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  1. seems odd that they even have that option then in composer. i don't see why such a basic command like power on/off or power state change would not work for literally every possible device in composer. seems odd
  2. never mind, i added the programming to the projector on/off events and it works fine! now to email audiocontrol and see if they will fix their driver
  3. is there some other event that i might be able to trigger it from?
  4. pdapice

    Music Android

    i have been using the VSSL amps with this functionality built in , but it would be a lot better if control4 would implement it on their amps or matrix switches as there are a few minor glitches with VSSL/C4 functionality. I agree that this is a major oversight on C4s part
  5. my intended use is to get rid of a speaker relay box that i have been using to switch between using a set of speakers as surrounds or as whole house audio speakers. the relay box works fine and is triggered via 12v out from the receiver. I am moving some things around and wanted to clean up some of that wiring and figured having my matrix amp (audiocontrol M4840) switch inputs, it would be much cleaner and also offer some other options for control so that i can have more options about when to switch the speakers and when not to. what drives me crazy is that control4 clearly sees the state change in the receiver powering on and off but it just doesn't seem to trigger the events. i am not sure that this is a failing of the driver or not.
  6. I am trying to have my audio amp switch inputs whenever my AVR receiver turns on and off. should be simple. in programming i program the "power on" to trigger input to A and power off to trigger input to B doesn't work if i manually execute the program it works fine. if i power on the AVR composer sees the power is on, and when i switch off, it sees off. for some reason though it just isn't firing the events that i programmed. so i went into device variables and found the power state change variable and put them in there with if statements saying if power is on do this, if it is off do that. again, executing this manually works fine but powering the AVR on and off does nothing. am i missing something?
  7. so now that i have them up and running, both on the same firmware, both on the same switch, both working fine and controlling everything fine, i notice that one will not come online for intercom. when i click the intercom i just get a spinning circle and in composer under the communication agent i see that one as 0: not ready any advice as to what might be the issue? i have tried multiple reboots of the TS and even the controller. is the panel bad? maybe a config issue?
  8. that was it, it needed an update, rookie mistake, thanks for helping!
  9. I have a pair of TS3 7" in wall panels that i bought to play around with and test the intercom and other functions. both are recognized in composer, have been added to the project and placed in the respective rooms after they boot, they go to an animated blue background and only the time, room pull down and intercom icons are there in the top. if i click the intercom icon it makes a click sound and nothing happens. the room drop down does not respond at all and it does not show any rooms. there are no other icons just a blank animated background. they are both like this, i have tried rebooting, factory reset, etc. nothing i have tried has seemed to make any difference. i must be missing something, but i can't figure out what.
  10. looking for new, or like new T3 10" lcd touch screen do not want to pay MSRP let me know if anyone has one
  11. i was afraid of that. I have some older xantech amps which have a matrix already built in to them (MX88) and they have tons of class D power and sound great. not ready to ditch them yet so i think i need to find a work around
  12. Hi Everyone, I am looking to use the HC-800 Audio inputs and want to have them trigger some custom programming when audio is sensed on the input. I assumed that they had that capability, but i cannot seem to find anywhere in the program section that shows that they do. to be more specific about what i am trying to do (in case there is a better way), is to connect a chromecast audio into my system that will trigger the system to turn on certain zones when i stream audio to it. my multichannel amp does not have audio sensing so the only way i can think to do it is to connect it into the HC800 directly so that way the system will know when music is playing on it. does that capability exist, or is there a better way to do what i want to do? any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. I have tried basically every brand AVR in my home, and the pioneer elite outshines them all by a large margin and has full C4 IP support. lx801 or lx901 depending on your buget you can probably drop down a model too, but try and avoid the VSX models...while good, they are not in the same class
  14. I have a xantech MX-88 multi zone amp/matrix that i control using serial commands. I modified an existing driver to send the commands i need, and everything is working great so far (yay!) the problem is that the existing driver that i modified does not seem to support several features that i would like to have, most importantly volume feedback. currently vol up and down work great, but it does not report back the current volume level to the director, so the volume level is always 0 even though it actually isn't I know the serial commands to query the volume level per zone, but i just don't know where to put them or how to incorporate them into my driver. i am slowly learning about driver development and have been scratching my head on this one for a while so i figured i would post here for a little bump in the right direction. my current guess is to put the volume query code in an on input change and/or on volume change section if anyone can chime in the "best practices" for this type of thing it would be greatly appreciated. the amp also supports treble and bass adjustments and discrete vol, treble and bass values as well, so i wouldn't mind incorporating those too
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