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  1. Just for the record it is a new install so the driver is the latest one.
  2. hi, thanks for reply. Can you please elaborate if you would please. Im returning to this site tomorrow and would like to test this. regards.....
  3. Hi, would like to know from anyone with experience in using the evo192 proxy driver on a c4 system. Is it possible to when the system activates in a certain area(not zone), when its armed that i can program a c4 touch screen to pop up with the alarm interface for at least a minue? So when the client wakes from a dream she does not have to navigate to it. ...thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys, Just wanted to asked a question regarding driver development. I am in the process of studying c++ not because i want to write drivers but because i always wanted to learn c . I know drivers are developed using lua specifically and really great things this came come from it. But my real qusetion is, is it really worth writing drivers if there are so many drivers out there for free as well as for sale? Is it worth the time and effort? Any advise would be greatful...
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    Thanks, Yes i also only do room layout. some times i create a dummy rooms for all keypads and cameras and alarm sensors and so on. yes i think now with the new cloud account it registers to mac of controller, so that has to be online as well? but so its fine to do all that? do you not think its a waste of time as ive been told by some? I actually like doing it. i just want to know that im on the right track. thanks....
  6. Zauberer


    Hi guys. I do apologise is this question sounds rooki. Im fairly new to c4, about 2 years roughly. I havent completly tested this yet, but i wanted to know how far/complete can i create a project in virtual before dumping to controller. What are the limitations. I know i wont be able to register controllers and so on, but can i at least do most of it. Also do you advise against it even for learning purposes.
  7. Hi, thanks for reply's. i seem to have sorted it for good i hope. i redid zigbee network, and identified everything again. i dont know why i could not identify before maybe as msgreenf said, it a c4 problem. Its been a few days now a now complaints from client. i tried this but funny enough it did not work. its actually the first thing i tried. even after rebooting ea5 and ea1's. but thanks guys.
  8. hi, im not sure if posting in correct space, but if someone can please assist me diagnosing a situation with a sr20 remote. The problem is that the remote just keeps showing hour glass trying to join the network. i have replaced batteries but i never changes. it just stays there like its searching. composer obviously shows the remote as offline. and cannot remove the remote from the network because it does not respond. Any ideas? Is the remote faulty?
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