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  1. I had the same issue. Uninstalling Composer HE 3.2 and re-installing Composer HE 3.1 worked. For now I will have to ignore the update prompt when I open. I also notice that Composer gives you instructions on how to open the Help menu and turn off automatic updates, but when you open the Help menu the Check for Updates option isn't even there so even the help message is buggy!
  2. *DISREGARD* I was having an issue with getting Voice Scenes added in Composer to be recognized by Control4 Voice Control. I added a second scene to Voice Scenes, did a "Alexa, Discover Devices" and now both scenes are available in my Alexa Voice Commands. This issue is now resolved. I love the fact the OS3 has native support for Google now as well!
  3. The key is to be sure that you download only the full version for your Director version (2.91, 2.10.0, 2.10.1 etc) from the link in the PDF. The version on the Control 4 website downloads page is still the outdated certificate version. I made the same mistake initially thinking that they would have updated their website with the updated version. Once I downloaded from the PDF links and installed, all was good.
  4. Any updates, Ryan? We're all waiting with baited breath for the software release!
  5. This must be one heck of a bug to work around. You know they've got a team trying to figure it out. Here's an idea - just give us all copies of Composer Pro since it works!
  6. It sounds like they are getting close to a fix and this is the first time we've had this kind of issue. As an avid Composer HE user (I've integrated Google Home, my SmarterThings locks and my MyQ Garage as well as my security system using IFTTT, SmarterThings, Lutron Caseta, etc) I can vouch for the fact that once you get HE working again, there's a lot of fun customizations you'll be able to do that go well beyond most low-end consumer systems. Try not to be discouraged by this glitch as it's quite unusual and my hunch is that Control4 won't get bitten by this bug again.
  7. So do I. I'm sure Control 4 would love to have this resolved today so if it really is an issue that is going to take that much time, there must be more to resolving the bug than meets the eye. As a programmer, I've had those occasions in my profession where you are left scratching your head and saying WTF when something that should just work doesn't.
  8. I spoke with my dealer installer and he was told that the issue should be resolved in the next two weeks. In the meantime, he has offered to do any updates I need through his Composer Pro version which is working. I am glad to have received the official email from Control 4 acknowledging the problem. I hope they will consider extending 4sight subscriptions or some other offer as remuneration for the difficulty and time this has caused their HE users.
  9. Moving forward with 20-20 hindsight, all will be forgiven once the problem is rectified. Control4 should add "Test Composer HE" to future updates and rollouts before they occur. If (more likely when as that's just how technology is) an unforeseen issue arises in the future, Control4 just needs to be proactively transparent and user confidence will rise. Let's hope for a resolution today so we can all move on to other matters of concern.
  10. Ryan - thank you for keeping us informed. I've always said that honest, transparent acknowledgment of a problem creates understanding and patience while nothing is more frustrating than feeling completely out of the loop and invalidated. Your updates have been critical in providing us with hope that C4 is indeed working on and making progress on the issue. I just wish that their communication team had been as thoughtful.
  11. Composer HE is critical for my setup as I've used it to create a full integration with IFTTT/Google Home (since C4 has not seen fit to create a native integration with Google Home). I've done extensive modifications to scenes, etc. and I change them often. As President of an international software development firm, I find the lack of communication with clients regarding this issue to be inexcusable. I understand that unforeseen issues occur. We have them ourselves. When we do, we communicate regularly with our clients both our awareness of the issue and an on-going progress report towards resolution along with an ETA. I can't believe that C4 has been totally silent towards paying customers. I would also agree that when this issue is resolved, C4 should offer some form of compensation for the downtime (extend everyone's subscription one month perhaps). I do hope this gets resolved soon though as C4 systems are supposed to be the cream of the crop and something like this in an era of increased competition could result in a significant defection to less expensive technologies.
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