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  1. you need to create a connection from the soundbar (you need a driver for it) input connected to the optical output from the tv. then you can set the soundbar as the audio endpoint in that room
  2. I am trying to make a serial driver for a Shenzen 8x8 HDMI matrix. However it is necessary to switch audio and video at the same time with 2 separate strings. For example to switch input5 to output1 is "v:0/1/ch5;" and change audio out to SPDIF is "a:1/5/mode1;". The problem is I can't figure out how to put these together in the same string. I have tried a space between, using "\r" or " 10" between the separate commands but nothing works. Does anyone know the format?
  3. No it won't. The displays are older Fujitsu panels and there is no HDCP on the DVI-D input and it doesn't handle the EDID very well. I could put an HDMI Doctor in-line to force the EDID but I would rather not have to. All other HDMI sources in the matrix had to be locked down to 720P for the picture to resolve properly. There must be a way to limit the output to 720P on the EA-3? Unfortunately the HDMI matrix doesn't have EDID control settable for the inputs/zone outputs either.
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if its possible to force an EA-3 to output only 720P instead of 1080P? On-screen is in a zone with a 720P only monitor. The HC-800 let you pick resolution.
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