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  1. Major thanks to @jackstiffer, I can confirm the following for all (*** Specifically for those running C4 OS 3.0, very important ***) - Upgrading to the V2 Driver does work.... and yes you must completely remove the old driver, and upload the new one. - You do lose all programming and triggers as @chopedogg88 has stated, so save / backup all your info elsewhere before removing the old driver and uploading the new one (makes reprogramming easier also). At least for me it made things much easier, as I have over 100 triggers / verbal commands. - As a precaution I would also backup C4 before doing any of this, and copy the Activation key for the Epic Systems Echo Driver (you'll need this to activate the V2 Driver) - Lastly, I did set the IP of my Echo device to a newer model (not Gen 1), not sure if this was necessary... But I can 100% confirm all Gen 1 / Legacy devices will / do work. I'm able to give all voice commands to a Gen 1 Echo Dot, and everything functions as it should. - Might also be a good idea to reboot the C4 controller, after all updating / programming / testing. Old habit, I guess. Hope this helps someone...time to sleep.
  2. Can you further explain...., I have driver version 110. I also have multiple Echo Devices, 1st, 2nd, 3rd... Gen and so on. In C4 the driver is set to an original Gen 1 Echo dot. Could we / one not just change the IP in the driver settings to a newer Gen model? Would that work @chopedogg88? If not...do we have to change / update the IP of the Echo device to a non Gen 1 model....then reprogram and rediscover all triggers? Any advice is appreciated. Also @jackstiffer what was your original Echo model, and what model did you upgrade to? Thanks.
  3. @sonic30101 Thank you, much appreciated. The room commands work perfect. Makes perfect sense. @Cyknight Understood, I'll stay away from and won't use "While" statements. Appreciate the tip / suggestion.
  4. @sonic30101, yes your are correct, Max Volume Limits. I have the C4-16ZAMS-V3-B, how do I set the max volumes on the device itself? I may be overlooking something, but I'm not seeing that option when looking at the Properties under System Design.
  5. Looking to add some Volume Safety / Auto Shut off programming to my C4 build. I recently added some wireless keypads with "Up" and "Down" volume controls, for certain areas of the house. After installing and setting these up... I realized how nice they are to have, but I also realized one day my son and his friends will want to listen to things very loudly (when I'm not around). As you may suspect, I would prefer not to blow my speakers or wake up the neighbors at 2:00 a.m. So I was wondering, if anyone has done some sort of "Room Shut Off" / "Auto Shut off" based upon volume levels? Here is my audio setup: 16 Zone Audio Matrix/Amp, AVR for LV RM, and AVR for Man Cave. What would be the best / most efficient way to accomplish this from a programming stand point? Was hoping to accomplish this with one Macro or several lines of programming. Also, any recommendations of what event or events to tie the programming to? Below is a test example for 1 room, but like I said...was hoping for a better way / method to accomplish this for the whole house. FYI in the test example, I'm still not sure what start event to tie the programming to... Any advice / help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. @sonic30101, @dcovach, @chopedogg88, Had some work travel come up with the recent weather in TX. I"ll be out of town for a week for so.... Would someone be able to try the driver that Chopedogg88 shared, and let us know if you have any success with it? I intend to give it shot whenever I get back, and have time... just keeps getting delayed. Sorry about that Chopedogg88.
  7. Same results here. Full Voice Control for Receiver (probably true for many, but maybe not all receivers) = Conditional Logic, via "Volume" then "Set" then "#" commands to Receiver Zone Martix Amp & other Devices with true Discrete Volume Setting = Single Command line, via "Google Home->SET_VALUE_NUMBER" for all volume settings.
  8. @dcovach just want to make sure we are on the same page. The AVR and volume control, work perfectly via the C4 app, for any and all functions for the room. I can launch any source (Roku, Xbox, and so on...) and control the volume for any source via the C4 app, and remote control. The receiver responds appropriately this way. The very specific problem / issue I'm having, is when using the Epic Systems Google Home driver, to "Set" volume levels for the room via voice command....Hence for example: "Set Game Room->CURRENT_VOLUME to the value of Google Home->SET_VALUE_NUMBER" Not sure if my thinking on this is correct but it seems when controlling the room volume outside of the Google Home commands / integration, all I'm doing is essentially raising or lowering the volume (via the C4 app and/or remote). The Receiver can accept and interpret this correctly. But when I'm using the Google Home, verbal "Set" command, and attempt to set the room volume to the "Google Home->SET_VALUE_NUMBER"..... the Receiver... and only the Receiver can not accept / respond to this correctly. Via response from @chopedogg88 "yeah this is because the AV receiver's driver doesn't allow for discrete volume setting. best bet is to use some conditional logic to check for the main levels that you plan to use most often, and then set the volume accordingly." Like @chopedogg88 and @sonic30101, I believe the best way to address this is... Conditional Logic statements. I have verified that the AVR does respond correctly to Conditional Logic statements, via Google Home Set voice commands. Can you elaborate a little more on what you are suggesting I try? Do you think this would be a workaround that would allow the: "Google Home->SET_VALUE_NUMBER" commands to work, without having to do several / numerous conditional logic statements? FYI, just wanted to say Thanks to everyone for all your replies. I'm still very "Green" at this, and I appreciate all the help, suggestions, and patience.
  9. @lippavisual @sonic30101 Sony STR-ZA1100ES https://www.sony.com/electronics/av-receivers/str-za1100es
  10. For those who may be facing this issue, via the Epic Systems Alexa or Google Home Driver, below is a reply form Ari / @chopedogg88: "yeah this is because the AV receiver's driver doesn't allow for discrete volume setting. best bet is to use some conditional logic to check for the main levels that you plan to use most often, and then set the volume accordingly. you can use the single-line programming method when using a c4 amp, works perfectly...but AVR's are a different animal." Hope this info, helps others. Once again, @chopedogg88 with the quick customer support, the guy is a beast. Thanks again.
  11. Evening all, could use some help / guidance: I'm using the Epic Systems Google Home Driver, to setup voice commands. Currently working on volume control. Having a weird issue, were the command is being sent and updated on the C4 app, but the AV Receiver (audio device / output for the room) for the room, is not adjusting the volume via that command. See attached pic's. You can see the macros / programming, then see the app adjust to the command, and then see the Lua output for the Receiver. The command is accepted, executed, and updated in the C4 app, but the AV Receiver kicks back "(a nil value)".... hence does not adjust the room volume accordingly. Has anyone run across this before? Any suggestions? P.S. Shout out to @chopedogg88 amazing driver, recommended it to anyone looking to integrate Google Home.
  12. @chopedogg88 Please disregard. Issued resolved, totally my error. You are the man, Thanks for the help.
  13. @dcovach I now understand, I'll need to get my deal involved to address this. I'm 100% sure, he'll do this quickly (he's a great dealer to work with). Like, I said before, I just like to learn / understand things. There are a lot of experienced people on this forum, and a lot of useful knowledge / help can be gained, by reading / discussing things with each of you. That's all that is going on here. Hopefully with more time and experience programming my setup, I'll be able to provide assistance / advice to other users, one day. Thanks for the advice.
  14. I know. I have remote access to Pro via my dealer...if / when I run into these issues. I rarely use it, as that's more of a thing for my dealer to use. And of course, I always backup my project before making any changes.
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