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  1. How much is the Annex driver for Vizio TVs? Apologies if this question is taboo, I honestly don’t know
  2. I just need an SR250/260 rechargeable battery cover. Happy to purchase the battery with it if preferred Similarly, sent a PM with no response
  3. We are finishing a renovation and I need to make a decision on how to set up my patio audio. I will have a TV mounted on a brick wall (wired with cat and 2-strand speaker wire) and 4 Klipsch ceiling speakers (2 front and 2 back). Everything is wired back to a cabinet where I’ll have either a Sony STR-DN1060 or Denon x2500 powering everything. The video feed into the receiver is from a C4 LU matrix. My question is what budget conscious center channel/sound bar would you recommend? My challenge in making this decision is that I want to maintain the ability to listen to the TV with the ceiling speakers turned off. We have a bedroom above the patio and I don’t want sound to travel up through the floor when watching at night. Am I better off going with a powered sound bar? Or can C4 somehow tell a receiver to turn certain speakers on/off such that I can use a passive center channel and include ceilings when desired? If passive is an option, what would you recommend given the Klipsch center channels (if matching my ceilings) might not look very good mounted under the TV (too thick?). Sound bars are slimmer and would look better, but obviously don’t incorporate the ceilings. I think I’m leaning toward a Klipsch active sound bar and abandon the speaker wire. I think I would have 2 watch options in C4 for the TV, one with the receiver off and just passing through the audio to the TV, which would power the sound bar and the other where the receiver is on, powering the ceilings, and the sound bar isn’t used. I’m not interested in having a subwoofer, but all the sound bars seem to come with them. Does this make any sense? Any thoughts?
  4. Somewhat off topic, but is there a way to have turning my security alarm system on/off set my nest tstats to away/home, respectively?
  5. Same problem and turning on compatibility mode worked for us too! Not intuitive, but successful. Thanks @chopedogg88
  6. Anyone know if a charger that supports 1,000mA, instead of 500mA, will be a problem? I’m trying to find a dual port USB charger that will also support a zigbee extender (to free up an outlet), but can’t find one with low enough amperage.
  7. Good to know ... seems so obvious now that you mention it. Thanks Mitch, hope all is well
  8. I need a U.S. 2-prong plug adapter for a charging base to an SR-260. Apparently there are (at least) 2 different sizes. Anyone have the adapter for the smaller one, which I am obviously missing? Thank you
  9. Any differences in quality/functionality? Or is it just a different manufacturer?
  10. What's the difference between this and the C4-WALL7?
  11. Any interest at $3,000? Or some other amount?
  12. Thank you @jesseasmith and @Crustyloafer. I was hoping there was a more cost effective solution. At that price point it seems as though it makes more sense to pursue the downmixing version instead. Thanks again for your recommendation
  13. The 2.0 location is zone 2 on the receiver that is also receiving 5.1. This receiver doesn’t downmix zone 2, hence the need
  14. DTV Genie Mini (C61K-700) I’m trying to avoid reducing audio output quality b/c I want Dolby out of the HDMI connection. Trying to send the audio to separate 5.1 and 2.0 locations
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