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  1. Working!! The indent trick has just saved me going insane and given me lots of fun things to do while in lockdown 😊 Thank you kindly
  2. I'm obviously doing something idiotic as if I use the the above it just just power cycles the amp when the room is turned on or off 😎 When the variable Kitchen->POWER_STATE changes If Room Kitchen Room Power is ON Set 5 ON on Rack>PDU If Room Kitchen Room Power is OFF Set 5 OFF on Rack>PDU I disabled everything else
  3. Thank you thats exactly what I was looking for! Will give that a go thank you
  4. I've got it "working" using the following logic: When the audio selection changes > set outlet 1 to on When the room turns off > delay 10 seconds > set outlet 1 to off If I don't add a delay the amp turns off and directly back on again when the room is powered off. Not sure if there is a better way of doing this but it appears to work.
  5. They are Crown DSI 1000 amplifiers so no auto sense or any trigger control. Also on the matrix I can't see a suitable event to use to switch the amplifier on for example I can use on the outputs. For example if I use "When any audio setting changes on Audio Output 1" > Turn on outlet 1 on PDU and "When the room turns off" > Turn off outlet 1 on PDU. The AMP will power on perfectly but on room power off powers the amplifier off then back on again assuming because this also qualifies as a "...any audio setting changes...". What I want is for the amp to turn on whenever there is a call for audio in the room/zone and turn off when the room is powered off. Getting slightly more funky would be to power off the amplifier if the audio is paused for 10min etc.... So I guess the question is what do people generally use as a Room Event to power on an amplifier? Thanks
  6. Hello I have an audio matrix feeding a number of stand alone non-intelligent amplifiers that are powered by a Pakedge PDU. What sort of triggers do you use as best practice to power the amplifier on for a room when there is audio playing and off when it’s not? Thanks
  7. Thank you. In my case even with the app open the doorstation won’t call my phone. All other screens work fine both me calling them and then calling me. Also I can call the doorstation when in monitor mode and two way audio/video is fine! Just when someone presses the door bell everything rings apart from my phone :-)
  8. I’ve got a system running 2.10.6 with an EA5 as the main controller, a heap of T2 video touchscreens and a DS1. Intercom anywhere is working perfectly between the screens and my phone and I can happily “dial” and connect to the door station and get audio and video. The only thing that does not work is a call initiated from the doorstation rings all the screens but not my mobile device. Is anyone aware of a workaround to this other than buy a DS2 🙂
  9. £1000 inc postage anyone before it goes on eBay or I keep as a spare :-)
  10. Still for sale, offers around £1200 including postage before it goes on eBay?
  11. Replied and also replied to eggzlot.
  12. EA5 fully working order. Rack ears a little tatty and a couple of marks on the front but good condition other that that! Payment via PayPal only so we are all protected. Happy to list via eBay also if preferred but cost of eBay fees to be added to the agreed price! Please PM for photos/details Based in the U.K. and open to offers 🙂 Thanks Matt
  13. did you ever get this working? :) I want to do the same
  14. Thanks I was not planning on installing an alarm system but looking for various cost effective sensors that could be used in programming logic. So low price wired sensors that work with the I/O on controller/extender
  15. Sorry to tap into this thread but I’m also looking for cost effective PIR sensors but wired, I’m based in the U.K. and doing a house refurb so hard wired is an option. Does anyone have any recommendations for small in ceiling PIR motion sensors ?
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