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  1. I am looking for a programmer, and am hoping to find someone that’s in the same area as me (Portland, Oregon area). Most work can be done remotely, but would be nice to have someone local Incase i do need some in home service. Not a deal breaker if not local, but is preferred.
  2. Looking for a replacement battery w/cover kit for my SR260. Current battery no longer holds a charge very long. Looking for new kit only.
  3. That’s lame. Definitely wouldn’t of bothered adding them to control4 had I known the limitations. is this something that is going to be supported in a future driver update or is that up to unifi to add support for that?
  4. I got my UniFi Protect cameras setup in Control4, but i am not getting any thumbnail previews in navigator. If i click on the cam, it will show the live feed, but just a broken camera icon on the overview page in navigator. Anybody know a solution to this?
  5. Ok, done through the Unifi web portal right? I am new to UniFi so I’m still learning.
  6. Trying to setup my UniFi protect cameras in Composer Home, and when i go to login to my Ubiquiti account, it wont work as i have 2FA turned on. There is no place where i am noticing to add 2FA details, and I don’t see any options to create one time passwords. Does anybody know how to get around this without turning off my 2FA? Using Driver Central UniFI Protect Camera Driver
  7. Never mind I figured it out. Mods can delete this post.
  8. I bought a new UniFI Network switch that has POE, and i got it all setup. But I have now lost access to Control4. I'm assuming that is because i swapped network switches? The UniFi app shows the device is online but i cannot login via CH, my app or my remote. Last, is the EA3 - V1 POE Powered?
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I currently have a Snap drawer, and was just wanting the new ones to match. I suppose it doesn't matter that much.
  10. I'm looking for a couple 3U Lockable rack drawers if there is a dealer in here or if someone has some used ones there looking to get rid of
  11. What could people do with it with an exposed key? Will the driver stop working for people that installed it before it was pulled? When re-released, will it require a driver update or will a new driver have to be inserted from scratch? ] I am just a user, not a programmer
  12. Are your mini drivers working? Mine only start the shield and go to home screen, then I lose control and it doesn't open the app. Is there a way to program a long press?
  13. It’s the newly released official driver. I did not program it. My programmer is so busy I guess he wanted me to post on here and ask
  14. Is anybody having problems with there mini apps launching? For example, if i go to watch YouTube, it starts everything fine but only goes to Home Screen of the shield tv and i lose remote control until I go back to watch then shield tv
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