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  1. Thanks chaps. Roku it is then 👍🏻 Is there a particular driver I need?
  2. Both are down to £29.99 for black Friday but which one is best for C4 integration? I already use Alexa around the home for voice commands but I've heard a lot of good things about roku. Decisions decisions! ☺️
  3. Thanks Gary, I've managed to get the PIRs to trigger the lights which is really useful. Are there any remote dealers you can recommend at all?
  4. Hi all, My dealer no longer supports C4 which is very disappointing... Are there any other dealers in the North East of England at all? I'm in Sunderland. Or just a remote installer for now for an OS3 update? Thanks, Lee
  5. Hi all, I've had a Texecom Premier Elite 48 panel alarm system installed for a couple of years now and its fully integrated into my C4 system but i'm not using the system at all because no programming has been set up in composer. My C4 dealer/installer ceased all C4 support and i'm pretty stuck to be honest as there inst any other C4 dealers in my area which is a separate issue.... Anyway I have Composer HE and was wondering if there are any guides or advice out there so i can get my alarm system up and running with C4. I have integrated Yale Locks that push out notifications and also trigger audio announcements but it would be great if i could disarm the system on entry, and also set something up that arms the system as part of my 'Goodnight' command. Thanks!
  6. I have the Premier Elite and Com IP system but on the firmware before they released their own app. Our alarm company installed the alarm and our C4 dealer installed the driver and was supposed to get it all up and running and integrated. It connects to C4 but C4 asks for a 4 digit alarm code but my alarm code is a 6 digit code. This was about a year ago and i'm still not sorted! My dealer stopped all C4 support so i'm now dealerless and my alarm company wont upgrade my Premier Elite firmware because that would involve them coming out on site. Anyone live close to Sunderland and fancy becoming my new dealer?? I could really use the support. Cheers
  7. That sounds like it could work but i dont think the snapshot driver is installed. Can it be installed via HE or would a dealer need to install it?
  8. I've set up a few announcements in Composer HE and programmed them to play when someone enters the front door i.e. when a user enters their code into the yale door lock the announcement will play through selected room speaker zones i.e. ' X has entered the front door'. It works as expected, however, if someone is watching the virgin media tivo, weather that be Neflix via virgin media or a recorded program for some reason the announcement forces the tivo back to live TV. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  9. I've set up a few announcements in Composer HE and programmed them to play when someone enters the front door i.e. when a user enters their code into the yale door lock the announcement will play through selected room speaker zones i.e. ' X has entered the front door'. It works as expected, however, if someone is watching the virgin media tivo for some reason it defaults to the main menu id the user is watching a recorded program or if watching netflix via Tivo the announcement seems to close netflix and go back to the main menu. The screen shot is the announcement set up. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  10. Hi all, i've got it working! Basically the turntable goes through the technics amp then the amp out to the cat 6 converter then through to the Matrix. I'm sure i tried this first 😂 I'm now happy as larry and cn play vinyl throughout the house! Result! Thanks for your help. Cheers
  11. Thanks! That's really useful. From what i understand after reading the info on that link is that a Phono pre-amp converts the phono signal to 'line-level' which is basically AUX and that some turntables have a built in phono amp. Looking at the back of mine it seems to have what looks like an AUX output but isn't labelled. I'm going to try an AUX to phono --> Phonno to Cat6 --> then at the rack end... Cat6 to phono then straight into the Matrix. I'll let you know! Cheers
  12. Hi all, I've recently had a 24 zone Matrix and 8 zone amp installed. I was planning on linking my Technics stack hifi system as an input source, which still sounds absolutely brilliant on its own by the way! The idea is to be able to play vinyl through my system and select what room to listen to it in. My rack is in the basement and my Technics hifi is in the front reception room which has cat6 ports in the walls. I've patched in via phono over cat6 adaptors direct to the rack then converted back from cat6 to phono and plugged straight into an input in the rack using these Lindy adaptors - https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01BF6KFOS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I can choose listen to 'Hifi' in the c4 app and in theory this should play via my speakers in the selected room. It works and I can hear music through the system but the problem i'm having is that its very quiet. At max volume i can hear the music but its very quiet. I've also tried bypassing the Technics amp and also the lindy adaptors altogether and literally carried the record player down to the basement and plugged it direct into the matrix and i have the same problem with the volume. If anyone has any experience with playing vinyl via c4 any advice would be much appreciated. It would be amazing if i could get this to work properly! Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi did you manage to solve these issues at all? My dealer installed the Heatmiser Neo driver in 2015 and I scrapped the whole C4 integration side as it kept erasing my profiles. Have there been a new driver since then? Thanks
  14. I disabled the C4 skill in alexa, then cleared the cache in the alexa app and uninstalled it, then un-selected everything in the customer portal and saved (I couldn't figure out a way of actually deleting the devices from the alexa section). Then re installed, enabled the skill, re selected the devices the in portal and discovered new device's in the alexa app. As previously the devices are all listed under the devices section in alexa but don't show up in the routines-devices section. It's starting to do my bonse in to be honest 🤔
  15. Thanks for the epic driver signpost but is there a reason why the devices aren't showing in the C4 driver?
  16. How do I get hold of the epic systems driver? My dealer?
  17. Yes alexa works fine with all my C4 devices individually but i wanted to set up a routine for example when someone enters the front door alexa would say "someone has entered the front door". But the C4 front door lock or any other device doesn't show up in the routines section. Everything is enabled 👍
  18. Hi all, I'm looking into setting up some routines in the alexa app based on actions in my C4 setup but no C4 devices, in fact there ate NO devices showing at all in the 'device's section of the 'add new routine' in the alexa app. Just to clarify that all my C4 devices have been discovered (apart from my KNX switches and Pits, which is a separate matter!) and are listed in the devices section of the app. Also, has anyone managed to get alexa to operate your yale C4 door locks? Cheers, Lee
  19. Hi all, looking for remote access to upgrade to the latest OS please. Can anyone confirm I'd Amazon music can be added to the remotes with this update? If so how? Thanks, Lee
  20. Hi all, I had a full C4 system with KNX lighting installed less than 4 years ago from a local dealer, total system cost was just over £25k. System has been running fine apart from the odd tweak needed now and then until recently when the lights appear to be 'on' on the C4 remotes but they're actually off. Annoying but I've lived with it. My dealer said they're too busy to come out (early summer) and have now just informed me that they no longer support c4 maintenance or carry out c4 installs as their main focus is now as a training provider. I live in Sunderland, North East England (don't mention football 😑). I'm also looking to purchase an audio set up i.e. triad matrix, amps and speakers as i new this could be added on later when budget allowed. All zones have speaker cable that runs back to the rack so should be straight forward. Anyway..any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks, Lee
  21. Hi all, I have an issue where as when a light is turned off... lets say via a wall switch, it doesn't show as turned off on the C4 remotes or App. Or lets say the 'All off' function kicks in at 23:00 i cant turn the bedroom light back on via the remotes or app as its already showing as on but its actually off. I have a KNX lighting system integrated with C4 which is running on 2.10. The issues were happening before the firmware was updated. Any ideas are much appreciated
  22. I queried that actually and the price is defiantly correct for the TS-AMS24. I also thought the C165s were a good price as well. I think i'll go for the TS-AMS24, take one of the amps out for now swap out the silver 50s for something else. What are people thoughts on Polk Audio RC60i ceiling speakers? Online reviews seem good but not sure how they would compare to the Monitor Audio C165s.
  23. Hi all, just received this quote from my dealer to start off my audio set up. Seem's a bit pricey although i think the speakers are not a bad price. Any thoughts guys?
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