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  1. Yes but no. Well it does but you can’t just say “ Alexa playlist 1 “ and choose where it plays . Contradicting myself you can but boss simplyas it would be expected.
  2. if it helps you can ask echo ("Alexa" if you prefer) to do something on another similar device . What i have is three devices one in the amp. i then call the echo devices (as an example) . Lounge, Bedroom and System. Now i can just say " Alexa play ..... on System" obvisously call your devices whatever you like but if one is hard wired to the amp your done without the spagetti. Good luck
  3. i appreciate your response , but i think i've sussed the issue , bit of the obvious one , i've put composer on a new laptop , it seems a licensing issue .... oops . i can sort it now. Thanks
  4. I do work for a dealer and as such i am using composer pro, i failed to mention i tried this with 2.9x BEFORE i upgraded however now that ive upgraded to 2.10 i tried the same method with no success . this is something i have experienced in the field and to me is a bit of a strange
  5. Hi guys , im fairly new to Control 4 , not a total newbie but not hardened veteran either. i have a HC250 to play with at home and im having a problem when i try to add a Tv to the project. The problem is whether i double click the drive , drag and drop the driver or just click add to project . composer goes through the motions but does not add it to the project. sometimes if i go to the folders i can see the file other times i can not but in all cases i can not load the driver in . i have tried this on composer 2.9x and 2.10 but still with no success. This is not a one off it seems to be with quite a few drivers. any advice please
  6. Hi, ive been fitting Q-motion and Somfy blinds for some time now , regarding the q-motion i frequently get issues with them dropping out with Zigbee, even when avoiding mesh. they do have issues and as for the q-link .... arrrrgh
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