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  1. Anyone know if a charger that supports 1,000mA, instead of 500mA, will be a problem? I’m trying to find a dual port USB charger that will also support a zigbee extender (to free up an outlet), but can’t find one with low enough amperage.
  2. Good to know ... seems so obvious now that you mention it. Thanks Mitch, hope all is well
  3. I need a U.S. 2-prong plug adapter for a charging base to an SR-260. Apparently there are (at least) 2 different sizes. Anyone have the adapter for the smaller one, which I am obviously missing? Thank you
  4. Any differences in quality/functionality? Or is it just a different manufacturer?
  5. What's the difference between this and the C4-WALL7?
  6. Any interest at $3,000? Or some other amount?
  7. Thank you @jesseasmith and @Crustyloafer. I was hoping there was a more cost effective solution. At that price point it seems as though it makes more sense to pursue the downmixing version instead. Thanks again for your recommendation
  8. The 2.0 location is zone 2 on the receiver that is also receiving 5.1. This receiver doesn’t downmix zone 2, hence the need
  9. DTV Genie Mini (C61K-700) I’m trying to avoid reducing audio output quality b/c I want Dolby out of the HDMI connection. Trying to send the audio to separate 5.1 and 2.0 locations
  10. What’s the best way to convert a Dolby digital audio stream to the “stereo PCM” connection required by a Leaf matrix that accepts S/PDIF inputs and not RCA inputs? All of the DACs I see convert to RCA. Can I use a 2:1 splitter to take it to the matrix or is a different conversion required? Not sure if “stereo PCM” is digital 2.0 or analog. I have this Gefen DAC, but not sure if I can make it work. Sorry for what I think is a pretty dumb question https://www.gefen.com/product/gefen-tv-digital-analog-decoder-GTV-DD-2-AA
  11. Bought this before I realized how much better off I would be with the D version. Device is obviously pre-owned, but in great working condition. Can provide rack ears if interested, but does not include baluns. Not sure what it's worth, maybe $3,500? Interested in buying (or trading for) LU862D if you happen to have one. Please DM me Thanks
  12. No one out there looking to sell 4K matrix? What about without downmixing?
  13. Understood on the lowest common denominator, although in this case (no D), I think it would potentially mean there’s no sound unless I downgrade the sound output from the C61K (Genie mini), or as you suggest, add an external down mixer. Samsung support told me over web chat today that my TV can downmix a 5.1 signal to 2.0 and play it out of the TV’s speakers, but I’m still a bit skeptical. When I tried to check with my existing mini setup (mini direct to TV via hdmi) I saw the TV could support “Dolby Audio”, but it’s not real clear to me what that is. Thanks for the response @Matt Lowe
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