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  1. A few people have asked about our setup video for this driver, so here's the link to make things easier: Apple TV | Control 4 Integration Tutorial | Intrinsic Dev
  2. Yes, we have it in writing from C4, so we've not implemented it at present (pending them providing and official solution for this).
  3. Auto-update is currently a feature reserved for C4's own drivers. Some third parties implement it but C4 are not keen on this. We've been told an official auto-update tool is being discussed.
  4. The old version still works, but it operates in a different way. The old driver maintained a constant connection to the ATV. This is fine apart from when the connection drops momentarily... if the time period is very short, this is too fast for C4 to detect the network drop and therefore it can't tell the driver there's a need to send a reconnection routine - end result, control is lost till a reboot. The new version connects very quickly (less than 100ms) every time you use it, so the above situation never happens. This is the same way that Apple also do it for their iPhone app.
  5. Your installer should be able to provide the version number from the full edition of Composer. We haven’t sent any end user update newsletters for this yet. That is something due to start from June.
  6. This version handles connections in a different way. It resolves an issue where C4 could fail to notify the driver of a disconnect.
  7. Drop us a ticket on the site and we'll get one of our techs to debug what's going on
  8. What version of the driver are you running on? If you're on the latest version this creates a new connection each time, so the driver can't loose control, unless your IP address changes. Drop us a support ticket and we can take a look.
  9. It currently doesn't support press and hold, though this may be added in a future update. This ATV Driver supports right up to the latest tvOS version.
  10. Sorry for the delay - we didn't see the notification. Always best to drop a support ticket on the site. The currently build is 200518, give that a shot and it should sort things.
  11. Each App developer can chose which commands will do what in their tvOS apps. So it would appear that left and right control ff and rw, and play and pause work as normal for Disney+
  12. There's no way in C4 to use it at the minute - we'd love for them to create an interface that merges this so we can display full metadata - as you can see we've got it, just don't have a way of using it!
  13. No problem - when we get to that point we'll put out a message for beta testers.
  14. If you submit a support ticket at www.intrinsicdev.com/support, one of our technician's will be able to help you on this. It should be quick and straight forward, so they will probably want to Team Viewer in to see your setup.
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