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  1. You mean the freeze issue? I’ll have a look if I can change the frame rate
  2. Exact same issue with my Lilin DHD cameras. I can access a h.264 rtsp stream and the camera test shows it as working but on mobile it won’t load. Weirdly, on EAs (dunno about T3s) it’ll load the first few frames and then freeze on that frame. Same when you view the camera via composer. Do you have that issue?
  3. Triple check your Camera API auth is set to None and try adding the port 80 to the url. E.g. instead of try
  4. You've gone to agents -> push notifications and set the attachment for that notification?
  5. What URL are you using and does it work when you visit it in incognito?
  6. Did you know that if you tap to either side of the volume sliders current position you can increment or decrement the volume by 1?
  7. You gotta use a virtual box I’m afraid
  8. V2 I'm hesitant to add the camera mode functionality at the moment because of how the DS2 driver won't update through camera setting changes but will look into it as I agree, could be helpful! jooced_ds2_misc_commands.c4z
  9. The driver has been updated and uploaded here: With an extra command. Any other commands that you think could be useful, please post in that topic
  10. A fix (ish) for the DS2 issue can be found here: https://www.c4forums.com/topic/30597-ds2-misc-commands-driver/ You can use that driver to automatically set the camera api auth to "None" whenever the project loads which seems like it will be the best option for now, until the notification proxy is updated.
  11. Hi, Here is a quick driver that has a few commands you can use for your DS2 programmatically. The current commands that can be run are: Enable Day Mode Enable Night Mode Disable Camera API Auth Why? Well I've been having issues (and some others have as well) with the DS2 not working with "Auto" settings for day/night mode. So you can use this driver and C4 scheduler to set the day/night mode at sunrise and sunset. You can also use the disable camera API auth command with the generic image url attachments driver and run the disable camera api auth command every time the project loads. Bit long winded, but it seems like the best option for now. Change Log Version 1 Initial Release Version 2 Added set camera brightness/saturation jooced_ds2_misc_commands.c4z
  12. Well it turns out that the workaround for DS2s is temporary as C4 AutoConfig reverts the api Auth to basic every restart. As far as I can tell at the moment, the notification proxy doesn’t allow for a url to have any Auth attached to it but I’m looking into a few ways to get around this.
  13. Ok so I couldn't find a solution to this so here's a driver that lets you programatically set the day/night mode of a DS2 camera. Enter the DS2 IP in properties and then just head over to the programming commands to sort out when you want it to turn to day/night mode. I've set mine up using the scheduler to set to day at sunrise and night at sunset. (It uses the default admin and password of admin/t0talc0ntr0l4! so if you are using a different one it won't work because i hardcoded them in...if you need another version which lets you set that in properties lemme know but im guessing this will suffice for most/all?) jooced_ds2_day_night_scheduler.c4z
  14. I have a bug with one of my drivers where search works on iOS & Android & T3s, but not on OSDs. The OSD literally crashes and restarts when I press the Search icon and there's no debug info in the LUA output
  15. Hiya Just developed a quick (free) driver for those of you who want to have a play with the new OS 3 push notifications! Add the driver. Go to properties, enter an image URL. Go to your push notifications agent. Select a push notification. For the attachments area select this driver's Image URL source and away you go! Check the documentation for an example of how to get it working with the DS2. (That notification was triggered manually, hence nobody at the gate) generic_url_notification_driver.c4z
  16. PM me ur email. Will send an email out later tonight or tomorrow with it to all the people who want to test it.
  17. For a quick video demo of it. Sorry for the poor quality! You can: * Search songs, playlists, albums and artists and play any of them * View all your playlists and play the entire playlist * View individual tracks within your playlist and play them individually
  18. Talking about browsing...I seem to have just done it! The bug that was occurring was that characters such as "&" were causing a no results found when they were in search results. After fixing that it now seems to be working flawlessly. Be sure to email me if you want to test this new version!!
  19. Not browsing at the moment. For now it just allows you to view and play your playlists. I had browsing working at one point but need to rework it as there were bugs on T3s and EAs.
  20. Heyo! It seems 2.10.6 or 2.10.5 (I never upgraded to .5) fixed a bug which has now let me complete the driver for now! If you have been using it till now all IDs have been reset so you'll need to email me and ask for the latest driver. Once I have emailed you the driver please just look at the documentation and see if it is easy enough to follow. If you have any suggestions of course let me know! My email is shivam@shivampaw.com If & when the driver goes public, all IDs will be reset again when a licensing system is sorted.
  21. Heyo There’s one bug that’s really got my stuck. Is the driver still working for you as it should be though? When I break up for Christmas I’ll be able to get back to it. So hopefully will have updates for the new year
  22. Take out the normal power and poe. Then try just poe. Whenever u have the choice. Use poe. Also make sure the port on ur switch is set to poe on
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