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  1. did you ever get this working? :) I want to do the same
  2. Thanks I was not planning on installing an alarm system but looking for various cost effective sensors that could be used in programming logic. So low price wired sensors that work with the I/O on controller/extender
  3. Sorry to tap into this thread but I’m also looking for cost effective PIR sensors but wired, I’m based in the U.K. and doing a house refurb so hard wired is an option. Does anyone have any recommendations for small in ceiling PIR motion sensors ?
  4. Sorry to raise this thread up again! If nobody has integrated these is there anyone that would offer a service to write a suitable driver? There is an app and a Mediola hub that control these and I have details of the API calls. http://shop.mediola.com/software-plugins/gateways-zentralen-hubs/30/neo-plugin-internorm-i-tec They are also integrated in loxone https://www.loxone.com/enen/kb/internorm/
  5. Nobody with any experience integrating these? 😊
  6. Good morning Has anyone successfully integrated Internorm windows with integrated blinds with Control4? Do they integrate reliably etc? https://www.at-eco.co.uk/products/upvc-aluminium/window-kv350.html
  7. Hi Not sure if anyone can help but I have a 7" T3 portable screen which will not respond to touch in any way! It loads navigator fine and responds to reboot commands from composer, brightness changes etc but if I tap anywhere on the screen nothing responds. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Slightly different note but on topic (I think) is it safe to assume this intercom anywhere app will not work with a DS1 or maybe intercom anywhere will work with any intercom endpoint/screen?
  9. Great, thank you. Yes I have all camera screens and a doorstation but didn’t fancy the prospect of replacing 10 screens just to get Spotify!
  10. Does anyone know the answer to this? Is it worth going to 2.10 just for Spotify? Would my V2 camera screens and DS1 still function exactly as they do in 2.9?
  11. Could anyone tell me if a DS2 would be compatible with this back box? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/2N-Helios-Vario-flush-box-1-module-/122974115921 Thanks!
  12. Hello I have a bunch of V2 camera screens and a DS1 with a HC800 as director all running 2.9. I really fancy the Spotify functionality of 2.10 (i'm hoping it works like AirPlay does). I have previously read on a post that the intercom will not work with V2 screens if you upgrade to 2.10. Is this true? My understanding was if I upgraded to 2.10 that the V2 screens would remain on a special version of 2.9 (including the DS1) and not have access to the new features but I was assuming the everything else would continue to work especially my ability to video intercom between rooms and my DS1 etc. Thank you
  13. Reading through various posts there seems to be a bias towards using Sonos for multi-room audio controlled by C4 with an unofficial driver but a load of complains regarding functionality being lost with the 'official' API. With this in mind are people still using Sonos? For my project I could cope running Sonos for my multi-room audio and think the app is really good as a standalone product but my reason for looking at C4 is to avoid multiple apps and remotes. Thanks
  14. Thank you everyone for you comments. Makes sense to start off with the right controller I guess!
  15. Thanks! So if I'm only controling my main room can I still put touch screens in multiple rooms to control Sonos multi zone? Sounds like a good idea if that can get me started then upgrade to an EA3 when I'm ready to invest further.
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