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  1. Anyone find a solution to this problem? Audio sensing from the C4 Matrix Amplifier isn't working. Same programming as the OP I'm trying to enable a zone off of music from an Alexa device, so the user doesn't have to have an extra command such as "Alexa, bedroom music ON".. Thanks in advanced
  2. Same with the Fire TV. YouTube and Amazon mini drivers don't work
  3. Hi @alanchow, Finally I was able to get my hands on the videostorm usb ir device. Installed it and got it working. A lot quicker than the C4 Ip Driver - very snappy, very happy! However I do need your help; 1. How do I select the native Amazon FTV interface - there's no minidriver for it and sometimes you need to go to settings or network, or apps etc. It would be nice to have a Fire TV source and go to the home screen of the device; 2. Youtube mini driver doesn't launch Youtube. Youtube is blocked on the AFTV but if you lauch it via the interface you get a warning and go to Firefox 3. Is there a way to start Kodi upon restart of the FTV? On the event of a restart, if KODI isn't running, nothing else works, not even the Kodi Control App 4. I wasn't able to load the movie posters on the C4 interface - neither on lists nor on the info screen. Is there a workaround for it? 6. How do you use the irusb mini-drivers?
  4. Have you had the chance to make the video? I´m not a native english speaker, so the video would help Thanks a ton
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm using the native c4 ip control driver. Houselogix have withdrawn their driver because of some stability issues. So I guess I'll have to go the Videostorm way. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, and @alanchow Sorry to hijack the subject, but I need some help; I´ve got the full driver and kodi 17.3 running on an Amazon Fire Tv. On my 4x4 matrix, the FTV is already on an input. Where/how do I make the video bindings for KODI? Is there a virtual HDMI switch or something that I can connect both devices (FTV and Kodi) to one input on the matrix (since they are the same device)? Thanks in advanced
  7. Just had my card replaced. Thanks for the heads up Will try it. Although it was a debit card and I'm not sure what can be done. Thanks Will remember that, next time.
  8. I ordered 2 Card Access motion sensors and 1 pressure sensor kit. Took a USD411.00 hit ... I saw this post and felt confortable buying ... oh well. Will try my luck with the credit card company Thanks guys
  9. Hi guys, Has anyone ordered form this site? www.in-homeautomation.com Ive made a small order, payed for extra f2 day shipping and it has been 10 days, still no shipping details, no reply to my 5 emails, no order update ... I'm starting to get a bit worried. Has anyone ordered from them?
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