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  1. Yeah not a bad shout. Will focus on that for a future release 🙂
  2. You would want to program using the "Weather Updated" event. Your programming would be: If weather in 3 hours equals snow AND CustomVariable_ShouldSendSnowText equals true then send text Set CustomVariable_ShouldSendSnowText equal to false Else Set CustomVariable_ShouldSendSnowText equal to true At least, I think that's how I'd do it. That way it will only send a text if the weather in 3 hours variable has changed.
  3. It works with work office 365 account so I assume so. You can always use the 72 hour free trial to make sure it works with you too.
  4. I’ve never tried T3s to be honest but I’d try a normal announcement and see what it’s like on a T3. Does this happen when you play a normal announcement (not using this driver)
  5. I'll make a note of this - I can see it being useful but it's odd...my announcements play very loudly if I up the volume to more than 50. Different setups of course but I wouldn't think 90% would be too low? It would be interesting to hear the actual WAV file (gotten via SSH) as shown in a previous post to see if that's low.
  6. V7 brings All-Day variable support and adds the following variables: ALL_DAY_EVENT_TITLE ALL_DAY_EVENT_HUMAN_TIME ALL_DAY_EVENT_LOCATION ALL_DAY_EVENT_DESCRIPTION NUM_ALL_DAY_EVENTS_TODAY The top 4 will give you the first all day event. If you have more than one then firstly, you've double booked yourself and secondly there's no way to get information about it for now.
  7. scp root@CONTROLLER_IP://media/announcements/text_to_speech_announcements_DEVICE_ID.mp3 ~/Desktop Works on Mac OS. But if you ssh into your directory and go to /media/announcements it's there @dw886
  8. Yeah I’ll probably add some new variables for month, day, year and day of month with the next release
  9. It's here! After a lot of requests, we now have a driver for providing Outlook Calendar integration! You can view any of your calendars right from your Control4 navigator (iOS, Android, T3, OSDs) and view the events for them! You can also filter by categories and make multiple driver instances for different categories you may have! Important Note: This driver is compatible with Exchange Servers that meet the Graph API requirements. If you are trying to connect an account that doesn't meet those requirements, the API requests will fail. You can get around this by creating free a personal outlook.com account and sharing your exchange calendar with it. You can view events for the week ahead and the events you have today. Your days events are updated every night at midnight and your week ahead is updated every hour on the dot. The driver also provides variables for your next event and number of events today/in the week ahead which you can use in programming. You can also use driver properties to setup notifications with C4! Simply enter how many minutes before an event you want the "Event Notification" action to be fired and then use Control4 programming to do anything you want! You can use the NOTIFIED_EVENT_ variables to program based of the title, description, location and time of the event. All Features Variables: Number of events today Number of All-Day events today Number of events in next 7 days Next Event details Notified Event details First All-Day event details (for today) Notification system – have a Composer action fired X minutes before each event and program based on the “Notified Event” variables. View your day’s events on any Control4 navigator View all upcoming events for the next week on any Control4 navigator Multiple driver instance support Access any calendar associated to a Google account Check for upcoming events at the start of every hour automatically Check for the day’s events every day at midnight automatically Only fetch events in a specified category (which can be chosen in the driver properties) Use Cases Announce all events 1 hour before they occur Send email/push notification out with number of events due today Announce number of events today and in the upcoming week along with your first event of the day Program Control4 commands based on event description, title and location Driver Download You can download the driver from BlackWire Designs now! It makes use of BlackWire's Driver Manager so once you've set it up you will get automatic updates! https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/control4-outlook-calendar/
  10. Just pushed an update (V6) which should fix a bug where if you were on a fast internet connection and refreshing events took less than a second...they wouldn't refresh an hour later (or until you manually refreshed them). This should now be fixed! (Yes, I just blamed this bug on having a good internet connection)
  11. I just feel that the driver properties will get too clunky if every minor detail like this was made configurable. It’s easy to do, I just don’t know if there’s much point to it?
  12. My bad...V8 (just released) fixes this...
  13. LUX-3GDVR16-4T is that the model that does analog and IP? I don't think the one you linked has any mention of IP?
  14. What HVRs do you guys use for C4? We have 4 analog cameras and 2 IP cameras. Lilin DHD range have been a disappointment and need to move away from them and quickly!
  15. I just released V5 which renames the get upcoming events action to refresh events which now refreshes upcoming events & todays events instead of just upcoming events. Also todays events are now updated every hour on the dot instead of every day. Outlook calendar - I'm hoping to release it this week sometime!
  16. Just released V7 which rounds temperature values and also includes the number of alerts in the full summary.
  17. I find it weird too tbh! But as far as I can tell, with the DriverWorks SDK it'll always be one or the other and I can't figure out a way to properly support any device. As a general rule, if it has a proxy ID, use that, if it doesn't, then use the device ID.
  18. I agree it would be pretty cool, but it does seem a bit unnecessary? Mind you, I will look into it but no promises I'll even post back my findings!
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