchen or by my pool, and I’m trying to listen to Tidal, Pandora, or any other streaming application, I have to turn the volume up to 100 to hear anything, and even then I can barely hear it. If I switch to DIRECTV, it blares loud and the volume needs to be adjusted back down to normal levels. It’s like this not only in my outdoor kitchen zone and my pool zone but in every zone in my house. If I’m not mistaken, I think all the streaming music apps come from my EA-5. I also have an EA-1, but I’m not sure if the music streaming comes from it. It’s possible both are being used since I have 2 instances of Pandora that show up on my navigator, but the volume is like this on both. I checked the volume levels for each output from my Control4 amplifier that feeds all my zones, and the volume of every zone is set for 75%. My dealer is supposed to be coming out later this week to hang a new TV and said they could take a look at it then, but I’d like to fix it sooner if someone has any ideas what could be wrong and could tell me what might need to be adjusted. Since all my zones are set to the same volume level, I’m wondering if there’s a way to adjust the source volume or if it’s something else. Everything has been working fine ever since everything was installed, but this just started happening recently.
  10. I haven't looked into the details of this buyout, but if SnapAV is a public company, the difference between the price of the takeover and the price where it's currently trading is risk of the uncertainty of the takeover not happening. The larger the variance, the larger the risk of not going through. If it's trading at the takeover price, then more than likely, it's a sure thing. I myself don't care for the SnapAV products, but my dealer likes them. I prefer Ubiquiti networking equipment, but I wouldn't buy shares of either. Sent from my SM-G9750 using Tapatalk
  11. Makes sense. That's why Motorola was acquired. Sent from my SM-G9750 using Tapatalk
  12. After acquiring Neeo, Neeo discontinuing their sales directly to the consumer, and only selling to C4 dealers makes me think this will change the user interface completely. Neeo currently works with 60,000 products, and they’ve been working with C4 to design a new interface long before the acquisition was announced. I’ve never used Neeo’s remote, but the way it works with so many different types of hardware while working with all the individual applications within the hardware (mostly streaming devices, kaleidescape, apps within TVs, etc), I wouldn’t be surprised to see a completely redesigned UI along with a replacement for Composer HE. Just like Neeo has announced that they will continue to support their existing clients for 24 months and just rolled out the last firmware update ever, I would think Control4 would do something similar by allowing a gradual transition. This is normally the best solution, which is why Microsoft decided to continue supporting Windows 7 after Windows 10 was released. As already mentioned several times, this is all speculation, except for the acquisition and the partnership prior to the acquisition. It wouldn’t make sense for C4 to acquire someone and not utilize their technology, especially after having worked together before this acquisition took place. They’ve already demonstrated they can do this well after acquiring Pakedge and Triad.
  13. The only left to do is allow someone to watch 4K HDR video from the Apple TV 4K through a matrix with a lossless atmos soundtrack, but I'm not holding my breath.
  14. I’ve never owned an iPhone, only Android, but shortly after having my C4 system installed, I went and bought an iPad specifically to use the Airplay to play to my Shairbridge. Unfortunately, Android doesn’t work with Shairbridge like Apple products do. I have a few Alexa devices in my house, and I would love to have it setup the way you did this. You purchased an Echo dot and connected it to the C4 Amplifier, like mentioned earlier in this thread? I have my Alexa connected to my C4 system to control some devices, but it’s not setup to play audio through my speakers. If it takes an Echo dot to do this, I’m going to buy one to put in my rack.
  15. Is your HDR mode still working after updating to iOS12? HDR was working on all video being passed through my matrix before the iOS 12 update, and I've tried enabling it on every TV/projector in my house, which all suport 4K60 HDR. I find it odd that I could pass an HDR signal through my matrix to all my displays, but after upgrading to iOS12, which supports Atmos (which I do get), I can't pass an HDR signal anymore. I think I might need to buy a 4K Apple TV for every display locally. I get an HDR signal to every display when using my OPPO, but no dice with Apple TV. I don't get a DV signal when playing DV content through my matrix from my OPPO, but at least it comes through as HDR.
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