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  1. Ugh, sounds like a nightmare I don't want to get into. Thanks for the info! Any recommendations for a 75" 4K quality TV without an outboard module in the $3-$4 range?
  2. Correct there is singe HDMI run through the wall and comes out at the TV's location-Wall mounted There is power at the TV location- but network does not go to TV Good question about conduit, but if I remember correctly they just drilled through the studs & strung all the cables before drywall went up I'm not an installer so can't say whether it's possible to safely pull a wire through the wall from the TV to the rack, but it looks like the invisible cable Samsung uses is incredibly fragile and cannot be kinked or put in a 90* angle. The rack has an amp, pre/pro, DVD, CD, VCR. iPod Dock & Cable box. the HDMI is the only cable that goes from the rack to the TV Maybe these pics will help.
  3. I was looking at the Samsung Q90R 75" QLED flat screen for my HT. I see it has this outboard station called the one connect box for all A/V connections. The one box would need to be near the Tv to allow me to plug in the HDMI cable, but all my other cables run through the walls to a rack system on the other side of the room where the C4 base resides. Any idea if simply plugging the HDMI cable intto the box, as with a normal flat screen connection, would allow the system to function as normal, or would the whole system need to be reconfigured to have all cables run through the Samsung box?
  4. I just wanted to throw a public shout out to @Sonic30101 for all of his help offline today to try to get my devices working again with my C4 system. While we were not successful, it was not for lack of trying and I greatly appreciate taking that much time out of his day to assist. This is a great forum with great people and I am proud to be a part of it!!!
  5. Tied up all day today, but will try again tomorrow when I am home all day. I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You for your assistance & patience in dealing with this technically challenged idiot. I'm sure any one of you could spot & fix the problem in 5 mins if you didn't have me as a go through!
  6. Should I try to change the address in the C4 App to the
  7. Same as before to 200 it still won't allow me change the last few numbers
  8. Nope. I just Finged and nothing new there from the last time. Do you think I should unplug the C4 controller and let it start up again?
  9. Actually the Apple Airport was recommended by the C4 installers as way to boost the signal out to my garage. We live almost 2 hours from the installers and trying to get them back here was a challenge.
  10. Okay it allowed me to input the 192.168, it would not allow me to change the other numbers so the address reads to 200.It kicked my off the internet for a few minutes and I guess the router restarted. I tried the app on the iPad, but it still won't connect.
  11. It just beeps and will not allow me to save the changes. Don't see a + button.
  12. OK if I go into the utility on the Mac this is the screen I get to when go into Network
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