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  1. Automated a genie garage door opener that so old the casing cracked when i took the screws out to change the capacitor. Used relays to do the same thing the old doorbell switch does and now i can do it from anywhere. threw on a door contact senor for state reporting.
  2. if you do integrate you will also likely notice lag in your button presses
  3. Considering how old illumination is upgrading to qs or now qsx is a great idea. I work only on lutron systems now and if you need to get a new processor for illumination, lutron no longer makes them and b stock is expensive. all that said integration is possible, it will depend on how the processor is connected, or can be connected through either RS232 or Lan
  4. telnet login is often the problem here. can be access under tool and integration in ra software then update the credentials in composer
  5. seura mirror tvs are good. pricey but they integrate easily. lots of frame options and sizes
  6. Homeworks QS. Nothing is better or more versatile. While it is expensive and doesnt fit all budget or applications, in the instance of new construction a properly planned, wired and installed panelized lighting system has so many benefits. Having worked on C4 lighting, RA2, caseta, Homeworks interactive, Homeworks illuminations, QS reigns supreme.
  7. Can anyone recommend how to integrate JavaScript? I’m dealing with a product that the manufacturer is able to supply JavaScript control commands but that’s about all I got.... this end of things is a bit of a different world for me so any advice would be helpful. Thanks
  8. What I found with serial tho is that it is way more responsive overall vs ir. As a general rule I’ve found when you can go serial it works best assuming the driver is proper. A real set it and forget it kinda thing.
  9. Yea that’s what I’m using the reboot driver. idk why anyone would say serial is cost prohibitive, depending on the controller you have an rs232 cable can be had for a few bucks on the internet and then I mean unless it’s really expensive for your dealer to change the driver.... I mean you could even make the cable for I’d say 12$ if you acquired the right parts from amazon and already had the crimping tool.
  10. It’s definitely a Frankenstein system for sure. No offense taken at all. The hdmi matrix is controlled serial and I’d say it’s probably 95% accurate responding to commands. I think this is more of a problem with all the custom programming I have dumped on the hc800. When things don’t respond the way they should I have a button for a primary controller reboot.
  11. Appreciate it that’s exactly what I need! Thank you kindly
  12. Trying to figure out a way to have a gate ip camera populate on a tv when the call button is pushed. We will be using a ring monitor with a relay to ea5 to trigger the macro, just can’t figure out how to populate the specific ip camera image. I essentially want to use this as like a doorbell audio interupt service. Any thoughts or ideas appreciated. Need this process of Red 4 for on screen>security>specific camera. In theory I could just program the button presses but I’m wondering if there’s a more fluid and quick way to do this? Ill also be using conditional logic to determine which of three TVs based on room power to populate the camera feed on.
  13. my mistake i thought you were referring to the dsp sonance amps. Ive used episode and for multi room they arent bad but they also dont sound particularly good. The reliability of the new one compared to the ones ive used in the past might be better now but i cant speak to it. The gxr2 i think needs a niles controller to operate. you might want to check out audiocontrol amps. I think they offer a large in/output format
  14. use sonance amp regularly. these can be wired for power monitoring the same way c4 amp can be by using a contact closure and relay on an ea controller or iox. theres also IP control for them if im not mistaken. for distributed audio they do the job.
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