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  1. There's no changes in control between tvOS13 and tvOS14 so you should be fine.
  2. If you can find a way of giving us more hours in the day, we'd be happy too!
  3. Yes, it's scheduled to be completed q4 (subject to manufacturer commissions). Any feature requests or suggestions always welcome!
  4. If you're an installer, we offer free showroom license for all of our drivers.
  5. It looks like you have a non driver related problem - An Apple TV update can't stop the driver showing up as a source - that can only be done in your programming in Composer. We would recommend that you get your installer to look at this. The driver is full compatible with 13.4.8 - it's using Apple's Media Remote Protocol which works on all versions of TVOS13 and each update is verified by a global pool of experienced C4 dealers before being publicly released.
  6. No problem - it's important for us that people can trust and rely on our solutions.
  7. ***Recommended Update for HC800 Users*** We have been able to replicate an issue reported by small handful of users of the older HC series controllers where control was lost and did not automatically resume. It transpired that some commands were just to quick for these older processors to handle (particularly when upgraded to the latest C4 OS.). We have modified the driver to account for the longer processing time and recommend HC800 users upgrade to ensure connectivity is never lost. The latest version can be downloaded from our site: https://intrinsicdev.com/downloads/apple-tv-driver-control4/
  8. That's right - if you have a problem, we'd always recommend the first step is to upgrade if there's a newer version out as it will address any known issues. As mentioned earlier, if you had problems before and still have problems now, it sounds like there's something else at play, as there's thousands of fault free installs across four different control eco-systems. If you open a new support ticket, one of our team would be happy to try and help you diagnose where the problem lies.
  9. The old driver is still working as well - Apple haven't made any changes there, so if you haven't got control that would point to a different issue in your setup.
  10. There's nothing stopping you running the old version of the driver if it worked better for you - you have no obligation to upgrade. In the old version we identified a scenario where if the ATV connection dropped momentarily C4 was unable to detect it and so the driver assumed it was still connected. We modified the driver to reconnect each session in 100ms, which is faster than you lift your finger off the button, so the new build supports this and means they'll never be a time when a connection fails. Of the several thousand deployed drivers, we currently have 3 reports of issues - all on the older HC series. We currently have two HC250s and an HC800 set up on test to see if there's anything we can do for this fringe case.
  11. We've only seen this on the old HC Series. EA Controllers function fine and reconnect in around 100ms.
  12. We made a build to deal with specific issues relating to Amr’s site. That build will now go through a code review and testing and any additions may then get added into a future public release if it looks like they may be of benefit.
  13. That's not how the driver works at all... the license isn't checked with every sleep and it's not a licensing issue that is your problem here. I believe our techs have replied again to your ticket, if you follow back up with them on there, they'll be able to work with you to find a solution.
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