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  1. Mujtaba's helped me several times and each time he's very quick to respond, no matter the time of day. He was able to take care of some big long-standing issues and upgrades that made a huge difference in our system. Wish I found him sooner! Thanks a ton Mujtaba! Mujtaba, you'll be hearing from me soon - I found a few more things to add. 😃
  2. Awesome, thanks!
  3. If I had ShairBridge, would I be able to airplay Pandora Premium (or anything else that I can airplay) from my iPhone to my C4 system?
  4. Oh ok, I see, thank you! That clears it up - I kept reading everywhere that Pandora was fully integrated into C4 but they meant standard Pandora. Boo 😃
  5. Hi, I have a Pandora Premium account. Can I play a playlist or specific song from Pandora on C4? I'm using 2.10.6 and all I see in Pandora are stations. Can I do it in the Pandora app similar to Spotify Connect? Thanks!
  6. What is the new Alexa feature set/funcionality or where can I find the info online? I looked at the linked doc and that looked like just a set-up guide. I also checked my user account but don't see an explanation there either. Auto-adding the voice scenes driver is super cool but I already had that done a while back. 😊 Interested to know if there's more to it. Thanks!
  7. I had the exact same issue and after a while, my new scenes just appeared. It then occurred to me I had to refresh (F5 or File->Refresh). With that, new voice scenes will appear immediately.
  8. Yes, I have the skill added and have been using Alexa for about a month now for our lighting scenes; but I'm definitely ready to start messing with having her do a lot more. Thanks, just PM'd you!
  9. Hello, what is the cost of the voice scenes driver for Alexa + installation? Thanks!
  10. And btw, for others who may have the same question, with my purchase of Composer HE, an additional year of 4Sight was added to my year that I had just purchased previously. So now I have 2 years of 4Sight paid for.
  11. Thanks everyone, got it taken care of.
  12. Hi, I just moved into a home with an existing control4 system. Loving it so far! I already bought a year of 4Sight for our echo dots. I'd like to buy Composer HE now and hear that it comes with a year of 4Sight. Would that be an extra year after the one I just bought (so I'd have two years of 4Sight paid for)? Is there a remote dealer on here that I can purchase it from?
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