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  1. Crzy to wait half year+ without any words from Control4 when it will be same fast to use as OS 2.10 Clients laughing when need to pay 100 $ for a year subscription and wait 60 seconds to connect, very carefully click on the buttons (cause it reacts so sloooow ) and wait for another 10 seconds to state changes. Comparing to other systems that works just normal, with the same speed as you expect. And when we sell Control4 screens and controllers (not a cheap product but middle to high level) we earn money for a manufacturer, it is very strange to hear nothing on this connection issues from C4 and ask clients to wait .... hmmm.. don`t know... week, month, year... p.s. for example in Europe, Control4 works with ABB as KNX partner. ABB touch screens connecting for 5-7 seconds from LTE around the globe and a year subscription cost 3 times less, ask them how
  2. Maybe will spoil some sales but - HIKVISION DS-KB6003 or similar it is cheapest but good looking doorbell with normal functionality with ONE flaw - WiFi only Annex4 have a driver
  3. Hello Everybody, It was very helpful to use app via VPN to check some changes and solve troubleshooting consideing that we are C4 dealers. And it is quite strange to ask to client to pay 99$ to make us possible to connect remotely and even more strange to pay 99$ by ourselves, to make our job And what is more strange that after installing OS 3.x.x (doesn't remember which one) application was working via VPN remotely for some time and later stopped forever. So I bet it worked in OS3 and then C4 turned it off, it is very unusual to "simplify" something not from the start but in the middle. You wrote that you are "currently evaluating bringing back the manual IP address setting to provide a workaround for misconfigured networks" - will it happen this century ? Maybe we don't know and there is another solution ?
  4. Good to hear, could you please describe your network, or at least router brand and model ?! Cause, as I described, we have a few upgraded projects, where only C4 OS was changed, ISP and network gear remains the same, but new mobile app is terrible slow compared to old
  5. Hmm, of course I mean using Control4 for OS3 app with OS 3.1 and Control4 for OS2 with OS 2.10+ Is there are any lucky guy who have upgrade to OS 3.1 and have no issues with connection and GUI speed comparing to OS 2.10 ?
  6. Hello! there are few treads about troubles and connection issues with 3.1 mobile app, but no success stories. Is there are anyone who have upgrade to 3.1 and have same experience with new app as 2.10 remote ?! Looks like they have change principal of remote app, 2.10 was complete app with own GUI and just receiving data from controller, but 3.1 is http based application and everything that you see at screen, each time downloaded from controller. If so, how to use it ? Or it may be issues with network, or something ? Cause when we upgrade clients projects, which worked perfectly both internally and externally, we got slow and hard to use system, of course nobody happy with that and we got upset people Any thoughts ?
  7. Yes, it is power failures related. Off state is not enough, usually I have 1st-on/2nd-off or vise versa, need to have the same state as before the reboot. Of course there are different ways to solve it with additional devices but, cmon, this is looks strange.
  8. Hi, is it possible somehow to store variables after reboot ? or any other way I have KNX installations and need to put some devices in the right state after reboot of the system
  9. It will work but it is lack of PRE OUT signal level to get it work properly. Right now we have an issue to get TV sound stream to the TRIAD ONE via E-3 audio in. If we connect CD player`s audio out to the EA-3 audio in, it streams perfectly to any TRIAD in the house with perfect quality and volume level. Then we try to do the same but use AVR (ARCAM, ONKYO and MARANTZ) PRE OUT in the same way. There are little differences with volume level between them but still too low to use. Tried ZONE2, ZONE3 - nothing, sensitivity of EA-3 input set to 12 but need to set volume to 90+ on triad to heard something, and if someone forgot to down the volume or something goes wrong with programming it will damage some ears with high volume in a tiny bathroom, when tunein starts to play.
  10. Hello, I have MARANTZ AVR with HEOS in the living room and a couple of TRIADs ONE for a bath and so on, It is possible somehow to make them play in the group, because right now i can add only zones powered by TRIAD and can`t add my LIVING ROOM to the "party mode" ? Other way if i connecting EA to the AVR and listen to it using HDMI it is working solutions but impossible to make TV+AVR+EA working together with TV remote (SR-260 it is QWERTY keyboard for any normal person) Any thoughts ?
  11. Completely true !! Since we change CA-1 to EA-1 it was solved!
  12. Kinda strange that stock, described in the manual functions can`t be easy used
  13. Hikivsion DoorBell added to the CA-1 project. When pushing doorbell button, navigation jumps to the camera view and announcment executes. Seems good! But T3 don`t playing any sounds. Tried a bunch of files with different lenght, nothing happened. Tried to find same problem in the forum but everybody has an amp issue, nothing about T3 Latest OS 2.10.6 for CA-1 and 10" T3 Would be appreciated for help
  14. Hello, have a qustion about DENON HEOS integration. I have Denon X2400 in Living room connected to a TV and using Zone2 for audio in the Kitchen. Everything works fine when using Control4 app. Can choose any music service, favorites and history. When starts to playing the tune, I see queue in the APP and can use menu as always when music played in the background, until choose another action or song. When do it using Control4 on-screen menu on TV, everytime when it starts playing, screen switches to AVR menu and can`t do nothing in background. All i can see it is Denon on-screen menu with limited functions and it works really slow. Is it possible to swtich it off somehow ? any thoughts ? P.S. I have additional DENON AMP for a bathroom and it works exactly as Control4 application. I see C4 menu on TV and can browse another tunes or stations while it plays.
  15. Amazing. Just after factory reset it`s working. Ctrl-alt-del still rules :)))
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