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  1. i was afraid of that. I have some older xantech amps which have a matrix already built in to them (MX88) and they have tons of class D power and sound great. not ready to ditch them yet so i think i need to find a work around
  2. Hi Everyone, I am looking to use the HC-800 Audio inputs and want to have them trigger some custom programming when audio is sensed on the input. I assumed that they had that capability, but i cannot seem to find anywhere in the program section that shows that they do. to be more specific about what i am trying to do (in case there is a better way), is to connect a chromecast audio into my system that will trigger the system to turn on certain zones when i stream audio to it. my multichannel amp does not have audio sensing so the only way i can think to do it is to connect it into the HC800 directly so that way the system will know when music is playing on it. does that capability exist, or is there a better way to do what i want to do? any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I have tried basically every brand AVR in my home, and the pioneer elite outshines them all by a large margin and has full C4 IP support. lx801 or lx901 depending on your buget you can probably drop down a model too, but try and avoid the VSX models...while good, they are not in the same class
  4. I have a xantech MX-88 multi zone amp/matrix that i control using serial commands. I modified an existing driver to send the commands i need, and everything is working great so far (yay!) the problem is that the existing driver that i modified does not seem to support several features that i would like to have, most importantly volume feedback. currently vol up and down work great, but it does not report back the current volume level to the director, so the volume level is always 0 even though it actually isn't I know the serial commands to query the volume level per zone, but i just don't know where to put them or how to incorporate them into my driver. i am slowly learning about driver development and have been scratching my head on this one for a while so i figured i would post here for a little bump in the right direction. my current guess is to put the volume query code in an on input change and/or on volume change section if anyone can chime in the "best practices" for this type of thing it would be greatly appreciated. the amp also supports treble and bass adjustments and discrete vol, treble and bass values as well, so i wouldn't mind incorporating those too
  5. I may have found the answer: 99+09 and 99+39 , etc ...seems to work weird
  6. i think you may be on to something. I did a search for channels which produced a huge list, quite a lot are 4 digits and i added a few and none work. DANG! now ...how can i work around this. there has to be something that can be done
  7. ok, so here is where i am at so far...getting closer but still no cigar. the MSP driver does not try to tune to the audio only channels, but the regular driver does. so far i have found that it works on most channels marked as audio only....except for the xm stations - which was the point to the whole thing! :-) so here is a successful station tuning (i set up HBO as an audio only just for testing - and i blanked my receiver id [<---- MSP ]: ON (CONNECT: 1) [<---- MSP ]: SET_CHANNEL (CHANNEL: 300, INPUT: 1002) SendNext[6001]: [KEYPRESS_Power On/R1946905677-93]: {"stb":"R11111111","command":"remote_key","key_name":"Power On","receiver":"R111111111","tv_id":0} [----> MSP ]: ON, { } OnConnectionStatusChanged[6001/443]: OFFLINE Channel found (true): 300 -> 61840 SendNext[6001]: [SET_CHANNEL/R111111111]: {"receiver":"xc12321321321","cid":"2004","command":"tune_ch_xip_v2","force_tune":false,"svc":61840} OnConnectionStatusChanged[6001/443]: ONLINE SET_CHANNEL reply: {"result":1,"svc":61840,"tuned":true} so that shows what it should do here is what happens when i try an XM channel (and i tried both 9909 and 09909 - both work if keyed manually on the remote) [<---- MSP ]: ON (CONNECT: 1) [<---- MSP ]: SET_CHANNEL (CHANNEL: 9909, INPUT: 1002) Channel found (false): 9909 -> 9909 OnConnectionStatusChanged[6001/443]: ONLINE [----> MSP ]: ON, { } SendNext[6001]: [KEYPRESS_Power On/R1946905677-93]: {"stb":"R111111111","command":"remote_key","key_name":"Power On","receiver":"R111111111","tv_id":0} SendNext[6001]: [SET_CHANNEL/R111111111]: {"receiver":"xc123123123132","cid":"2004","command":"tune_ch_xip_v2","force_tune":false,"svc":"9909"} Reply Result: 0 (Unknown) - {"result":0,"svc":0,"tuned":false} Cmd: {"receiver":"XC123123123","cid":"2004","command":"tune_ch_xip_v2","force_tune":false,"svc":"9909"} SendNext[6001]: [SERVICES_LIST/R111111111]: {"receiver":"xc123123123","cid":"2004","command":"services_list_xip","start_svc":"0","size":"0"} so either the driver, or the receiver are coming up with a channel found value of "false" when trying to tune these channels. anyone have any ideas? the driver is encrypted so i can't edit it...
  8. the audio works, so i know that the endpoints are correct but i suspect it might be the MSP driver. it comes in MSP and non MSP. i have to test the non MSP driver, but i think that might be the culprit. stay tuned!
  9. Sadly, I haven't gotten this to work fully yet. it seems that since my dish receivers have a connection as a video source, my "audio only" stations will not work to elaborate: i have the hopper connected via HDMI to my receiver as shown in my previous post i then connected the coax analog connections into my audio matrix switch so far so good. when i select the dish as an audio source in any room, everything connects as it should and from there i can manually key in whatever channel i want then, as my original post stated, i wanted to have channels in my media section. connecting the cloud gets that to work fine. however, the actual channel changes never occur. the driver sees the request but does not issue a change channel command. so i added a channel that was NOT "audio only" this now moved from the "stations" section to the "channels" section. and it works fine. but the audio only channels still do not work and the other channel that is not audio only, shows up only in the "watch" menu i thought about making a bogus video connection into all of the rooms so that i can fool the driver into thinking i am "watching" those channels, but then if i want to switch to pandora or other music, i will have to switch over to the listen menu which seems a bit ghetto. then i thought, maybe i can do some programming to just change the channels on the dish when i select the shortcut, but i don't see any programming variables or events that correspond to selecting a station, or even just selecting a dish channel if anyone has some insight on this it would be appreciated! thank you again
  10. yes! that was it! it was a little different, i have to connect the RF from the dish, to the "dish media" part of the driver. but that was all that needed to be done! i have to test it, but at least the stations are showing up in navigator now thanks @msgreenf you really are an asset to this board (you too @sonic30101 !)
  11. I still don't know what the "cloud" is, if you could provide some info on that it would be helpful keep in mind, everything works if i key in the channel numbers, there just isn't any listing of the channels that i set up. i have the audio out connected to my matrix switch, and it does work as intended
  12. could you elaborate? what should i change or do to get it bound properly?
  13. they don't show up as video channels either though. i figured since there was an "audio only" checkbox that it would let the system know it was an audio connection. otherwise why have that checkbox at all?
  14. just tried that in 2 different rooms. nothing is hidden and these channels don't show up as audio sources in either room
  15. I have a Dish Receiver connected to my project that shows up in navigator under the "listen" section. it works fine, but i have to manually enter the music channels by number. I wanted to add just a few stations to the listen section, but can't seem to get them to show up I have manually entered a few in the "media" section of composer, specified them as "audio only" and even added artwork (see photo) but they still do not show up anywhere in the listen section of composer. am i doing this wrong or is it just not possible?
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