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  1. Dealer re-calibrated my Matrix and now the Verizon cable box works property. But there is conflict between the C4 Video Matrix and the Verizon cable box. C4 needs to fix!
  2. I assume to recalibrate the Matrix, I need the C4 dealer? I wish they made certain functions available to the End Users!
  3. It’s a blue red white static. But yes, a blue hue. I also plugged cable box straight into tv (bypassing matrix) and it worked fine. So it’s definitely a matrix sync issue of some sort. Question is what did Verizon push out and how do I fix it? i have newer Verizon Fios One cable boxes.
  4. i have a C4 8x8 Video Matrix and it’s connected to 2 Verizon Fios Cable Boxes, 2 Apple TV’s and 2 Direct TV boxes. For months everything has worked fine but suddenly last night the two Verizon Fios Cable Boxes started to show only static on my TV’s. At first I thought it was a glitch and I rebooted the Matrix and eventually the entire C4 rack of equipment and the cable boxes, but the issue persisted. (The Apple TV and Direct TV sources show up correctly). Then I thought maybe the issue is the two hdmi ports the cable boxes are plugged into went bad. But when I plugging the Apple TV into the Verizon Fios hdmi port on the Video Matrix, and it shows up properly. So clearly there is an issue that is specific to the Verizon Fios Cable Boxes and the C4 Video Matrix. Again, what I see on the TV screen is total static. Any ideas how to fix this?
  5. Everything you said is 100% true. I dumbed down my system when I installed the C4 thermostats. However (and just being honest) I can’t tell the difference. It does the job of keeping my home at the temperature set. I don’t know how many times the fan clicked on, or should have clicked on versus if the system was a smarter system. It’s not something you keep track or even are aware of. So it’s really just a mind game. When my thermostats break, I might get an Ecobee or some other brand That looks fun. I’m sure they don’t support the high end carrier features either. But the last thing I was going to do was put that clunky ugly carrier stat on my wall.
  6. I have the Carrier Infinity system installed in my home. To get around all the issues of bad carrier app and ugly thermostat, I just installed the C4 thermostats. They control the carrier units just fine. And obviously the thermostat is fully compatible with C4 since it’s theirs.
  7. what do you mean a few known setups? what type of setups? give me an example of what you mean, so i can respond.
  8. I recently installed a new C4 OS 3.1 system in my house and there must be a BUG issue because randomly, every few days (sometimes even hours), the system wide volume that controls the music playback, doorbell volume, etc gets lowered. It's either lowering to zero % or the system is going on mute. Either way, there is no audio that will play out of my speakers (so i can't listen to music and worse, i can't hear my doorbell that plays thru the speakers). I've had to call the techs twice to log in remotely and fix. It's a simple fix as they raise the volume level. But why does this keep happening? Is it happening to anyone else?
  9. I'm not talking about creating a User under the Users & Devices tab when you first log in to the website. I'm talking specifically about the notifications tab, which you can only find if you click on Voice Control or When-Then buttons, and then click the Notification Tab - so it shows Devices.
  10. In the new OS3.1 for Control4, how do you add a phone mobile device to receive push notifications when i log into the C4 website? I can't find the area to add a new device. I see that some old devices are there, but can't figure out how to add a new device for the Notifications section
  11. My C4 hardware is too old, so I went the IR route to fix. All working now, but the IR is a touch slower than my old IP driver. Miss the snappie.
  12. If the AppleTV beta software was also bricking our C4 remotes (and there were a lot of betas i'm sure) why wasn't this more publicized? It would have been nice if C4, our dealers, or anyone would have told us not to install. Probably will take my dealer 2 weeks to get to me. I guess i will use the Apple Remote. Yuck.
  13. Oh no. I also upgraded my AppleTV's to the new OS and now my C4 remotes don't work them. AHHHHHHHHHHH
  14. downloaded iOS 13.1 and it fixed the visual issues I was experiencing in the Control4 app. :)
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