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  1. I can't seem to find this anywhere in the forum can someone please share the drivers? And I'm assuming there's a module for the crestron end as well.
  2. sorry didn't read this i see what your doing now yes this is defiantly the easiest way.
  3. the driver was set to discreet codes instead of toggle so i re did it if anyone wants it also not sure what you guys are talking about above but if you want it to go to the home page on a certain device just do it programming with conditionals, when video changes if "source" is selected than launch the mini app command for the corresponding output, or have it send the roku home button when roku is selected no need to trick hdmi inputs. little cleaner imho, anyways heres the driver with toggle instead of discreets, so the system will remeber the state of the TV and as long as you dont manually turn the tv on and off the toggle should work just fine without any extra button presses. tv_TCL toggle_ROKU TV IR2.c4i
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