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  1. Tried the updated file from rdamazio but havent had luck with it doing control. Anyone else have any luck with it?
  2. I would say photo beams that cross the surface, but it would be prone to false alarms depending on whether and what falls in the pool you would use a wireless or hardwire contact strait to the alarm and program off that zone opening or closing. When your customer uses the pool they bypass the zone or if its on a second partition disarm that partition. Biggest issue is where to place them so they are not an eye sore and you would need enough beams that would allow them to be placed close enough so the child doesn't fall between them undetected. Make the customer sign something that eliminates your liability is said device fails of any reason way to much could go wrong with this to be full proof with any device type you decide on.
  3. I just had an issue where the custom voice commands on the voice scene driver stopped working, turns out if the system is stuck in a update mode it locks the project to where this portion stops working. Was ready to pull my hair out reboot didn't fix it, neither did deleting the driver I had to start update manager to run thru an update check. I found I have an I/O extender that is not currently powered on and it kept the controller stuck in this update mode.
  4. Try this Driver and I am using the blaster on the front of the controller cause its just below in my Rack. I assume the device shows up on the ps4? Also Im running a PS4 pro. dvd_R_R_PS4 IR.c4i
  5. I posted the driver that I built if that’s not the right one just let me know cause I have a couple of them inside the program
  6. I’ve already done it at my house and it works flawlessly the only issue is to shut off the PlayStation with the Logitech remote requires a press and hold function which obviously control for cannot do so you have to build the power off macro
  7. Newer driver, this is the one that is currently in my project on an EA5 running 2.10.1. Im using the blaster on the front of the EA5 and when I was running an HC-800 it was the same way. the power off macro may need to be changed thru future updates due to gui changes. dvd_R_R_PS4 IR.c4i
  8. And yes on learning codes or if I remember Ill post the drive when I get home.
  9. It works great I have the codes and a driver already built.
  10. I found it on Amazon just got lucky and they had it in stock.
  11. My favorite assitant Siri got to love her.LOL Always proof read I guess. Funny remark thou.
  12. Dvd. Im plaining on the wemo outlet that driver fuction is a cool idea it would be cool to turn it on from the controller and not have to mess with a second device.
  13. I have a harmony on the way so I can build a driver but so far none of the sony bluray codes or the ps3 codes work it. The peace from pdp looks just like the old ps3 piece.
  14. Anyone have a ps4 ir driver or the ir codes them selves for the new pdp peace for Ps4 ir control?
  15. I have talked with tech about this they say its has to to with a flash update in 2.10.0 you have to remove and redo the announcements. Even after doing that I have noticed that composer is when the room turns on it mutes and I dont hear them in certain rooms every now and the my fix for that was to mute off command when audio selection changes
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