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  1. My MyQ integration died a few months ago and my dealer has told me that there’s basically nothing I can do about it, unless i want to solder (which I can’t do). However, I have no idea what I’d even be looking for to find what you’re referencing above. Any way you could let me know what I’d need to purchase? And do i need 3 of them for 3 garage doors, or does this work off of a garage remote? thanks!
  2. What does the Domo driver offer over the free one?
  3. fantastic. Guess we'll see how long it takes them to fix this. Really wish C4 would open the system up to users a bit more!
  4. Any idea of cost for that driver? Does it do anything else? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Having automated shades installed wound up being an enormous pain in the backside for me, so I thought I'd share my final solution with everyone. Maybe it will help someone else... If I were to do it all again, I'd definitely have gone with QMotion, which is apparently much easier to integrate. My dealer sells qmotion, but for a variety of reasons (largely because they didn't have as many fabric choices and they hadn't done many motorized blind installs), I decided to go with a local decorator with a budget blinds contract. My house was hardwired for low voltage with Cat5/6 cable to every window that I would potentially have automated. This was the first issue, since many motorized shades (including the somfy motors I wound up with) use a simple two wire (positive/negative) cable, which I believe is 16 AWG. Cat5 cable has 8 wires, which are 24 AWG. After many phone calls, finally figured out that if you combine 4 of the wires together, you get the equivalent of 18 AWG, which was close enough to make it work. I twisted the solids together and the stripes together, to give me a positive and negative wire. My house is about 4000 sq ft across 2 floors, and this wiring setup is able to carry enough current to make the motors work properly. I'm not sure exactly how long the run is, but it goes from the basement on one side of the house to the main level clear across the house. I believe Qmotion avoids this hassle, since it natively works off of Cat5 cabling. All of the wiring terminates in the home theater / automation control room in my basement, and I hooked all of the wires into this 10-Motor 24V DC x 20 Amp Power Panel. Somfy also makes a version of it (also sold on this website), but this is nearly the exact same thing for less money. As for control of Somfy Motors with C4, the best way is apparently through Somfy myLink. To make it all work, you first program the shades using any Somfy remote. Once they're programmed with the remote, you download the myLink smartphone app and essentially copy the programming into the app (you cannot setup the shades or adjust the limits with the app). Once the myLink app is setup and working, I gave my dealer a code from the app and he was able to quickly program the shades into C4 with the myLink driver. It was fast and easy enough for him that he didn't even charge me for it. You can also use the myLink app on your phone for control of the shades, but the app sucks. I only purchased one of the myLink devices (which converts the wifi commands into the Somfy RTS signals), and it covers my 2500 sq ft main level without issue. The only limitation I've found with the Somfy motors and myLink is that they will report to C4 whether they're open or closed, but not anything in between. So, you can only set them to full open, full closed, or one other intermediate setting that you define when you initially program the shades.
  6. I think I'm having the same issue, and my dealer doesn't seem to be able to fix it. Nothing has recently changed in my system, but the announcement no longer triggers. I know that C4 is still recognizing that the doorbell is being pushed, because the C4 wall-mounted touchpad still plays the doorbell sound and still brings up the video from the Doorbird. However, the announcement (which plays a doorbell sound throughout speakers in the house) doesn't play anymore. It plays properly if I manually execute the announcement, so I also know it's not an issue with the actual announcement or a hardware problem. I'm using Annex4 driver 0.9.210. I don't see any errors and the driver seems to be working normally. Is there an advantage to the cinegration driver? I'm not positive, but I seem to remember that we were originally using a different driver, but it never worked properly and we needed to switch to the Annex driver to actually make it work.
  7. Anyone know if Joshua is still around? Haven't heard any news lately, or gotten a response to a message I sent a while ago. Hoping that development of the driver hasn't stopped!
  8. I applied the patch a while back and everything worked fine. Came home today and composer isn't working again! Any ideas what happened? This is getting pretty annoying.
  9. Thanks! Wound up using 4 for + and 4 for -, works well.
  10. TL:DR: Can the Cat5 cable that was pre-wired through my house to power motorized blinds actuall handle the load? When my house was built recently, it was prewired for just about everything, including motorized shades. I trusted my dealer at the time and didn’t ask maybe as many questions as I should have. It appears that they pre-wired all the location for motorized shades with Cat5 cable (I’m assuming, it’s a single cable with 8 smaller cables inside). Unfortunately, the people who I bought the shades from (local budget blinds dealer) also haven’t done this much, but assured me the Somfy motors would work well. They just installed them, but now have no idea how to hook them up. From what I understand, once the Somfy motors work with the Somfy MyLink, C4 integration is pretty easy. However, theyr’e currently installed, but not powered. The dealer said that hooking them up should be an electrician’s issue (which I disagree with). Will the Cat5 cable I currently have run be able to power these or did I get screwed? The motors are Sonesse 30 RTS.
  11. Can someone explain how the start and end delay work? What are they needed for? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I may remove the disarming based on above recommendations. Is there a way I could have done the nesting better? Where exactly would the “else” go, and how would that function? The geofencing is through the iPhone using the home app, and it actually works great. I’ve been using it to trigger an entry light when I get home at night and it hasn’t missed yet. I used to have IFTTT and the geofencing was not nearly as reliable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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