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  1. We have used 3 different POE's in all 3 different location/networks we tested it on. We are aware of issues with WiFi.
  2. I am in South Africa, at the time of the order there was no local distributor. There is now and they have tested the unit as mention in my op Since I did not buy it form the local distributor I cannot just demand a refund from them, but they are helping me with testing and reporting the fault to Doorbird Germany, since Doorbird support does not believe me. Their very capable Doorbird technician has found the exact same fault. They have 2 x gen1 Doorbirds in the showroom and office and had installed units at clients as well. This rule out me as installer and any fault on the network. A different technician a different network ,router, firmware, ISP , but same fault. They have send a report to Doorbird, but they are not responding.
  3. After 7 months of having ongoing audio issues with Doorbird they have not resolved the issue. Sound from the Doorbird speaker is inaudible. Their support is extremely slow and they don't follow up. Every week or two I have to make a phone call to Germany at my cost, because they have "forgotten" about my ongoing problems. It has already cost me the equivalent of $50 in phone calls. Every week I get empty promises. They have sent me an RMA unit with the same audio issue. Although there CEO is aware of the problem he is not willing to solve it speedily. We have agreed to have one of the faulty units tested by a large local Doorbird distributor. This will rule out any installation problems we might have. They have send a report to Doorbird with the same finding as ours, but there is still no response from Doorbird. The CEO of Doorbird is unwilling to upgrade us to the improved 2nd generation and said we should do so at our own cost at full price and no refund offered on the faulty unit (out of the box fault) If I had 2 faulty units in a row from one brand why would I replace it at my own cost from the same brand? Although they are agreeing to send another RMA they have not made any arrangements to do so and it will be the same model with audio issues. I am now tired of trying to lick their butts to assist me. This must be the worst service I have ever received from any of my suppliers and we have lost all faith in this product and their support.
  4. Legrand in South Africa does not sell these, I am looking for a US or any international seller to ship them to me
  5. Control4® Decora Wired Keypad—C4-KCB
  6. Where can I get a Legrand Arteor Faceplate (brushed metal) to fit a Control4 Keypad?
  7. But I am a dealer, albeit a very new one. I have completed training on the 27 Oct 2017. I passed with 89% on a closed book test. I received my certificate. The kit I am setting up is our demo/training kit in our showroom. In my case the analogue audio out of the EA3 is connected to an analogue input of the receiver. Endpoint for zone are done and FM and iPod sources is playing in Zone2/3 All Digital Media like Shairbridge/MyMusic/TuneIn is not playing
  8. The problem seems to be with Digital Media and everything that falls under it like, Shairbridge, TuneIn, My Music Can I only play Digital Media through the HDMI & digital audio out on the controller? How can I play digital media through the analogue audio out? I don't see any connection for analog out.
  9. Most receivers will only route analog sources (also FM & Ipod) to all zones , while hdmi sources only for Main zone 1 For this specific reason I chose an EA3 processor with analog audio out. I have analog audio out on the EA3 connected to analog input CD on the Pioneer receiver. Everything works fine in Main Zone 1, but not in zone 2/3. Selecting FM Radio(from receiver) or ipod USB in zone 2/3 works. When selecting Digital Media sources like Shairbridge or My Music connected to analog input CD, the input does not switch and remains on the last input selected
  10. Ok great thanks for the info. You are spot on. Composer testing does not work for on/off. Its is stipulated in the documentation of the driver. Further testing revealed that the receiver inputs are switching but Digital Media Sources of the Control4 processor are not switching in zone 2&3 The audio out on the EA3 is connected to input CD on the receiver. When selecting Shairbridge or any Digital media in Zone 2 & 3 the input does not switch. There is an audio endpoint for the main zone but no audio endpoints for this source in composer for zone 2 & 3
  11. I have tried the following drivers. SC-37, SC-65, SC-LX77 on EA3 On network the driver knocks the receiver of the network & can only be reset by unplugging the power. The receiver works fine with RTI XP6 using an SC-65 IP driver. On serial the On/Off command don't work, but vol, mute and input works
  12. This driver as one annoying problem, the PREV button on the Control4 remote is link to the HOME command. Everyone know that the menu button is the back button on Apple TV & that the Home button actually take you to the Menu The PREV button should have been linked to the Menu command. Everyone else got this right, except the person who wrote this driver.
  13. I don't see much use in this forum, there is loads of unanswered posts
  14. I need a driver for the Pioneer SC-LX73 - (2011) IP and or serial. There is no driver in the database. What other AVR model's driver will closely match this one and will work for this model as well.
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