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  1. Just released V9 which finally has creating events. The delay was due to Google taking over a month with authorising the change in "scopes". Release Notes: * Added ability to create events from C4 navigators. Note: this requires you to reauthorize your Google account * Added ability to view logged in account details and log out of that account * Added ability to begin account log in/authorization from C4 navigators * Added ability to select calendar from C4 navigators. * Fixed bug where event starting at midnight tomorrow would show in today's events * Updated documentation https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/control4-google-calendar/
  2. It sounds like you need to look at the programming for when announcement is executed and also the announcement agent to see if it's selecting all the rooms
  3. Hi im more than happy to take a look remotely. Can you PM me with your account name and change your dealer to Jooced?
  4. I just tested this on 3.1.1 and it worked for me. The default username and password however is what you use on the web interface - default username is admin and password is the normal on
  5. I’m not sure what you mean by providing success and failure rates. The driver does have a confidence level variable which can be used for your 1st example. as for your questions. 1) yes that’s right. 2) I don’t think it’s possible in C4 to attach an image to an email (without other drivers). Most IP camera drivers do let you send a snapshot via email though so you can try that. Failing that, a push notification image would work.
  6. I thought they won’t work any more. We released a DarkSky weather driver which gives a bunch of information for weather as well as the expected forecast in 1, 2 and 3 hours. If you want to check it out: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/control4-weather-information-darksky/
  7. You could technically use the programming commands to change each of the properties but it does seem a bit pointless. Probably better off having separate drivers.
  8. Yep, but it does give information on what you can do to make it more accurate
  9. This document by Microsoft provides very detailed information about the accuracy, how it works and ways to increase it https://azure.microsoft.com/mediahandler/files/resourcefiles/transparency-note-azure-cognitive-services-face-api/Face API Transparency Note (March 2019).pdf
  10. So if ANPR wasn't enough for you maybe our new face recognition driver will wow you! This driver makes use of Microsoft's Face API and allows you to, via a web interface, add the name of people and add faces to those names. The driver will then work similarly to our ANPR driver and once a programming action is triggered (in C4 programming) we will capture the image from any URL or IP Camera (supporting Basic & Digest authentication) and then try and identify a person in it. If a face is identified then either the Known Face Detected event will be fired which will allow you to make use of the Person Name and Confidence Level (0-100) variables to program based on who was detected. If the face identified is unknown the Unknown Face Detected event will be fired and allow you to program based of that scenario. The driver also includes the ability use an image in the push notification. The image available will be the image when there was last an identified face. This lets you, for example, have a push notification sent to you with the image taken when there is an unknown person detected. Images The Microsoft Face API provides 30,000 free requests per month. Each identification takes between 1 and 3 requests. Requests are also used when adding people and their faces. Generally, the 30,000 is enough for most installs if the trigger for detecting faces is reasonable – i.e. whenever motion is detected may not be reasonable, but when a line is crossed (Hikvision cameras or active beam sensor) would be a better use of the limit. The driver is available on BlackWire Designs here: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/control4-face-recognition/
  11. Likely would need a dealer to take a look for you if you've gone through them all. PM me
  12. it does give you a confidence level (as a variable, 0-100) so that's already possible. Agreed!
  13. It returns a JSON of the plate and the confidence level (amongst other details). Control4 Face Recognition?
  14. Doesn't need to be stationary. The car passes the beam sensor which triggers it all off. In our case we never pre-open the gate because of the dog but the driver is also useful for detecting when an "unknown" car arrives - the TTS driver we've developed will announce the plate. The beam sensor avoids false positives - it works with a transmitter and receiver. The TX sends an IR (invisible) beam to the RX and when broken it triggers a contact closure connected to C4. So you actually have to come into the drive for it to trigger.
  15. Oh and your point about scalability is good. Solutions are in the works. Another API provider are in the process of adding a $5 per month for 5,000 requests plan. When they do this I will add their API to integrate with this driver which will give options for scalability. Expected within 1 month!
  16. It is a call every time you trigger it within C4. So that depends on how you want it setup. I've had my success with a break beam sensor at the gate and triggering it based of that. The general recommendation is no more than a 45 degree angle horizontally or vertically. http://doc.openalpr.com/camera_placement.html should give you some useful information. I had success with this angle: But it's the only other test I was able to do properly. That said I did do some random testing with another camera on the driveway to test the range and it was fairly accurate - but it depends on the camera resolution etc. The camera I'm actually using is the Hikvision mini dome. Cost around £100. I set the exposure to 1/10000 and that's been working extremely well for me now. The biggest issue was headlights but that's what the low (fast) exposure timing helps with.
  17. From triggering the C4 action to fetch and detect to firing the event for a response I’ve had it at under 2 seconds. Breaking that down I had: 300ms to fetch the image 1300ms to submit and get a response from the api. have also had it faster but it depends on the camera resolution. You generally don’t need it to be bigger than 1280x720 in most scenarios which is what I used in my tests.
  18. Yes but it’s quite an expensive mo they cost to be honest. I’m working with another provider of a similar service to bring a cheaper one for 5k requests per month. You can do that with your programming in composer yes. If number plate is abc123 then turn on music for John Doe
  19. New driver time! This one lets you input any URL and capture the image it outputs. That image is then searched for license plates and the license plate is stored in a variable and an event is fired in Control4 programming! You can use any URL. The driver supports Basic AND Digest Authentication. You can use the driver to automatically open your gate, for example, when a specific number plate comes up to it. You can also use the image taken and used by the driver as part of a Control4 Push Notification! The driver stores the license plate and the confidence (0-100) as variables. This means you can program based of the license plate! For example, if the number plate is not in your programming list then announce it over the speakers using our text to speech driver! The driver makes use of the OpenALPR API. This provides 1000 free requests a month which if used wisely is more than enough for most installs. The documentation contains everything you need to get started. The driver is available at https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/control4-apnr-alpr/
  20. And released! https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/control4-push-notification-images/ You can get the driver now! It supports Basic & Digest authentication. The odds are, if you have a camera on Control4 then it will work with this driver! For any support or help PM me
  21. Update: will also have digest authentication working! But, there's a bug somewhere with the notifications so im working on that. Hopefully will have it released in the new year (it will probably be a paid driver but will be fairly cheap!)
  22. I have a version of this driver working with Basic authentication for cameras. So if you were limited because you couldn't disable the authentication (Hikvisions notably) this would now be possible. Any testers? PM me
  23. I was able to identify a case which could be causing the issue you faced with it freezing the checks for weather. I've just released V9 which fixes a bug where if driver fails to fetch weather due to no internet connection it won't check again until the weather is manually fetched from Composer. Auto update should kick in within 72 hours and everyone should be good to go!
  24. Yes. I also setup a timer that runs every 30 mins and runs the command just in case the DS2 reboots or something.
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