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  1. https://www.control4.com/press_releases/2019/09/11/control4-smart-home-os-3-adds-google-assistant-voice-control-opens-intercom-anywhere-to-third-parties-and-introduces-ca-10-automation-controller/
  2. The whiteish ones with the tabs look like the right ones. I'll PM you for further instructions, thanks
  3. Looking to buy 1-3 mounting brackets for WK-2 Access Points
  4. As I understand it, you need to be an authorized dealer to establish a BakPak account. Of course you can still set up the router and switch through logging in directly to their IP address. Also, I could be wrong on this, but I believe the older S24 switches only support 802.af POE, whereas the WX-1 operate on the 802.at (aka POE+) standard. Of course if you are powering them via A/C that's not an issue.
  5. Yes, the complexity and processing power increase when other devices are added (though the Lutron does t-stats and the VCRX as well). I was just referring to OP's situation where he justs asks about 30 lighting loads.
  6. Lutron Radio Ra2 on a single repeater with decade hold hardware that's probably orders of magnitude less powerful than the CA-1 can easily handle this. If a CA-1 can't thats a problem.
  7. Hopefully the move to Works with Assistant for the Nest will prompt C4 and Google to get over whatever the hangup has been to get C4 integrated with Google Home. Theoretically we should be hearing something, at least on the Nest front, by the end of the month.
  8. Thanks for the advice. Yes, I don't want to mix & match, so I was examining the possibilities for my home with pakedge products. In that case I will have one of the SX managed switches and 2 WK-2 for APs in other places in the house. I don't want to use a 'normal' AP like the wk-2 for the basement b/c that will take up my only ethernet run to that room, so using the WR-1 which would (I believe) still allow me use of a couple of ethernet ports in addition to the WAP functionality would be ideal.
  9. Right now the basement has mediocre wireless coverage. There's a single Cat6 jack which is currently being used for an XBox. Ideally I'd use something like the Unifi in-wall access point which would give me wireless coverage plus a couple of Ethernet jacks so the XBox could still have a wired connection. But I can't find anything similar for Pakedge. I know that many wireless routers can be set up for use as WAPs, but I don't see anything in the WR-1 documentation about this.
  10. The other question is what is the upside? Why not just get regular RR2? There seems to be a belief that Select is cheaper than RR2, but outside of a few hundred bucks on the repeater/connect bridge everything is the same. You are just limiting your option to use the seeTouch keypads, and fewer integration options. The value proposition for Select, as I understand it from the limited marketing I've seen, is for a homebuilder. Instead of spending $1k on 50 decora dimmers, sell your customer $10k of RR2 dimmers, pocket $6k or whatever, maybe $5500 after the limited programming costs. I'm not even sure you need to take Essentials training, let alone attend a 2 day Inclusive seminar in order to be authorized.
  11. I think that is incorrect. You can't use the seeTouch keypads in Select, only regular RR2. That is 1) to differentiate and 2) to make programming simpler. Pico's are only scene selectors, they don't have he scene toggle, green, timeclock mode, and path of light options. The idea behind Select is to reduce complexity of programming (hence the pre-engraved pico's which have some pre-set programming I believe), and therefore the total cost of install to the customer. Somewhat analogous to C4 releasing the when/then functionality. Requires a pro for initial setup, but then the customer can take over to a large degree. All these companies are trying to figure out how to navigate the brave new smarthome world.
  12. As far as I'm aware it uses the sames switches & dimmers as regular RR2, so I would imagine the prices would be the same and thus substantially more expensive than Caseta. Picos would be the same price, just as they are now whether used in Caseta or RR2 setup.
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