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  1. When I was starting out, fresh from certification I remember I opened up composer pro on the first project I was on and then was immediately a dear in the headlights. Now after a few years of field experience I've seen my way to being able to program these systems pretty easily. As a pay it forward kind thing I made some videos on my youtube channel covering a few different topics in programming. Some of the videos are direct responses to viewer questions which also highlight and showcase different sections of composer pro, be it conditional logic, variables, custom programming, etc. When I was starting out this type of thing would have helped me tremendously to see some of these principles demonstrated rather than just reading about them in practice, so all I ask is anyone that views these videos, if you find them helpful please consider subscribing and liking the videos and if there's a topic or question youd like to see a video about let me know in the comments Conditionals and string variables :
  2. basement looks great wire management on the rack leaves a lot to be desired, but im a rack nerd.
  3. What Ive always done, on every amp for 12v regardless if it was a cheap crown or a 90k burmester is the following (utilizing 12v in and 12v out of amp) This assumes only on and off control. works flawlessly and allows for power monitoring in composer add 4 or 8 zone c4 amp driver (regardless of the amp manufacturer) jump the common and 12v together N/O to positive 12v in/AMP GND to negative 12v in/AMP SIG to 12v out/AMP GND to 12v out/AMP might seem weird but it works every time
  4. Ive never done anything with c4 panelized lighting but from everyone ive talked to its less than great, is that your experience as well?
  5. seemingly even more of a pain in the ass is having to either create the scenes again in advanced lighting or tie them through phantoms. Savant integration is a lot better in my opinion.
  6. yea I see what your saying. thats what was throwing me off. seeing the driver for homeworksqs dimmer makes it sound like its a wired dimmer rather than a module output but I guess its just really based upon the ID. appreciate the response brother.
  7. Due to an admin error beyond my control i dont currently have access to the dealer support site for docs, etc. I'm adding a lutron system remotely to a c4 system that currently doesnt have a 4site license so I'm flying blind here. Can anyone tell me how I'd go about bring the loads from lutron into c4? I have the processor linked via IP and I've added my keypads and shades from the integration IDs I cant find any evidence of lighting loads, nothing shows up under lighting from the composer navigator adjustment screen, what am I missing? I very rarely do composer programming anymore and am in a lutron specific division with the company I work for.....Thanks in advance
  8. Unless it’s changed, it’s been a while since I’ve used c4 to control lutron, the hold and double tap typically don’t work well across the two platforms. What could work is programming a phantom the utilizes a single press for the action you want to complete and tying that to a custom button. Hope this helps.
  9. Automated a genie garage door opener that so old the casing cracked when i took the screws out to change the capacitor. Used relays to do the same thing the old doorbell switch does and now i can do it from anywhere. threw on a door contact senor for state reporting.
  10. if you do integrate you will also likely notice lag in your button presses
  11. Considering how old illumination is upgrading to qs or now qsx is a great idea. I work only on lutron systems now and if you need to get a new processor for illumination, lutron no longer makes them and b stock is expensive. all that said integration is possible, it will depend on how the processor is connected, or can be connected through either RS232 or Lan
  12. telnet login is often the problem here. can be access under tool and integration in ra software then update the credentials in composer
  13. seura mirror tvs are good. pricey but they integrate easily. lots of frame options and sizes
  14. Homeworks QS. Nothing is better or more versatile. While it is expensive and doesnt fit all budget or applications, in the instance of new construction a properly planned, wired and installed panelized lighting system has so many benefits. Having worked on C4 lighting, RA2, caseta, Homeworks interactive, Homeworks illuminations, QS reigns supreme.
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