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  1. EA1 & SR260 bundle used, like new condition. asking $300
  2. I have the following used in great condition items, client upgraded system to something else. TS-AMS24, Triad 24 zone audio matrix. (These are currently on backorder from c4) retails for $2640 asking $1500 C4-IOXV2, IO Extender asking $400 (2) Pakedge P20 PDU Strips retail for $1200 asking $500 each. Also have 2 Parasound 1250 amps in great condition if interested to go with the audio matrix. retail for $2000 each make me a offer.
  3. All products are brand new in box unless listed other wise! SONY AVR DA2800ES With built in C4 Controller never licensed $400 (USED) (2) Pakedge RE-2 - $350 each C4-16Zone Audio Matrix $800 C4 -AMP108 $600 Heos Amp HS2 (SEALED BOX) $400 (Pair) Triad Gold In-Ceiling Omni 6 $1500 Triad single stereo DT $125 C4 Door station - c4-DSC-EN SATIN NICKEL $250 (With BackBox) SR260 Remote and Recharging Station $180 ***SOLD*** Sr260 Recharging station only $60 (3) SR-260 and SR-250 Battery and Cover kit $30 each (5) SR260 OR 250 Battery covers $15 (2) C4-Thermostat Aprilaire White $150 each CA1 Controller $200 (3) SR250 Remotes (USED IN GREAT CONDITION) $40 each Zigbee antenna wifi/zigbee 3meter $20 (2) Z2IO - zigbee to IO module $100 each (2) Zigbee to IR module $50 (2) Zigbee Extender 3 $100 each NYCE Garage door tilt sensor $40 NYCE Ceiling Motion sensor $80 NYCE Curtain motion sensor $80 NYCE Lifestyle key fob $60 Card access mini remote $90 Card access ceiling mount wireless motion sensor $70 C4 Rail Mounted Garage Door Contact $40 NONE C4 EQUIPMENT - SONOS Connect $380 (consider that almost all Sonos products are currently on back order) SONOS Boost $100 (Pair) SONOS inceiling Architectural speakers by Sonance $500 Key Digital KD 6X6CS Video Matrix (NEW IN BOX) $700 (Pair) Tru Audio GP-6 Ghost Series (White) With Soffit backbox $200 C4 LIGHTING - (3) 4-Speed Fan Controller (white) $114 each Adaptive Phase Dimmer (Snow White) $110 Forward Phase Dimmer (White) $85 (3) Auxiliary Keypad (White) $30 each Auxiliary Keypad (Ivory) $25 Keypad Dimmer, Adaptive (White) $180 ***SOLD*** 0-10V Dimmer (White) $114 ***SOLD*** (9) Mechanical Switch (Snow White) $45 each (9) Mechanical Switch (Black) $45 Each Wireless OUTLET Dimmer $90 Wireless OUTLET Switch $90 Bus Ethernet Gateway V2 (ON BACK ORDER FROM C4) $150 Bus Power Supply 48V $100 (3) Color Kit Decora for Adaptive Dimmers (white) $5 each Color Kit Decora for adaptive Dimmers (midnight black) $5 (3) C4 1 Gang faceplate Gen3 (Light almond) $5 each (4) C4 1 Gang Faceplate Gen3 (White) $5 each C4 1 Gang Faceplate Gen3 (Venetian Bronze) $21 C4 1Gang Faceplate Gen3 Gen3 (Biscuit) $5 each (4) C4 2 Gang Faceplate Gen3 (White) $7 each (4) C4 2 Gang Faceplate Gen3 (Snow White) $ each ***SOLD*** (2) c4 2 Gang Faceplate Gen3 (Light Almond) $7 each C4 2 Gang faceplate Gen3 (Aluminum) $7 (3) C4 2 Gang Faceplate Gen3 (midnight black) $7 each ***SOLD*** (2) C4 3 Gang faceplate Gen3 (Snow White) $10 each Also Big box of Gen 2 Keypads All brand new! Message me for details. PM ME FOR ALL INQUIRES IMG_4293.HEIC IMG_4294.HEIC IMG_1624.HEIC IMG_1625.HEIC IMG_1626.HEIC
  4. Brand new in box $250 each $475 for both $350 MSRP Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. C4-EA1 - $375 $150 off MSRP C4-EA1-POE $450 $150 off MSRP MESSAGE ME Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  7. Anybody interested in pretty much brand new vantage dimmers, keypads, touch screens. They were installed in a brand new spec home, the buyer took it out for Lutron. Can be integrated with c4 2 keypads, 3 touch screens, 44 keypad dimmers. Message me to negotiate pricing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Used in excellent working condition. Vacation home, rarely used. Both come with Rack Ears Asking $650 for Matrix Amp Asking $350 for Matrix switch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Brand new in box, sr260s with charging bases. MSRP IS $330 asking $200 each Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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