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  1. I did have it working with Homebridge but they changed the API and it now requires a captcha.... basically making it unusable. I was trying to develop a driver for the gateway but gave up after this. However you can add the skill to Alexa and control it that way. If you have voice control already the user doesn't know it's not coming from control4.
  2. you need to create a connection from the soundbar (you need a driver for it) input connected to the optical output from the tv. then you can set the soundbar as the audio endpoint in that room
  3. I am trying to make a serial driver for a Shenzen 8x8 HDMI matrix. However it is necessary to switch audio and video at the same time with 2 separate strings. For example to switch input5 to output1 is "v:0/1/ch5;" and change audio out to SPDIF is "a:1/5/mode1;". The problem is I can't figure out how to put these together in the same string. I have tried a space between, using "\r" or " 10" between the separate commands but nothing works. Does anyone know the format?
  4. No it won't. The displays are older Fujitsu panels and there is no HDCP on the DVI-D input and it doesn't handle the EDID very well. I could put an HDMI Doctor in-line to force the EDID but I would rather not have to. All other HDMI sources in the matrix had to be locked down to 720P for the picture to resolve properly. There must be a way to limit the output to 720P on the EA-3? Unfortunately the HDMI matrix doesn't have EDID control settable for the inputs/zone outputs either.
  5. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if its possible to force an EA-3 to output only 720P instead of 1080P? On-screen is in a zone with a 720P only monitor. The HC-800 let you pick resolution.
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