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  1. Yep, all good on 13.4 too - thanks for updating everyone @Zuhair!
  2. So we can technically do it in the driver there's just not really a nice way of being able to use it in the pre-built interface which we don't have control of...
  3. Unfortunately, we think this has to be done via custom programming and can't be done automatically in the driver
  4. So we spoke to C4 - they have no plans on enabling Auto Update on third party drivers at present. By skipping forward/back are you meaning to say jump forwards 15 seconds?
  5. No problem - yes the original system was designed to ensure no need for an online connection. The new one is a hybrid, so covers scenarios with no connection and with a connection.
  6. Yes, this will apply to all previous transactions. We had a lot of "honest mistakes" but one character difference does sound genuine - if you drop a support ticket and reference this message, we can arrange to get that one refunded for you.
  7. Hi there - unfortunately we had to impose this policy as inspire of giving dealers free copies for their own homes and showrooms, we were finding a lot of abuse and unfortunately you've been caught up in the consequences of this. We are aware this is not ideal and we are currently developing a new licensing system that will enable you to manage your own license keys and move them around between systems so that we can ensure this is all fair. This will hopefully be launched in the next month or so.
  8. The latest version was released mid December. We are looking at building automatic updates it into the next release.
  9. That sounds like it's a wake up issue rather than a control issue. We generally recommend setting the ATV to not go to sleep. If you open the IOS app you'll see an identical behaviour - sometimes it doesn't wake up in spite of multiple button presses. We're hoping Apple will change this, so that any button press wakes the ATV. We're trying to see if we can get a specific wake up command, for times when this happens!
  10. We'll look into it. It's not in the MRP documentation we've got a present but if they put it into IOS then it may be possible!
  11. Yes, we want it (we have for our Roku drivers) but Apple didn't have this has an official part of their protocol. Once they add it, we'll look to bring it in.
  12. What version of the driver are you using on there? There was a situation we discovered where the ATV jumped outside of the normal control range, so the driver would loose control. We issued a fix where the ATV now tells us if has done this so we can get back control - it's a free update you can just download from the site. Any problems, just drop us a ticket at www.intrinsicdev.co.uk/support and we'll be able to help.
  13. Could programming the Home button command to fire on room off work?
  14. As far as I'm aware, none of the other drivers are compatible with tvOS13 - but you could sort this with our driver if you asked your dealer to install it.
  15. No problem - if they need any help or have any queries just get them to submit a ticket at www.intrinsicdev.co.uk/support
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