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  1. Thanks @Amr that's exactly what we're working through currently. We do some initial testing on the Apple Beta software but wait until the final release software is publicly available before we do proper testing and polishing of the driver. We're working through that as we speak and then we'll roll out the driver to our beta testers and assuming feedback is all positive from them we'll roll it out publicly. If anyone would like to join our Beta Programme please drop us a message, the quicker we can get feedback on the driver once in beta the quicker we can release it. Otherwise we're working to get it out as quickly as possible but recommend staying on tvOS 14 or below for now until the new driver is ready as this will ensure control continues without any issues.
  2. What does this driver do? This Zigen SW-42 Plus Driver allows a Control4 system to communicate with a Zigen SW-42 Plus via Ethernet. Features: Matrix Source Selection: Feedback is provided to keep the controller in sync with any changes made via IR or from the front panel. Any input may be sent to any output. Official Zigen commissioned driver Driver uses Intrinsic(Athena) cloud technology for key free licensing, update alerts and enhanced support Download the driver here
  3. Happy to announce another driver for Control4, integrating Coulisse MotionBlinds for shades/blinds control from within Control4. What does this driver do? This Coulisse MotionBlinds Driver allows a Control4 system to communicate with Coulisse Motion shades via Ethernet for shade control. Coulisse MotionBlinds are an automation concept for smart window coverings. The shades are easy to install and can be operated from anywhere, using a Control4 smart home system. MotionBlinds offer a solution for every requirement, from ready-made to made-to-measure, residential to commercial, and everything in between. Driver features: Auto Discovery: This driver will auto discover all devices and install them automatically in Control4 with the user assigned names. Shade: All shade devices can be controlled and scheduled. Please note – tilting functions are not currently supported Official API driver developed in partnership with Coulisse Driver uses Intrinsic(Athena) technology for key free licensing, update alerts and enhanced support Download the driver here If you have a showroom pack or your Control4 system includes an Intrinsic Dev Control4 Driver Pack you already have a license for this new driver completely free of charge. Simply download the driver and the license will be discovered during installation.
  4. Not initially, the first release of the driver will most likely include current features only. We hope to be able to add in additional features soon though as we get a lot of requests for them.
  5. Please note the original poster has omitted a crucial part of the message sent out to dealers... that being that tvOS 15 requires a new driver due to a change in Apple protocol (which has also broken their own MRP based apps and many other third party licensed products which use it). We continue to support all of our Apple driver range (1-3rd Gen, tvOS13-14 and now the new tvOS15 driver). We deliberately market our drivers by the tvOS's that they support for clarity. As the rest of the email states, we already have a new driver in production that uses the new protocol currently employed in the tvOS 15 Public Beta. This driver will require final testing once tvOS 15 is released to the public. As we do not know the date tvOS 15 will be released we cannot release the new driver instantly, and are therefore suggesting auto-update is turned off so all clients can keep complete control of their ATV via Control4 by temporarily remaining on tvOS 14 or below. Once the new driver, utilising the new protocol is released this will be a free upgrade for all users of our existing driver. Original Email sent out to all dealers using our existing Apple TV (tvOS13 and 14) Driver: Immediate action required: Ensure auto-update is turned OFF on all Apple TVs that are using an Apple TV MRP Driver. As you may be aware Apple currently have tvOS 15 in public beta, and we expect it to be released as final version software at the beginning of September. This beta software is using a completely new protocol for the Apple TV, with Apple themselves no longer using MRP on their own apps. This new protocol is not compatible with any driver that uses MRP including our existing Apple TV drivers for Control4, Crestron, Elan and RTI. Please therefore ensure auto-update is turned off on all Apple TV devices that use our driver to ensure control continues uninterrupted for your clients. MRP will continue to work on all systems that remain on tvOS 14 or below. What happens next? Our team are already working on drivers for all platforms that will work on the new protocol currently being tested in the tvOS 15 public beta. These drivers will need to be tested on the final release Apple TV software once it goes live, which is why it is important all Apple TVs remain on tvOS 14 or below whilst we carry out our final internal testing. Once we have finished testing the drivers for the new protocol they will be rolled out FREE OF CHARGE for the first six months to anyone using our existing Apple TV drivers for tvOS13 and 14. Can I still buy your existing Apple TV drivers? Yes, we will continue to support all existing Apple TV drivers and they will work as expected on all Apple TV devices running tvOS 13 or 14. If you decide to update to tvOS 15 in the future you can download and install the new tvOS 15 driver (when available). When will your tvOS 15 driver be available? We can't give a fixed date for this as we do not know when Apple will release the new software. Once tvOS 15 is released we will complete internal testing as a priority and then push it out to our beta testers for final checks. We would like to assure you that releasing our tvOS 15 drivers as quickly as possible will be our top priority. You will receive another email as soon as the drivers are available.
  6. We have a Control4 Apple TV driver here - https://www.intrinsicdev.com/downloads/apple-tv-driver-control4/ not sure if it has all the specific features you're after, but feel free to drop a ticket to support on our website and they'll be able to advise if any a certain feature is possible/on the way in a forthcoming update.
  7. This driver will only work with the LS50 Wireless II but we have another KEF driver that works with the original LS50W and LSX series, you can find that one here - https://www.intrinsicdev.com/downloads/kef-ls50w-driver-control4/
  8. Integration tutorial for the KEF LS50 Wireless II Driver now available on our YouTube channel:
  9. Absolutely, we've worked with KEF for a while now, great product!
  10. What does this driver do? This KEF LS50 Wireless II Driver allows a Control4 system to communicate with KEF LS50 Wireless II Speakers via Ethernet to provide audio zone functionality. Features: Source Switching: Select any of the LS50 Wireless II sources Zone On/Off Control: Two-way status and control of on/off Volume Control: Two-way volume control for each discrete output Basic Transport Controls Official KEF commissioned driver Driver uses Intrinsic(Athena) cloud technology for key free licensing, update alerts and enhanced support Download the driver here
  11. Pleased to confirm our Apple TV Driver is fully compatible with the brand new (6th Generation) Apple TV that has just been released by Apple. More info available on our website here - https://www.intrinsicdev.com/downloads/apple-tv-driver-control4/
  12. Just to confirm, this is all still fully supported.
  13. As far as we know it will do, but we won't know for sure until it's released and we can do some testing.
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